A Soldier’s Heart Highlights Episode 11-15

A Soldier’s Heart Highlights Episode 11-15 Saal is formally pronounced dead, Alex saves Lourd from d£ath

While on a supply run with Abe, Alex goes on a covet investigation on the d£ath of Yosef and his son. Alex is torn between continuing his investigation on Yosef’s son or heeding to his father’s plea.

Since Isabel is jealous by the mere sight of Striker helping a different girl, she compels him into accepting her into his life. The two begin to date. Soon, Victor discovers the truth Virgilio is keeping and repost Alex to join the cyber security group.

Dante intervenes to make Alex withhold the truth he has found about Hakeem and the Alhajuris from Victor. Dante then takes him upon himself to find Saal to eliminate him before the rebel leader exposes his secret.

Upon finding the lead on Abdul Waajid’s whereabouts, Dante wastes no time in exterminating him. Meanwhile, Saal and his family have had enough of the dealing of Nasir and resolve to hatch up an escape plan.
As he plans to leave Nasir’s group, Saal makes an hasty decision after spotting Dante and his men closing in.

Despite her group’s protest, Yasmin remains adamant on waiting for her son to arrive at their rendezvous. Elsewhere, Alex returns to Apo Hajids home in hopes of uncovering what happened to Yosef’s younger son. For his role in Saal’s d£ath, Dante receives a promotion while Alex and his team are commended for their successful missions.

After enjoying dinner with his friends and family, Alex gets the chance to draw closer to Lourd. Determined to prove worthy to Isabel, Michael finds a way to join the upcoming scout ranger training at the last minute.

As Alex prepares to depart for his scout ranger training, he musters the courage to confess his feelings for Lourd. During Elmer’s graduation from scout ranger, he receives a surprise visit from someone from his past.

Alex and his troopmates’ strength are tested as they go through extreme challenges at the beginning of their training as scout rangers. Risking his position as trainee, Philip tries to teach during training. Meanwhile, Michael faces a difficult situation that leaves his friends deeply concerned.

Not long after, Michael’s heart shatters upon hearing the horrible news. When their smuggled food is discovered, Alex and his fellow scout ranger trainees suffer severe punishment at the hands of their supervising officers. This causes tension to rise between Abe and Philip as Jerome remains adamant on not admitting his fault.

Elsewhere, Yazmin and her group start anew outside Mindanao. Despite her plans of starting fresh, Yazmin jumps at the chance of getting close to Minda in hopes of avenging the d£aths of her family members. In Mindanao, a rebel group led by Hassan forces locals in joining him wreaking havoc.

Because of this, Dante is assigned to spearhead the mission of taking down the new rebel leader. Alex and his troop prepare for their test mission.

Following Major Lucente’s instructions, Alex and his fellow scout rangers cautiously approach Hassan’s territory to rescue his hostages. Lourd gets abducted by rebels during an encounter with her team.

On their way out of their opponents’ hideout, Alex and the wounded Lourd struggle to escape after they encounter a group of rebels. Abe is filled with remorse after failing to fulfill his promise to Aaliyah.

Refusing to let their comrades die at the hands of the enemy, Major Lucente leads the scout rangers through the dense forest in their mission to rescue Alex and Lourd.


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