A Soldier’s Heart Highlights Episode 31-35

A Soldier’s Heart Highlights Episode 31-35 Jethro rages war with Alex, Alex is arrested for siding with the Alhurajis

Fonti’s revelation to Victor ends up leading a tragic series of events that forever changes Jethro’s life. Despite the awful events, the Marasigans are blessed with good news when Grace goes into labour.

As the military makes ready to the Alhurajis base of operations, Saal’s faith in Hakeem crumbles when he learns of the actions his brother did behind their family’s back.

Despite the tension between Saal and Hakeem, the two brothers try to help their family escape safely. At the same time, Raul reaches out to Dante when a problem arises from the military based of operation.

In the middle of the chaos at the Brgy San Rafael, Benjie’s emotions get the better of him when he sees Saal during the military encounter with the Alhurajis forces. Meanwhile, Alex is caught in a dilemma when he finds himself standing between Yazmin and his fellow soldier.

At the military’s base of operations, Fonti brings up Alex true parentage and causes Dante to grow guilty over keeping Victor in the dark. As they rush to make their escape, a tragedy befalls the Alhurajis.

As the Alhurajis escape from Brgy San Rafael, the military leaders find themselves in disagreement over continuing the mission and Alex’s true intentions. Abe faces disappointment after disobeying Maj Lucente’s orders to continue his search for Aaliyah.

While continuing their operations, Benjie and Michael get into an argument when he reveals to his fellow soldiers the truth about Alex. Elsewhere, Saal comes to a decision about Hakeem after Abdul Waajid’s warning.

Benjie and Michael contradicting report bring Alex’s loyalty into question. Despite his belief that Alex remains faithful to duty, Dante remains puzzled over Fonti’s indignation toward his son and the Alhurajis.

Fonti finds a willing pawn to carry out his devious plans. As Abe recovers enough to return to camp, he takes notice of the tense atmosphere between Benjie and his fellow buddies. Hoping to find Saal’s location, Fonti employs desperate measures to get information.

As the Alhurajis settle in their new base, Yazmin grows conflicted over the war and her children. At the same time, Saal’s resolve to bring peace to his people strengthens as he acknowledges Abdul Waajid’s words of advice.

Back at the military headquarters, Fonti is taken by surprise when he discovers Dante’s new plans to locate the Alhurajis. Michael risks a visit to Isabel to show her his promise accomplishment. Back at the camp, Alex’s friends continue to take sides a he remains missing in action.

Elsewhere, Alex ends up questioning the choice he made in trying to find his biological family. Despite their l0ve for eachother, Michael continues to face Governor Gezali disapproval of their relationship.

The Marasigans take the necessary steps in their bid to capture Saal and hopefully rescue Alex. Back at the Military Headquarters, Major Lucente learns of the impending investigation that his superiors are planning for Alex.

Elsewhere, Yazmin begins to distance herself from the Alhurajis. As soon as he captures suspected member of the militant group, Elmer interrogates Paco about his connection with the Alhurajis.

Back at the headquarters, the soldiers receive their summons for the impending investigation on Alex. Phil soon tries to dissuade Benjie from testifying against Alex in exchange for tempting opportunity.

Meanwhile, the Alhurajis fall apart as Yazmin’s forces Saal to choose between his family and his course. Despite Elmer’s plea, Jethro fails to believe in Alex’s innocence. Amid the brewing tension among his comrades, Alex is placed under arrest after he returned to address the accusations against him.

Blinded by rage, Benjie eventually finds himself at odds with his friends when he refused to let go of his indignation toward Alex. Meanwhile, Yazmin prays for a greater course.

Following Alex’s arrest, Minda and Lourd visit Alex at Fort Bonifacio. Refuses to give up on Alex, Dante assures his wife that he will do everything in his power to clear their adoptive son’s name. Alex makes a startling discovery about the person responsible for his arrest.

Soon after, Dante comes to see his adopted son in jail in hopes of mending their tarnished relationship.


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