A Soldier’s Heart Episode 41

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 41 The war in honour of Dante Marasigan begins, who will survive and who will be sacrificed?

Alex stumbled on the military whisking Yazmin away. He pleaded for a time to speak with his mother. Yazmin was sorry for what happened to Dante and blamed herself for the untimely deàth of the fallen soldier.

Alex saw no need for her apology. He said he had to be the one to apologise. He also told her not to see herself as the cause of Dante’s deàth and thanked her for surrendering.

Yazmin was grateful to Alex for spending time with them irrespective of his motive behind his stay. She believed the little time he spent with them made him feel l0ved and valuable to the Alhuraji’s family. Alex said deep down he knew they were family.

Yazmin advised him to no matter what consider Saal since they were brothers in the war they were about to fight. Alex promised he would never forget Saal being his brother. The friends of Alex made decision to make Alex feel they were there for him in his trying times.

As they took Yazmin away and Alex was speaking with Minda, he saw Fontiveros being taken away and he went to attack him for k!lling Dante but Minda calmed him.

However, Benjie was thinking about Alex coming face-to-face with Saal. His friend concluded that Benjie was implying Alex would not be able to fulfill his sworn duty.
Alex arrived at the camp while Lourd joined Minda at Dante’s wake to pay her last respect to the fallen soldier.

Minda assured Lourd that she would pray for her in the mission of revenge in honour of Dante. The troops were divided into four, Team Echo, Team Delta, Team Charlie and Team Bravo which has occupied all the encampment of Saal to support Team Alpha led by Elmer in the West of Saal’s Encampment.

Team Alpha lost more men so Elmer called for backup and Alex who was leading Team Charlie in the South Encampment of Saal decided to join Team Alpha at the West. After several grenade thrown by Saal and his nefarious gang, Team Bravo was also left with three men. Jet made Michael called and it reached Team Echo headed by Lourd.

Both teams were in the East of Saal’s Encampment. Meanwhile, Yazmin prayed for guidance for her two sons to re-correct their mistakes. Jethro leader of Team Bravo was scared that the ruthless r£bels have set a trap for them so he called Lucente to inform him about his fears.

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Lucente then initiated a plan to get Saal closer to the troops, if the troops could not close on him. Ha made Yazmin address the media in a live coverage to inform Saal to surrender to stop the incessant blood shed. One of Saal’s gang men gave him the phone to watch Yazmin’s plea.

Saal became devastated after watching it. Minda who also watched it went to talk to Yazmin to lament on how the war has made them lose their l0ved ones. Minda saw the course which Yazmin had been fighting to uphold was not a clean one.

Yazmin said their course was a good one until Saal was using violence to achieve it. That was the reason she surrendered to end everything for them to use more peaceful way to achieve it.

As Team Charlie joined Team Alpha, Alex used the opportunity to inform him Elmer about the deàth of their father. Seeing the soldiers were distracted, the r£bel group fired them and the soldiers fired back.

“Alex whatever happens in this mission, it is an honour fighting besides you,” Elmer said.

“Sir it has been an honour fighting besides you,” Alex responded.

Panglinaban who his team members were searching for him arrived to inform them that he found a suspicious man and he secretly followed him to Saal’s hideout. He said that was the only way they could follow to close on the r£bels. Benjie warned him not to do that again as that was dangerous.

They called the other teams and were all joined together with Elmer’s team to get the place surrounded. Saal was informed that the troops were closing on them and his brother, Hakeem was spotted.

Saal admonished them to be prepared for the war but no one should touch or hurt his brother. He also gave them final liberty for those who wanted to back out to do so. Fatima was running with Rasheed but decided to turn back.

The Deàth of Fatima and Rasheed

Rasheed wanted them to flee from the battle but Fatima was hellbent on returning to fight side by side with Saal since the military had already gotten her sister. Rasheed decided to give in. However, they realised that they were surrounded so Rasheed advised his wife that they should surrender.

Fatima objected, she wanted them to fight till their last breath. They fired at the troops and the rangers also fired multiple times and Rasheed fell, remaining Fatima.

Fatima now recalled how they married and Rasheed promise to her that he wanted to give up on the course but since Fatima wanted to fight till the end, he would also fight by her side till the end. Fatima was poised to avenge the deàth of her husband but was also sh0t.

Before her deàth, she begged her husband beneath her breath.

“Rasheed I am sorry that I didn’t listen to you.”

“I am sorry if I couldn’t turn my back on this fight.”

“It’s just that I didn’t want us to raise our future children in the society that would oppress them.”

“I want us to live and grow in the community where everyone will be treated equal.” She then d!ed.

Meanwhile, Aaliyah and Isabel in their respective abode said a word of prayers for Allah to protect and secure the lives of Abe and Michael in the grand war. Aaliyah cried that Abe was the only l0ved one, she has been left with and could not live should anything happened to him.

She added that Abe had helped her in so many ways, for that matter , his life should be secured. The troops close on Saal and the two Marasigans looted that they were doing that for their father.


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