All Of Me Episode 13

All Of Me Episode 13 Edong escapes, Lena and Bianca clash

As he was giving up in the search for his missing spouse and driver, Henry screamed out Lena’s name. Elsewhere, Ivan asked Nonoy about his father and mother and was told they were still not home yet but would be home soon. Princess prepared Ringgo’s lunch box and sent it to him.

Nonoy sent Ivan to school. In the forest, Edong left Lena to search for a food for them to eat. He got Apple and other fruits. As he was plucking the fruits, Lena woke up and began searching for him.

Ringgo went to school and his friend wanted them to go to Apple’s class but he refused since he did not want the principal to punish them again. Later, Apple came close to him with a letter and Ringgo melted like wax. He could not utter a word.

Henry and the rescuers, came across the lad whose mother delivered and the boy told them that Lena and Edong helped his mother to deliver during their medical mission. This gave Henry and rescuers hope to find them soon.

Lena came out of the hut and screamed out Edong’s name. Edong heard her voice so did Henry. He and the rescuers got there and he hugged his wife. Edong reached there to meet the couple k!$$ing which got him jealous.

Lena was sent to the hospital for medical examination. As she woke up she asked about her son and was sent to the school to see Ivan at the time when his teacher has called him to tell the class about an homework which he wrote on his hero. He said his parents were his hero. Lena got there and pronounced his name, quickly Ivan abandoned what he was reading to hug his mother.

Henry expressed his gratitude to Edong for saving his wife and taking care of her. Edong, still have a good memories of Lena while they were lost in the forest. Benbeng thanked Edong for protecting her daughter. Later, a man almost knocked Princess and Benbeng down with a motorcycle.

Princess and Benbeng were surprised to discover that the person was Nonoy. He delivered a good news to them which attracted a hug from Princess. At the hospital, Edong watched a doctor who was running a medical test of a patient and it reminded him of the time Lena became his doctor checking him as Manuel. The happy memories made him smiled as Lena appeared to talk to him.

Later, Edong had a dream of the time he spent with Lena in the forest. He suddenly woke up and looked disturbed. As haunted by memories of Lena, while they were lost in the forest, he found himself wanting to confess his secret to Lena despite knowing its consequences. Manuel decided to detach himself from Lena and her family. He wrote a letter and went to Ivan’s room to leave the letter there.

Ivan woke up in the morning to find the letter, and cried. Lena got there and Ivan told her that Edong has left. Lena comforted him and they went to the breakfast table to announce that Edong had left home. Henry was surprised to hear that but wondered where he could left to and why he left.

Edong returned to the Island where his and Lena’s l*ve story started. He later came across a certain man who had a heart attack and sent him to his hut to treat him. At the hospital in Manila, Bianca got there and saw Lena. She said she was looking for Henry and asked if she was at the right place. Lena said she was at the right place. Lena asked of her mission and she said Henry was her personal doctor and not only that, her l*ver too.

Lena sent her to Henry’s office, Henry came and was surprised to see her. Henry mentioned Bianca’s name in astonishment and Bianca told him that Lena was good and if she was a staff she needed an award for treating a guest right. Henry quickly stood by his wife’s side and introduced her to Bianca as his wife. Lena mentioned her name as Mrs Lena Nieves. Bianca later apologised to her for her earlier comment.


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