A Soldier’s Heart Highlights Episode 34-38

A Soldier’s Heart Highlights Episode 34-38 Alex is acquitted and discharge after facing military court-martial, The military nabs Victor’s k!ller

The Marasigans take the necessary steps in their bid to capture Saal and hopefully rescue Alex. Back at the Military Headquarters, Major Lucente learns of the impending investigation that his superiors are planning for Alex.

Elsewhere, Yazmin begins to distance herself from the Alhurajis. As soon as he captures suspected member of the militant group, Elmer interrogates Paco about his connection with the Alhurajis.

Back at the headquarters, the soldiers receive their summons for the impending investigation on Alex. Phil soon tries to dissuade Benjie from testifying against Alex in exchange for tempting opportunity.

Meanwhile, the Alhurajis fall apart as Yazmin’s forces Saal to choose between his family and his course. Despite Elmer’s plea, Jethro fails to believe in Alex’s innocence. Amid the brewing tension among his comrades, Alex is placed under arrest after he returned to address the accusations against him.

Blinded by rage, Benjie eventually finds himself at odds with his friends when he refused to let go of his indignation toward Alex. Meanwhile, Yazmin prays for a greater course.

Following Alex’s arrest, Minda and Lourd visit Alex at Fort Bonifacio. Refuses to give up on Alex, Dante assures his wife that he will do everything in his power to clear their adoptive son’s name. Alex makes a startling discovery about the person responsible for his arrest.

Soon after, Dante comes to see his adopted son in jail in hopes of mending their tarnished relationship. Alex makes a startling discovery about the person responsible for his arrest.

Soon after, Dante comes to see his adopted son in jail in hopes of mending their tarnished relationship. There, the Brigadier General receives a shocking revelation about one of his trusted allies.

Yazmin recent action causes Saal to cast doubt on his mother’s loyalty to him and their cause. Back at the headquarters, a fight break out between the soldiers as their comrade’s arrest begin to strain their brotherhood.

Wanting to restore their friendship with Benjie, Phil’s comrades urge him to talk some sense into the embattled soldier. Bent on clearing his adopted son’s name, Dante confronts Fonti for ordering Alex’s mission against the Alhurajis.

Phil becomes suspicious of the sudden offer that Benjie received from Fonti and Jethro. Elsewhere, Lourd finds an experienced lawyer for her boyfriend’s case. Alex and the rest of the soldiers involved in the court-martial case appear before the military tribunal.

Benjie soon testifies on the witness stand about his encounter with Alex and the Alhurajis. Bent on clearing his adopted son’s name, Dante tries to squeeze the truth from Fonti’s ally.

Alex and the military defense counsel suffer a setback when Michael takes a witness stand. Wanting to witness Alex’s downfall, Fonti prepares to unleash his hidden weapon against the defendant.

Lourd remains conflicted about leaving Alex’s behind as she receives enticing opportunity. Phil and Abe take turns in providing their testimonies for Alex’s court-martial case.

Later on Abe reveals to the court how Alex helped his comrades despite living in the enemies’ turf. In a shocking turn of event, Fonti plays his trump card against Alex, in hopes of shifting the military tribunal judgment to his favour.

Alex and Attorney Mariano find themselves at a d£ad end after Paco provided a testimony that fully supported the plaintiff’s claims. Like a savour from heaven, a key witness steps forward to help the military defense counsel with their case. Lourd runs into Benjie at the officer’s camp.

Alex and his l0ved ones are confused upon discovering Fonti’s conspiracy with the witness against the young Marasigan When Lourd’s words left a bad taste in his mouth, Benjie expressed his deep seated feelings toward her and his comrades after he testified against Alex.

Seeking answers about Victor’s untimely d£ath, Dante runs into Fonti at the military camp. Meanwhile, Yazmin and Saal contrasting beliefs begin to tarnish their relationship.

Determined to make amends with Benjie, Phil visits his buddies in camp O’Donnell. There, Phil seizes the opportunity to express his sincere feelings for his comrade.

Alex issues a sincere apology to Benjie through a heartfelt letter. Dante persistent finally pays off when he gets a piece of crucial evidence in Alex’s court-martial case.

Now armed to the teeth, Alex takes the witness stand and makes a shocking revelation. Bent on putting Alex behind bars for aiding and abetting the enemy, Fonti soon faces the allegations made by the military defense counsel.

Soon after, the opposing parties find themselves on pins and needles as the military court pronounces it’s verdict on Alex’s court-martial case.

Despite feeling at odd following his court martial victory, Alex welcomes a new chapter of his life together with his l0ved ones. Humbling himself to acknowledge his past mistakes, Benjie makes a formal apology to his comrades.

Soon, the military gets hold of the bomber responsible for Victor’s d£ath. Wanting to keep his crimes under wraps, Fonti destroys all the evidence that could incriminate him. Dante, on the other hand, pressured the detained bomber to rat out the master mind behind Victor’s assassination.


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