A Soldier’s Heart Episode 6

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 6 Saal saves Governor Gezali and Isabel, the military fight the Islamic rebels in a bid to get Abdul Waajid

The governor arrived at Isabel’s place with his daughter. As they got out of the car, Governor Amer Gezali had a call and he told the person about his political intentions. After the call, he talked with Isabel and wondered why she did not like the place.

He was distracted and Isabel fled with a car and reached a check point where she met striker but failed to cooperate since she was the governor’s daughter. She went to a restaurant and came to find out that she had a flat tyre.

She enlisted her father’s help and returned home. While her father was scolding her for leaving without her guards, Isabel also wondered why her father always wanted to be heavily guarded. Gov Gezali said he wanted to protect her due to his political rivals and his daughter demanded he quit politics as that made her mother abandoned him.

Elsewhere, Saal and his group reached a checkpoint and he made them hide their weapons. He called Rasheed to secure the group and never leave the group no matter what. Alex and his military men was also tracking the Islamic rebels but lost the signal but was able to locate earlier that they were heading to Isabel’s place.

Striker did a lazy check and once the enemy left, Abe realised they had allowed Abdul Waajid to escape their hands so they informed Jethro, the leader who called the office to inform them while they followed the rebel group.

Alex’s group also called the office and they told Victor that they lost track of their enemies but they saw them going to Isabel’s place and Victor gave the them the green signal to take the 5kilometres ride to the location since Abe had given them the signal that Abdul Waajid was spotted and was going to Isabel’s place.

The rebel group arrived at the governor’s location. Saal made Rasheed stayed back to secure the place while he went inside the mansion with his mother, Yasmin. Upon Victor’s order, Colonel Melicio Adriano told the Alpha team to be on standby to help Alex’s team who were heading to Isabel’s place.

While waiting, Yasmin realised there was an incident as the governor who was having a meeting with some campaign members were attacked by some bad gang who arrived in disguise as a catering company and tried to k!ll the governor and daughter.

As the brouhaha was on going the guests started to flee to save their lives. Saal decided to save the governor but Yasmin wanted them to leave already. Saal protested since they would have no one to help them with weapons if Gezali d!es.

Saal was able to rescue Isabel, whom the men wanted to take hostage after they hit her and she lost consciousness. Yasmin tried reviving Isabel as already Rasheed had informed her about the presence of the military. Rasheed tried to engage the military in $hooting to help Saal. Saal and Yasmin managed to get out of the room and the military saw the injured governor who enlisted their help to save his daughter from the gang’s hand.

Just then, the military team arrived. The charged into the scene and were able to save the governor who had been shot. The men who had tried to attack him were also shot. Meanwhile, Saal tried to escape with Yasmin. He took Isabel as hostage so Alex was not able to shoot him. Saal’s team came to back him up and he was able to escape. Rasheed however got shot.

Running away, the other bad gang in disguise also tried to flee since the military were many but Lourd shot them in their truck in their bid to escape. Meanwhile, Saal tried to escape with Yasmin. He took Isabel as hostage so Alex was not able to shoot him. Saal’s team came to back him up and he was able to escape. Rasheed however got shot.

Saal, Rasheed, Yasmin and Fatima got in a vehicle and fled with Isabel. Fatima threw grenades at the military car pursuing them, this enabled them to escape. When they were far enough, they got off the vehicle and left Isabel at the road. The military arrived to find Isabel. Striker and Abe sent Isabel to the hospital as she was knocked out.

Saal and the others went to a doctor to get Rasheed treated. The soldiers were able to follow them but the doctor who was also muslim hid them from their pursuers. They were not caught but had to figure out a way of leaving without getting caught.

Someone dressed as Abdul Waajid ran off and they pursued him. Benjie shot at him after learning that Abdul Waajid was the one who k!lled his brother, Olan. They however realised it was not him after shooting him down.

Benjie got in an argument with Alex for not k!lling Abdul Waajid when he had a chance. Alex argued that he had the governor’s daughter held hostage so he did not have a clear shot. Lourd told them to talk later and focus on their task first.

Ahmed passed by the check point and Abe conducted a check. He was driving a truck to work. When he was heading back, the other soldiers did not pay much attention since they knew he was Abe’s uncle. He stopped after leaving the area and Saal, Rasheed, Yasmin and Fatima all came out from the truck.


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