A Soldier’s Heart Episode 9

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 9 Saal joins his members to a new gang, Alex is transferred to a different unit over his investigation on Dante and Abdul Waajid’s case

At the military camp, the friends of Alex were shocked to know that, Abdul Waajid was after his father. Elsewhere, Dante was also telling his friends, Raul and Virgilio what puzzled him was that, Abdul Waajid was a child when he shot Yosef so he wouldn’t have known he was the one who k!lled his father.

Dante decided to go back to Mindanao to investigate so he brought his wife Erica, someone who would keep her company as he was gone. Elsewhere, Jethro reported to Victor that Abdul Waajid came out of his hide out to shoot Dante. Victor believed Abdul had a plan and wanted to distract them.

Amir arrived at the new hideout with medicines for Saal and he assured that he was careful for him not to be followed. Alex was suspicious that Dante returned to Mindanao and concluded that there was something going on so he decided to investigate. Though Gorio disagreed with his suspicious act.

Dante together with Raul looked through files of his enemies he encountered and realised Yosef’s son was the one who was the famous Abdul Waajid who was revenging. Raul wanted them to inform Victor but Dante disagreed and asked him they remained discreet with the information as he did not want Alex to discover that he was the one who k!lled his biological father.

Unknown to him, Alex had discovered that the famous Abdul Waajid had a private name as Saal and he was the one his father years ago k!lled his father, Yosef and rushed to the office to inform his dad. Since Dante wanted to refrain Alex to delve deeper into the case he brushed off the findings of Alex, leaving his son more suspicious of him.

Elsewhere, the trusted follower of Saal came to the hideout with his enemies who ambushed them, and held Rasheed as hostage. He gave them a condition to spare their life by joining force with him. The enemy who Saal once seek help from him, realising Saal had lost many comrades took advantage of the situation to compel him to join his group and gave him time to think about it.

Adriano congratulated Jethro and Lourd and also called Alex to congratulate him and told him he would be awarded with a citation for his good works. Alex later wondered why his father knew the truth and did not want his help simply because he was not incharge of finding intel. He later called Minda and his mother was happy to hear that he was promoted just less a year he joined the service.

Dante also spoke with him to congratulate him for the good job since Virgilio informed him about his promotion. Elmer who was eavesdropping went to his room and was very upset that Alex always ends up getting the praises. Later, Dante met with his two friends and recalled after k!lling Yosef, Victor was happy with it and thanked him, Raul and Virgilio for avenging the man who k!lled his wife and children.

He was happy that Yosef’s younger son also perished during the scuffle, unknown to him, Dante saved and adopted the boy. Dante’s friends promised to cover his back since they were also part of the mess when they accepted that he raised Hakeem and not send him to the social welfare.

Elsewhere, Saal told his four members that they were only five and they had to join their enemy just for survival till Governor Gezali hear them out. They then joined the group.
Alex went Virgilio’s office to once again request he be transferred to the Intel group but he refused and threatened Alex he would suspend him for insubordination if he did not stop. Victor arrived and asked Alex what he was doing there.

Before Alex could open his mouth, Virgilio said Alex dropped a report. Later Virgilio transferred Alex to a different unit and told Dante on phone that he did that to ensure Alex did not report what he knew to Victor.

“Does Victor have any idea on the transfer?” Dante queried.

“Victor did not have any idea,” Virgilio answered

“What don’t I have no idea about what,” Victor appeared from the blue to ask.


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