A Soldier’s Heart Highlights Episode 16-20

A Soldier’s Heart Highlights Episode 16-20 Jethro falls into coma after an accident, Yazmin discovers Alex is Hakeem

Refusing to let their comrades die at the hands of the enemy, Major Lucente leads the scout rangers through the dense forest in their mission to rescue Alex and Lourd.

Grieving over her parents d£ath, Aliyah vents to Abe the frustration of the military’s discrimination towards the Moros. With resentment occupying all the space in her heart, she finds herself cutting ties with the scout ranger.

Elsewhere, Benjie’s one-sided affection for Philip deepens. Haunted by Alex’s past, Lourd does her best to bury burgeoning feelings for the young Marasigan. Bewildered by the root of his rejection Alex attempts to reach out to Lourd in hopes of clearing the issue involving him and Grace.

Abe remains sullen after he inadvertently straining his relationship with Aaliyah following her parents’ demise. Trying to assist his intoxicated friend, Benjie’s friendship with Philip begins to fall apart when he inadvertently display his affection. Meanwhile, Michael is in great distress upon discovering the disappearance of his stepfather, Pinong.

Rising from the ashes, Saal begins his search for Yazmin while fulfilling his ultimate plan. The Marasigans spend some quality time together as the soldiers enjoy their vacation away from their call of duty. Unknown to them, Yazmin vows to avenge her son’s apparent d£ath by setting her sights on Minda.

Devastated by his father’s remarks, Jethro inevitably meets a terrible fate after drowning himself in alcohol. Soon, Victor gets devoured by guilt upon learning about his son’s condition. Elsewhere, Hassan carries out his abduction against Congress man Sakili.

Witnessing the crime with his own eyes, Alex becomes determined to save the politician’s life. Full of certainty about Sakili’s abduction, Alex’s world turns upside down when the supposedly captured politician appeared before his eyes.

Bent on proving his claims, the young Marasigan soon finds himself in deep waters while trying to collect evidence for the crime that he witnessed. However, as he fights tooth and nail to unravel the truth, the cracks in his relationship with Dante gets exposed.

Victor expresses his apology to the comatose Jethro. Exploiting Minda’s naivety, Yazmin manages to set foot in the Marasigan household to exact her revenge.

Yazmin’s hatred against the Marasigans reaches its climax upon her startling discovery of Hakeem’s fate. Bristling with rage, she vows to do everything in her power to claim custody of her previously believed deceased son.

Oblivious of his true identity, Alex celebrate his birthday with his l0ved ones. Bent on taking Hakeem back and exacting her revenge, Yazmin leaves a package outside the Marasigans residence.

The mysterious gift later shakes Alex to the core, prompting him to fear for the worse. Unknown to him, Dante begins to cast doubts on his adopted son’s suspicious actions for the past few days.


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