All Of Me Episode 14 

All Of Me Episode 14 Lena discovers her husband’s infidelity

Lena felt jealous about Bianca and she started showing extra l*ve. She tried to know what Henry thought about Bianca. Henry realised she was doing that due to the visit of Bianca at the hospital.

Edong ate with Mr Berto as the man narrated the actual thing that led to his heart attack. The man thanked him for taking care of him and curing him. He then left in the middle of the night. Ringgo practiced some dance moves to impress Apple for the dance competition show she encouraged him to partake in. Nonoy took him by surprised and he quickly stopped dancing.

Princess also got there and since she was demanding her husband’s presence, Nonoy carried her and he told Ringgo not to watch since he was just a boy. Lena and Henry had a special dinner which she spoon fed her husband all geared towards shifting his attention from other women.

As he said after gaining a job, he would seek for medical help to gain assistant for him and his wife to raise their own kids, Nonoy, the next day, went to the hospital with Princess to make his dreams come true. They bumped into Lena who was happy for princess for things going on the way they wanted.

Henry secretly received Bianca’s call and made arrangements to meet her later that evening since Bianca threatened him. At the Island, Edong was caught in his memories while cutting fire woods. He thought about his days with Lena at the Island. Henry met Bianca while making l*ve with her, Lena was also in the house trying to imitate Bianca by looking $e×y.

She wore an attractive night wear, sprayed herself and applied lipstick, waiting patiently for Henry. Later, Henry got home and when he saw Lena’s advances he smiled. The next day, Ringgo practiced his dance moves in school but it was terrible so Apple offered to teach him some better moves for Breeze dance competition.

Henry while teaching Ivan fighting skills, received a call from Bianca and he told Lena lies just to go out with Bianca. Unfortunately, Nonoy caught him and called Princess to tell her about it but Princess informed Lena and went to the location to catch Henry in the act with Bianca. Henry quickly wore his shirt but Lena left and Princess followed.

Princess told Nonoy after they arrived home that she never knew Henry could do that to Lena and hoped Nonoy was also not cheating on her. Benbeng and Princess comforted Lena. Meanwhile, Ivan showed Ringgo his new fighting skills. Henry rushed home and Ivan hugged him. He asked Nonoy about his wife and he rushed to the room to see her.

Princess and Benbeng excused themselves for Henry to talk to Lena. Henry pleaded with her, although she knew she had not been doing what Henry wanted but her heart was broken and said she could not contain Henry’s betrayal. Henry begged her yet she insisted on leaving for a while.

Lena left home in order to give herself a break for a while to mend her broken heart. She said bye to Ivan and the family. Meanwhile, at the Island, Edong was at Manuel’s grave. Soon, Lena crosses path with Edong on her way to visit Manuel’s grave.

Meanwhile, Bianca remains resolute in maintaining her ties with Henry.


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