All Of Me Episode 15

All Of Me Episode 15

All Of Me Episode 15 Lena, Edong draw closer to eachother, Bianca becomes a torn in Henry’s flesh after breakup threat

At the Island, Edong ate and went out of the hut only to bump into Lena. Lena scolded him for leaving without informing anyone or what Ivan could think. She went inside the hut, as she thought of her life Ivan sent her message that he was sad since he did not hear from her. Lena texted that she was fine and believed he was too.

Elsewhere, Henry could not concentrate while driving due to his problems with Lena. He made up his mind to end his relationship with Bianca to make things right in his marriage. He recalled the threat call from Bianca that changed his relationship with his wife while he drove to work.

Edong went to Manuel’s tomb thinking about means to leave without his wife. Consumed in his thoughts whether to reveal himself or not, Lena came and he quickly hid his ring inside his mouth. After Lena asked him to help her fix the hut, he took the ring from his mouth when she left.

Lena stood at the entrance after ignoring her husband’s call, she brooded over her pain as she missed Manuel. Edong arrived to inform her that he was ready to start the work. He went to buy woods and together with Lena they fixed the hut.

Later, Bianca went to see Henry at the hospital with a cake. Henry called it a quit but Bianca did not care if she would ruin his relationship with his wife to be the real woman in Henry’s life. So far as she was concerned it was not over with Henry.

“It is not over until I said it’s over,” Bianca threatened.

As Henry was not ready to accept the cake, she created a scene and Henry acted along, treating her as patient. As Bianca screamed, Henry asked her if he was okay and she said she was. She gave the cake to him and left.

In the house, Henry went to Ivan’s room to say goodnight and hugged him. Lena told Princess about meeting Edong while Edong replaced the mirror inside the frame which he earlier broke. He recalled the moment he and Lena were working on the hut as carpenters. He made a sketch of her while recalling the smiles on her face.

Henry and Nonoy went to the pool side to drink. He asked if Nonoy has spoken with Princess and he said during working times he did. Henry said he could not still believe Lena has gone, he felt sad by what was happening and shared a toast with Nonoy.

The next day, Lena went to the Island to find Edong still sleeping. She saw what Edong had drawn and pulled the sketch paper from under his hand to watch, that woke Edong up and Lena asked him to tell her where he got the inspiration from. Meanwhile, as Henry was sending Ivan to school, he met Bianca who had been waiting outside the house for him.

She asked him if that boy was his son, Ivan but Henry was not ready to include Ivan in his mess with Bianca. Bianca told Henry that there was no way she would cut off the chance as they were meant to be, adding that it was sad but true.

In school, the boys who picked the forms for the Breezy competition went for rehearsal. Apple saw that Ringgo could not do it well so she ordered for the music to be turned off while she went to teach Ringgo how to catwalk. She made the DJ turned on the music and Ringgo could still not get it. He even fell from the stage leading the witnesses of the rehearsal laughed at him.

Ivan queried Henry who Bianca was and he said she was his client. Later, Apple bumped into Ringgo and left with him when she put her hand around Ringgo’s neck, he became so happy. Bianca went to inflate the tyres of Henry. While at the Island Lena arrived with a ring-wood for Edong to use it to fence the hut.

She asked Edong to tell her more about her husband as she wanted to know her husband more. The two went for fish cutting, they prepared food and ate. Lena and Edong grew more closer to eachother while they spent more time at the Island. Henry after checking on some patients left but came to meet all of his car tyres inflated and he called the security guard to ask the person who did that to his car.

Later, Bianca arrived and presented herself as a good Samaritan to help Henry but Henry was not ready for her games as he knew she was the one behind the act. Bianca told him not to be rude as she genuinely wanted to help him. At the Island, Edong and Lena went grasscutter hunting and they cut wood together as Edong pranked Lena and carried her in his arms.

Bianca stepped up her game and sets her eyes on Ivan in using him to get what she wantef. At the Island, Lena prepared food for her and Edong. Ringgo was having his Breezy moves when Nonoy came from work to meet him. He taught Nonoy the Breezy moves and Benbeng came to meet them.

Henry sent Ivan to a restaurant to eat, when he left to the washroom, Bianca took the liberty to introduce herself to Ivan as Bianca and said she was his dad’s best friend. Ivan knew her as his father’s patient and she said Ivan was smart. She asked him where Henry was and Ivan said he went to the washroom. She took pictures with Ivan and called Henry but he failed to pick. Henry then saw Bianca’s message and he rushed to check on Ivan but Ivan was no where to be found.


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