A Soldier’s Heart Episode 8

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 8 Yazmin finds the location of the k!ller of Yosef, Alex discovers Abdul Waajid as the shooter of his parents

Striker accompanied Isabel to a restaurant and he asked of how the governor was doing. Isabel said he was fine and was back to work even when the doctor advised him against it. Gezali was working to prove to his rivals that he was not scared of their treat.

However, Isabel wanted her father to take it easy on himself. Striker believed his dad’s decision was good. Changing the subject, he cast jokes. They returned to the camp to find the squad on the compound and were happy to see Striker with the governor’s daughter.

Since they were hungry, Gorio also requested Isabel to buy food for them and Micheal followed Isabel to a restaurant where Yazmin was asking help from someone. Isabel did not see Yazmin but the woman saw her. Isabel and Striker returned to the camp with the food and the guys were happy.

Dante took a leave from work and traveled with Minda to Pamighuas to see Alex. Minda was going to a ground breaking ceremony of a school as part of a charity project and came to see her son. Alex was given days off to spend with his parents.

They went to market to get Chicken to prepare Alex’s favourite food. In the market, Yazmin saw the family and was able to recognise Dante as the k!ller of her husband, Yosef and son Hakeem. Due to this, she failed to buy the chicken and other ingredients that she would use to prepare Saal’s favourite food.

She told Fatima about it and the latter told her to inform Saal. Minda stumbled on Alex and Dante discussing about military experience. Alex told his father that he failed to k!ll and wanted man due to civilians and Dante said that was the reason he was a soldier.

His duty was to protect the multitude so he did the right thing for not shooting the target due to those he was protecting because even if he had shot the target, that would not rebellious act in the world. There would always be someone taking after them. He advised him not to lose courage as Soldiers never give up.

At Manolo Fabie school, Marasigan reported as he was the one in charge to protect his mother and the charity workers. Unknown to Dante, Yazmin was spying on his family and vowed that they never deserved happiness after k!lling her son and husband. Alex distributed the snacks his mother bought for his friends and they went on with their usual jokes.

Yazmin got home and was surprised to have seen that Fatima had her followed and took a shot of Dante. Saal confronted his mother for not revealing the truth to him. His mother advised him not to do anything against Dante but Saal defied his mother’s order and went after Dante. He shot at Dante at a hotel but he missed the target. The bullet affected Minda but she was fine when she was sent to hospital.

Yazmin was upset with Fatima for informing her son after a news broke about the incident. Saal got home and Yazmin slapped him for his careless act that would put all the many years work of their course into jeopardy. Saal wept that he has failed to fulfill his promise to Yosef and Hakeem.

He then tried to seek help to cover the CCTV footage from the hotel which Dante and his wife were in. Unknown to him, he was seeking for a war from his other rivals, Harval group. One of Harval’s men tried shooting together with the one he enlisted his help but managed to k!ll Harval’s man and the military officer who he seeks his help fled.

Alex while going to see his mother met Lourd on the way and she asks of his parents and extended her regards. Elmer also arrived at the hospital and Minda was discharged. Alex informed them that due to the previous incident, the soldiers were assigned to secure them at the ground breaking event but Elmer was against it.

The ground breaking Ceremony of Manolo Fobie school was held. The mayor and some other dignitaries were in attendance so did the soldiers. The event was successful and the mayor apologised to Minda for the incident. Elsewhere, Yazmin could keep her calm since Saal had not returned. Later, Saal arrived but wounded. Fatima came out with their things and run while they were being pursued by the other rebel group.

Alex began to research on his father to know his past enemies. He read about Dante’s attack that led to the d£ath of Yosef Alhajur who had two sons named Saal and Hakeem. The Soldiers had a footage of the hotel and saw Abdul Waajid as the person who shot Dante and the soldiers wondered what Dante had done against Abdul Waajid.


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