All Of Me Episode 17

All Of Me Episode 17 Lena and Edong fight over Carding, Henry orders for Bianca to be k!lled

Henry came across Bianca at the car park of the hospital. Bianca as she was playing her cards right began to use threat and force to compel Henry to obey her orders, otherwise she would inform Lena about their marriage. Seeing an envelope which Bianca was using to threaten him, Henry strangled her till she fainted and took the envelope from her hand.

He carried her away, while in school Ringgo and his friend saw Apple and her friends at the cafeteria. Ringgo acted up to attract the attention of Apple while Apple’s friends laughed about his actions. At the hospital, Bianca was put on a stretcher since Henry told the nurses he found her in that condition. As they rushed her to the ward, he got to his office with an impression that he was going for his tool to treat her.

Henry went to his office to open the envelope to discover that Bianca had pulled a fast one on him. At San Francisco, Lena thought of Edong when she was writing in her diary and the memories kept signalling her that he was Manuel. Princess got there and they left.

At Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital, Bianca woke up to find Henry standing next to her and she intelligently pulled Henry’s phone from his pocket. She took Lena’s contact from Henry’s phone and had a plan to get back at Henry for what he did to her.

Lena realised that her phone was not with her and together with Princess they searched everywhere for the phone but could not find it. Unknown to Lena, the phone was with Edong at the Island. As Edong was going through the pictures on the phone a picture message popped up with a mind boggling caption “Who Is The Legal Wife?”. Edong could not understand why a woman would snap a picture with Ivan and sent it to Lena with such a caption.

Bianca left Henry’s phone on the bed at the ward and fled. As Henry was driving, he realised his phone was not inside his pocket and knew Bianca once again had pulled a fast one on him. He rushed back to the hospital for his phone

During breakfast in the city, Ivan who had been wanting to meet his mother said they had to present permission letter to his teacher. He ate and prepared for school with Henry assuring him of his commitment to ensure he sees his mother. In School, Apple trained Ringgo new dance moves to prepare him for the Breezy Dance. Ringgo caught the dancing fast and Apple gave him a hug for the perfect move.

Meanwhile, Henry met with his lawyer, Mike who had been studying Henry’s case with Bianca to give a legal solution to end Henry’s predicament. However, Bianca called Henry to inform him that she had already consulted a lawyer regarding their situation. She warned Henry not to underestimate her as she would not allow him to succeed at her expense without following her orders. Due to what Henry earlier did against her, she said she had informed the police about it should anything happened to her.

She threatened to file concubinage lawsuit against Henry since she was the first lady Henry married and also did not inform her when he got involved with Lena. Henry got upset about the multiple steps Bianca has taken against him. Lawyer Mike said they should meet Bianca’s lawyers for them to meet an amicable conclusion.

Edong kept watching the picture and wondered what Henry was up to with Lena. He tried to figure out the reason for the caption. Lena got there and once Edong set eyes on her, he panicked. He quickly hid the phone at his back and deleted the picture. Lena thought he was sick so he checked him. She asked whether she left her phone there and Edong handed the phone to her. At San Francisco, the call of Nonoy woke Princess up.

Bianca took her ring from a punch and wore it, saying it was a mistake marriage but they had fun as couple. In school, Ringgo’s friend was optimistic that Ringgo would win Mr Breezy 2015. Ringgo couldn’t agree with him less since the complement Apple gave motivated him. Bianca searched through her documents and found the marriage contract with Henry. She snapped it and sent it to Henry.

After Henry received that he rushed out of the ward to call Lena. Lena was walking with Edong when she received the call, she excused herself and asked Henry of his problem. Henry pleaded with her to give their relationship another shot but Lena was not ready. She left to inform Princess about it.

Meanwhile, Edong sensed there was a problem and tried to figure it out as he recalled his conversation with Henry, wondering if he had a wife. Henry cancelled all his appointments as he was up to something fishy against his wife, Bianca. Elsewhere Apple and Ringgo had fun time in school. Soon, Kristel had a bite of her father’s character as a robber snatched her bag and fled. Fortunately, Carding bumped into the robber and took his daughter’s bag for her.

That night, Edong kept thinking and decided to draw to get his mind away from things. Princess was fast asleep but Lena also wrote in her diary about all her daily activities. Lena got to the Island and did not find Edong in the hut. She stumbled on the police records of Carding among Edong’s things and rushed to the grave of Manuel to find Edong. An intense confrontation ensued which made her attack Edong but Edong said he was searching for the person to give justice for Manuel. Lena doubted as she felt that he was getting in between justice, leading Manuel to leave her presence while Lena shed tears.

Bebeng and her grandson had a chat, meanwhile, Nonoy came out to find Ringgo staring at the stars. Henry on the other hand recalled Bianca’s threat. Benbeng got there to try and make him know how to settle his problem with Lena by following her and Ivan to San Francisco. Due to how Lena kept pushing him away, he did not see it as right time to get together with his wife but hoped she would give him another chance. Kristel and her father had a moment together as they ate.

Fast forward, Bianca sneaked out of her house, shortly after Carding got there on his motor to spy around and left the place. Lena’s eagerness to know the truth pushed her to confront Edong about his connection with her late husband. In the confrontation that transpired, Edong k!$$ed Lena as he packed out.


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