All Of Me Episode 11

All Of Me Episode 11 Henry narrates his horrible past, Edong helps a woman to deliver rousing Lena’s suspicion

Princess sent Lena to see Madame Estrella who layed her cards to tell them about the mystery of Edong and Manuel. She gave Lena an envelope that would answer the question of Edong’s true identity. Elsewhere, Kristel brooded over her father’s evil ways and the trouble he was facing. She wished everything being said about her father was wrong.

Edong was there to listen to her grievances but he could not utter a word as he knew Ricardo was a criminal who was the reason of his current state but could not tell Kristel who her father actually was. She leaned on Edong and cried.

Nonoy went to the kitchen to ask Binbeng where Princess was. Ringgo arrived in school and he remained resolute in pursuing Apple. He was punished together with his friend to mob the floor of the school facility. As they were mobbing, a female student arrived to give him a chit from Apple. He quickly opened the chit to read that Apple has finally accepted his friend request.

In the house, Henry when talking to Lena thought of what the therapist told him concerning the traumatic situation of Lena. He had to wait for Lena to recover from the shock of her husband’s sudden demise. Lena pondered on opening the envelope from Madame Estrella, while she was about to open, Bibeng got there and she hid it.

Edong looked through his wardrobe and took a file, quickly he hid it when he heard a bang on the door. Ivan rushed in and sent him out to where Henry was having a drink. Ivan presented to Henry a sketch he made of him. Henry hugged his son and when Ivan left, Henry asked Edong to join him to drink. Henry then disclosed his painful past to Edong about how he became orphan and was maltreated by his uncle.

He was bullied by his uncle’s kids, brutally beaten and was starved. This compelled him to resolve into arm robbery for daily survival. He then learnt how to defend himself. Unknown to him, Lena was listening to his conversation. His past amid his wife’s $e×ual starvation got him upset and he hurt himself. Edong covered his hand with a towel to stop the blood..

Henry went to wash the blood and dressed it. Lena apologised to him and the next day, she embarked on a medical mission with Edong. Meanwhile, Princess saw the letter Ringgo wrote for Apple. After reading it, she pulled his ears to advise him to concentrate on his school not on girls. Ringgo in school composed a song for Apple and his friend found it appealing. Nonoy came to give him money and he knew, Ringgo would spend it on Apple.

At the medical mission, after they carried the medical supplies to the destination, Lena tripped off when she was decorating the tent but fell on Edong’s hand leading to an intimate episode as Edong yearned for her. Elsewhere, Nonoy saw a baby boy at the hospital with his father and he be friended the child. He then thought of his inability to bear children. At the medical mission, a certain boy came to call Edong to help his mother who was in labour.

They passed on a rope part to cross the river to get to the expectant mother’s shelter. Quickly, Edong helped the woman in labour. Witnessing Edong, Lena’s suspicion of him being Manuel further roused. However, Henry who was drawing with Ivan called Lena but to no avail. Edong gave the child to Lena and she carried her in amazement.


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