All of Me Episode 12

All of Me Episode 12

All of Me Episode 12 Lena and Edong bond after missing in the forest

At his father’s office, Ivan was doing his homework and Henry left to check on a patient. He mistakenly dropped a drink on Ivan’s sketch. Elsewhere, the boy whose mother delivered escorted Edong and Lena, he thanked them for helping his mother. Lena told the boy to return home.

As they were crossing the river on the rope, Lena tripped and Edong asked her to hold his hand. Meanwhile, Henry received a call from a member who went for the medical mission to inform him that they could not find Lena anywhere. Henry asked about Edong, Lena’s driver and was told he could not be found either.

While helping Lena up he dropped his phone which was inside his pocket into the river. The rope became weak as they struggled to walk faster to land before it torn. Lena asked a question and the answer of Edong made her remember Manuel. She ran off when it began raining. Edong ran after her but she tripped off and fell. Quickly, Edong torn his shirt to dress the wound.

Meanwhile, Henry told the family about his wife and Edong missing during the medical mission. Princess was so worried, Ivan told Benbeng that he wanted to see his mother. Henry rushed to change himself and dressed his hand sore and left.

The family went to church to pray. Ivan prayed to God that he should protect his mother and Edong so that nothing would happen to them. He said God should help his father to find Lena and Edong.

In the forest, it rained heavily, since they were lost and Lena was running a fever, Edong took off his Jacket for Lena to wear while on his lap. After the rain, he carried her and walked through the forest, searching for a way to the road. He watched Lena while she was sleeping. He came across an abandoned hut and took a shelter in. He got some bedsheets and he used it to cover Lena up while he gave her a drink.

He set up a fire and heated water to massage her in order to reduce the feverishness. Lena, unaware her action called him Manuel. Henry arrived and together with the rescuers they searched for the two. He called Princess to inform her that he had reached and should assure Ivan that he would find his mom soon. Edong warmed Lena up with his body.

He stepped out to get some leaves to heat them. He did everything in order to take away her feverishness. He went out and as he was standing in the rain, Lena got there to plead with him to tell her the truth if he was Manuel since everything showed. When he was on her, he felt the touch of, Manuel. For days she has been suspecting that he was Manuel, he denied, saying he was Edong.

Lena did not believe him and he had no choice than to speak out the truth that he was Manuel. Suddenly, the voice of Salvacion re-echoed in his mind that he should not reveal his identity otherwise a person who was close to his heart would die.

In merriment for hearing Edong was Manuel, Lena hugged him and could not let go. The storms and the the thunder Strike so hard , suddenly, Lena fainted and he could not bring her back to life. As he was crying, he only woke up to realise it was a nightmare. Quickly, he checked whether Lena was alive or not and he heave a sigh of relief. He drew closer to k!$$ her. Meanwhile, Henry and the rescuers stumbled on a hut.

In the process of k!$$!ng Lena, Henry broke into the hut, to look at them in disappointment only for the couple who were in an intimate mood got distracted forcing them to stop their act. Henry felt embarrassed that he did not knock before entering. He said sorry to the couple and left the hut while Edong was still close to k!$$ing Lena.


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