A Soldier’s Heart Highlights Episode 21-25

A Soldier’s Heart Highlights Episode 21-25 Saal saves his family from the military, Hakeem reunites with his terrorist family

After an intense argument with Dante, Alex brushes with disaster while tailing Yazmin out of curiosity. Upon bringing her son to hospital, Yazmin gets into a hole of misery as she gets slapped by a painful realisation by Alex.

Dante and Minda slowly piece together the fragments of truth after identifying the terrorists who helped their son.

However, Alex’s relationship with Dante grows even more strained when he asked about the woman who brought him to the hospital and claimed to be his mother. Yazmin and her group take flight just as the military launches a manhunt on them.

Unbeknownst to them, Saal reconnects with an old ally to search for his family. Alex finds himself opening up to Lourd as he yearns to unearth the truth about the claim of Saal’s mother that continues to mess with his head.

Determined to fulfill her promise to her son Hakeem, Yazmin bravely steps foot on the lion’s den. Little does she know, her mortal adversary is already one step ahead. Fatima makes a desperate decision after failing to find Yazmin.

Rage devours Yazmin as she comes face-to-face with the man she loathes. Holding Dante accountable for betraying Yosef a long time ago, the Ahuraji matriarch vows to make the Brigadier General pays for her family’s misfortune.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Yazmin soon reveals to her family her painful secret. Bent on unearthing his connection with Yazmin, Alex tries to squeeze the truth out of Dante. Driven by his desire to unmask his real identity, the private first class embarks on a quest to unlock the mysteries of his past.

Knowing full well that he can trusts Abe, the young Marasigan informs him of his hunch and divulges his plans. Unbeknownst to the the Alhuraji matriarch, aside from a military’s manhunt, Alex is also on a mission to track her down to uncover his real identity.

Thanks to a tip from Governor Gezali, Saal manages to rescue his family from the authorities and bring them to a safe harbour. However, his solace turns into sorrow and fury when Yazmin drops the bombshell about Hakeem.

Meanwhile, Alex’s relationship with Dante continues to fall through as his father suspects him of turning his back on his duty as a soldier. Determined to find out his true background, Alex immediately jumps at an opportunity that comes knocking at his door.

Coming face-to-face with Alex, Yazmin and Saal untangle the knot in the young Soldier’s identity and their family inauspicious past. Now made aware the truth, Alex faces a tough decision. After Victor relieved him from his position in the intelligence team, Fonti resolves to tail Alex in an attempt to extract vital pieces of information from him.

Following his discovery about his identity, Alex confront Dante for taking him away from his real family. Saal remains confident that Hakeem will reunite with the Alhurajis. Faring that Victor’s personal vendetta against the Alhurajis might disrupt their plans, Fonti decides to go rogue to finish their long-overdue assignment once and for all.

Overwhelmed by her family’s problems, Minda drowns her sorrow at a bar. As Saal becomes secretive of his next moves, Yazmin tries to get in touch with Alex to remind him to always keep his guard up.

Fonti, on the other hand, finds luck on his side when an importance possession of Alex’s falls into his hands, giving him a trump card against the Alhurajis. Upon learning that Fonti is breaking protocol to quickly dispatch the Alhurajis, Alex decides to visit his biological mother.

However, the two finally meet a shoot out ensues between the terrorists and the military putting Yazmin on dangerous ground. This sends Alex in dire straits, facing a tough choice between saving his biological mother an following his adoptive father’s will.

Dante and Fonti’s friendship turns sour as they clash about Fonti taking the laws into his own hands.


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