A Soldier’s Heart Finale Episode 42

A Soldier’s Heart Finale Episode 42 Saal k!lls Alex in a bloody war between soldiers and Moros for the land of Mindanao, Alex’s comrades dedicate their new mission to honour his memories

Gotten the entrapment of Saal surrounded, Balcaso called Lucente to inform him. The major issued a word of caution to the troops. Seeing their enemies much more closer, Saal’s men ran to tell him that they were now outnumbered so it would be better if they escape.

“Escape!” Saal exclaimed.

“I’m so sick and tired of running.

“This is my destiny!”

“Mindanao is ours and I will fight for it until my last breath.”

“So if you want to run away, then fine go right ahead but I’m not going anywhere!”

This fight is for every Moro.”

As they Soldiers approached all the r£bels went into hiding.

“It looks like we’ve meet again my most precious little brother,” Saal said while hiding behind a tree.

Alex told Elmer to trust him on his plan. He went forward, closer to Saal.

“Brother,” Alex pointed his guπ on Saal’s direction.

“Alex Marasigan,” Saal came from the back of the tree to also draw nearer to Alex.

“Saal… Saal, how did we come to this?”

“Why are we going against eachother?”

“Saal this is not what our father wanted for us!”

“You,” Saal pointed out “Leave our father from this mess we are in Marasigan.”

“He doesn’t have a traitor for a son.”

And I don’t have a brother.”

“Stop this Saal!” Alex cautioned.

“We can still help eachother out.”

“Let’s work together.”

“We both want same thing here and that’s peace.”

“That’s enough,” Saal yelled.

“I am not going to stop,” Alex screamed.

“I will only stop if you come along with me.”

“Think of mother, she is waiting for you.”

“Waiting for me,” Saal smirked “Really now!”

“Poor mother left me.”

“She turned her back on me.”

“She surrendered so that she could be with you.”

“She only chose to do what was right!” Alex explained.

“Turn her back on what we are fighting for?”

“All of it, she turn her back on just to be with you.”

Alex laid down his guπ to convince Saal which made Elmer wondered what Alex was doing. Alex told Saal that he would be with him till the end if he surrender for them to be reunited. Saal equally left his weapon but his magazine was hanged around his neck.

As some of the r£bels realised Alex was disarmed, one revealed his face from his hideout to sho0t but Elmer was fast to have fired before the henchman pulled the trigger.

Saal now stood on his zeal and decided to retaliate for Elmer k!lling one of his people. Seeing that the trigger was pulled Alex quickly run to cover Elmer. He fell down to the multiple bullets. Lourd wailed in agony calling her boyfriend’s name.

Realising his deed, Saal ran to check on Alex. Since he was not predictable, Abe also fired while Benjie gave master shots and Saal fell. The two brothers tried to reach out to eachother as they did in childhood years but Saal d!ed before Alex would. The Soldiers then mourn their lost.

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Lucente received the information and relayed it to the superior’s. As the military were sharing the information, Yazmin who had been praying all those while for her two sons in her cell overheard it. She cried and asked her two sons for forgiveness as her dream of them joining her could not be actualised.
Yazmin reminisced her fond memories of her sons.

Alex was laid to rest next to his father, Dante Marasigan. Memories and tears flooded his wake when his l0ved ones looked back at how the fallen soldier changed their lives forever.
After laying her husband and son to rest, Minda visited Yazmin in cell.

They both forgo thee blames and acknowledged sharing the same pain of losing their families in the war, Minda and Yazmin made amends as they recognised their undying l0ve for their l0ved ones especially their respective husbands and son.

During his visit to the detained colonel, Raul lamented how Fonti’s betrayal eventually destroyed their brotherhood. Fonti did not regret his action, his heart was hardened and was unwilling to beg Lucente to make amends.

The authorities confiscated weapons and chemicals which some of Saal’s men were going to use to b0mb some major cities. They also arrested the gang members in a quest to build an enabling environment for everyone. The soldiers went on vacation after everything.

Five years later, Isabel returned from her trip to be with Michael. Michael converted into a Muslim to uphold the principles and beliefs of Isabel. In turn, Isabel was grateful to him for always being there for her.

Elsewhere, Abe had also impregnated Aaliyah and were expecting their baby to be born into a serene and peaceful environment. Lourdes, on the other hand, was back to the office and Jethro who was equally a captain was in the same office with Balcaso.

Lourd was grateful to Jethro for the friendship that saw her through to overcome her pains. Later, the Soldiers received a message on their respective phones from their superiors to meet at he headquarters the next day for a mission.

The soldiers, after meeting up at the location, they dedicated their new mission to all the fallen soldiers most especially Alex. Subscribe to the site for your daily updates

The END!


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