Akosua Adjepong to face GHAMRO in court— Diana Hopeson reveals

Akosua Adjepong to face GHAMRO in court— Diana Hopeson reveals

The Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) has revealed intentions to file a lawsuit against ace highlife musician Akosua Adjepong for slandering the organisation and its members.

This was disclosed by the member of the board, Diana Hopeson in a recent interview with the media.

According to her, the allegations made by some of the GHAMRO’s members, particularly Akosua Adjepong was baseless and has contributed to the delay of the organisation’s licence for it to fully operate.

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“Aside from that, some members who continue to spread false rumors about the organisation will continue to make false claims. Some of them, notably Akosua Agyapong, advise businesses not to pay royalties.”

“It demonstrates her aversion to GHAMRO. She is the greatest person to explain to you what she is doing and why she is doing it. GHAMRO is prepared to go to court this time because whatever she is doing is impacting negatively on GHAMRO,” Diana Hopeson explained.

“She keeps spreading false rumours that we are operating illegally, so we are prepared to take her on legally. She wants to be in charge, therefore she is on a mission to ruin us, but when elections come around, she does not file to run.

“She is also aware that what she does disqualifies her because our laws state that dragging the name of the organisation through the dirt may result in a penalty, which is why she rarely files. We have repeatedly requested that she appear before us to reply to matters, but she has failed to do so. Unfortunately, she is not interested in the organisation’s success,” she said.

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Akosua Adjepong earlier had appealed to the office of the Attorney General to close down Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) since its operations of the interim management committee were illegal.

According to her, the interim management committee with Rex Omar as Chairman was working illegally as their mandate was not backed by any law.

The “Kokooko” hitmaker pointed out that the office of the Attorney General hadn’t renewed GHAMRO’s licence so those at the helm of affairs had no business running the organisation.

While GHAMRO was hopeful of its licence being renewed, things rather seemed to have gone sour for the organisation when Rex Omar, Executive Director of the Interim Board disclosed at a press conference on Thursday, June 1, that the Attorney General declined renewing their licence.

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Even though it was widely reported in the media that their licence had been revoked, Rex Omar corrected the impression.

He was hopeful to have their licence renewed, however, their efforts have seen a back turn due to misinformation concerning the organisation and its operations spearheaded by Akosua Adjepong.


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