A Soldier’s Heart Recap 1-5

A Soldier’s Heart Recap 1-5 Two brothers become enemies after they get separated in a military attack that leads to the death of their biological father Yosef

In 1997, a camp of of an Islamic rebel group was attacked leading the rebel leader, Yosef to his d£ath. Yosef left behind a wife, Yasmin and children, Hakeem and Saal but Hakeem is sent to Manila by Dante, a soldier during the scuffle. Through the hand work of fate, the two biological brothers got separated with each having different life to lead.

Dante raised Hakeem as his own son and named him Alex. He has a son, Emer and a wife and he tells them to see Alex as another child of his. Believing her other son d!ed together with her husband, Yasmin single handedly raised his eldest son, Saal who became a notorious rebel with famous name Abdul Waajid.

Saal is hell-bent on gaining justice for his father and brother and always schemes with Rasheed and his gang to destroy the military.
Alex also became an IT professional, gradually he gains the nod from Dante to become a military man, a profession after his heart when an incident with the Islamic rebel group and the military leads Victor’s men to enlists his help as an IT Profession.

Saal was not seen as a good leader as his father, Yosef so Yasmin advised him to win the people’s trust in his quest of recruiting more people for the rebel group to become a strong force to pursue his agenda of making Philippines the first caliphate in Asia.

With tough time under the leadership of his brother, Elmer who is vehemently against Alex being a military officer during training lash out on him. Alex helps striker who only chose the profession to help himself and his family to solve their financial problems.

Victor’s men gain a lead and are able to identify Abdul Waajid as the man responsible for the ambush. Since Saal is not using his real name, this made it difficult for him to be identified. Fortunately, they were able to capture some of Saal’s men and threatened them to give out his location.

Rasheed found out what happened to their men and told Saal. Rasheed was worried that the captives would give them away. Saal therefore prepared for the military to attack.

Meanwhile, Dante and Victor were given the task to capture Saal and they located his hideout but did not find anyone. Since it was rebels camp, Dante suspects some set ups and wants to retreat but Victor was not ready to back down, leaving most of the troopers heavily wounded from the explosives set at the location.

Elsewhere, the trainees embarked on practicals and Alex teaches Striker to swim. Governor Gezali was supporting the Islamic rebels by giving them the necessary ammunitions for them to also cover his back by eliminating his rivals. After training day 170 the newly recruited military were passed out.

Alex successfully becomes a military man and emerged as the top student. Victor being Alex’s godfather is happy to see his transition but Dante has to overcome his fears of Alex being a military man due to the rebel background of his family. He still kept the truth of Alex’s identity under wraps.

Abe and Gorio were also among the top trainees. The team were deployed to Mindanao but they took some time off to see their families. Dante was worried since Alex was from the place and only raised him to take responsibility for f k!ling his father. As they were about to go to their various homes, the friends of Striker realised he did not have any money since he had sent it all to his family.

They contributed to raise enough funds to help him to visit his family before they were deployed. Alex went home with his parents. He asked Dante where he had found him since he knew it was in Mindanao. They were however interrupted by Minda who asked them to prepare for dinner. Elmer also joined them.

Benjie went to visit his mother and niece, Aya. She is Olan’s daughter and was upset with him for joining the military. She feared Benjie might d!e like her father. Abe, who was a muslim, also went to see his family. His siblings were proud of him and wanted to follow his footsteps.

Rasheed and Saal recruited new men for their cause but got into an argument since their previous recruits betrayed them to the military. Yasmin stepped in to stop the brawl from escalating. Later, Yasmin discovered a young boy named Amir as part of the recruits.

She sacked him from the group but Amir had no where to go since his parents were k!lled and his home was destroyed during a military attack so he was allowed to stay but refrained from being trained to fight. Saal reminded Yasmin how his father was brutally k!lled together with his younger brother Hakeem so children were also involved in the fight.

Elmer begins an argument with Alex for successfully becoming a soldier but the boys had settle their differences for their parents sake. Striker’s mother was apologetic for striker being the one to cater for her and his uncle. Soon, the newly recruited military returned to camp and were given their first assignment.

Victor was able to retrieve the stuff from the ambush by Saal and noticed that Alex’s phone was missing. They tried to call it and it rang. Amir, the young boy Saal was training had found it and turned it on. Saal told him to put the phone away since it could be a weapon by their enemies to track their location. Amir however kept the phone and used it to play games.

Governor Gezali tasked Saal to k!ll his opponent but Saal refused since he was after a bigger cause and not a henchman. The governor admired Saal’s principles and agreed to speak with him for further negotiations as they work together.

Elsewhere, Victor ordered Alex to track his phone to find Abdul Waajid but Alex could not connect since there was no signal. Alex stayed overnight tracking the phone but to no avail. Victor therefore decided to let the team do a manual search, they had narrowed down Abdul Waajid’s location.

Alex finally got a signal from his phone in the morning. Saal and his men left to meet the governor and since Amir was still using the phone to play games, Alex was able to track it. He reported to the general and they moved out to go after Abdul Waajid.


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