After suffering racism in Germany, my own people also tortured and brutalised me—Wendy shares emotional story

After suffering racism in Germany, my own people also tortured and brutalised me---Wendy Shay shares emotional story 

After suffering racism in Germany, my own people also tortured and brutalised me—Wendy Shay shares emotional story

Fast rising Afrobeat singer, Wendy Shay has recounted how Ghanaians bullied and tortured her emotionally and physically after she made airwaves in the creative art industry.

According to her, she suffered racism in Germany and when she returned home to his own people they also murdered her spirit.

Speaking in a media interview in Accra, the Rufftown Records signee stated that it had not been easy for her during her two-year tenure in the industry.

She recounted that there were times that people trolled her by doctoring her face and other parts of her body to discredit her.

Wendy Shay cried that all those things brought her spirit, enthusiasm and confident level down.

She indicated that there were times people were comparing her with late Ebony Reigns, adding that other advisors to Bullet, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the label told him not to throw money away by investing into her craft.

Wendy Shay regretted that aside the physical attacks there were other spiritual attacks, stressing that she passed out twice in her life and regained consciousness.

“Let me tell you something, I have never said this anywhere. And I thank God for my life today. Can you believe I died twice and resurrected? Oh yes the first happened in October 2018, I felt like someone was plucking out my heart so I fainted, by the time I realised I was in hospital. Second happened at my mom’s place  last year, February 2019 I also had the same attack by the time I regained consciousness I was at the hospital.  My mom believing the attacks were spiritual joined forces together with some pastors and they really prayed hard for me and this is where I am today,” she narrated.

The “Shay on You” hitmaker noted that all those torturing and bullying which made her very emotional became an inspiration to strengthen her in the industry.

She urged Ghanaians to love themselves and support each other because no one could break a united force or people.

Wendy Shay insisted that as Ghanaians have joined the fight against racism, the narrative of Ghanaians should change from “Black life matters” to “Black should love Black.”

That, she stated would help everyone and the “pulling down syndrome” would be castigated to foster change and development in the lives of blacks.

Wendy Shay advised upcoming artiste to be humble, pray and learn and keep rising without looking at all the negativities surrounding them, adding that “believe in yourself and people will believe in you to.”

To the bloggers, she cautioned them to be conscious about their reportage as some could kill others sense of humour, like what she passed through.

She said they should not only think about the traffic they would gain but should use the work as a service to humanity.


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