All Of Me Episode 18

All Of Me Episode 18 Carding attempted to k!ll Bianca, Ringgo displays his talent at Mister Breezy Pageant 2015

Edong packed his things in his bag to leave the Island, however, Lena’s eagerness to know the truth about Edong pushed her to confront Edong about his connection with her late husband, Manuel.

She said their act, drawings, his favourite food and the manner they behaved were similar. In the confrontation that transpired, Edong k!$$ed Lena. This strengthened Lena’s suspicion that Manuel and Edong were one and the same as she felt Edong’s lips on hers.

Edong then raced out while Lena ran after him stopping him from his decision to leave while she cried out his name. She recalled the acts of Edong which made him similar to Manuel and her suspicion that he was the reincarnated Manuel. In her search, Princess got there and wondered why her sister kept mentioning Edong’s name compelling Lena to confess that Edong was at the Island all those while.

She said everything about him was similar to Manuel even they k!$$ed and the feeling was like k!$$ing Manuel. Lena confided in Princess the many things she learned about Edong, while also asking her sister to keep those a secret to Henry. They left the house and locked the gate in hopes of finding Edong to get to the bottom of his action.

Soon, Kristel got home and she accidentally stumbled upon a message that hints at a plot against Bianca. As her father woke up, she quickly pushed her father’s phone aside, pretending to setting the table for him to eat. As she finished serving the food she left in a hurry. Lena and Princess got to the Island and could not find Edong anywhere.

Elsewhere, Henry accepted Bebeng’s request to follow her and Ivan to San Francisco to be reunited with Lena. He drove the family as they embarked their journey to the province to see Lena. As they were leaving the hut, Lena found the wedding ring of Manuel on the floor inside the hut and she showed it to Princess. On their way, Lena pleaded with Princess not to reveal to anyone what they had discovered about Edong.

In the city, Ringgo kept on with his Breezy dance and he thought Nonoy how to dance while speaking with Apple on phone and confessing his l*ve to her, leaving Nonoy dumbfounded. The family arrived and Lena hugged her son. Ivan pushed his mother to settle her issue with Henry. Bebeng and Princess had a private talk and the former revealed to Princess that Bianca was not ready to back off from Henry, hence the reason she came to the place with Henry.

She said Bianca met Ivan in a restaurant to introduce herself to him. She knew Bianca wanted to takeover and wanted her to help her make Lena understand why she had to forgive her husband and start her life with him. Henry layed Ivan down and Lena thanked him for doing that. He used the moment to keep pleading with Lena for them to move on as married couple as he promised not to do anything that would hurt her again.

Meanwhile, Kristel arrived at Bianca’s house, she searched around. A moment later, Bianca arrived home. As her car got parked, Kristel tried talking to her and Bianca asked her where she knew her. Kristel admitted not knowing her but was there to talk her. Bianca insisted that she did not talk with strangers. However, Kristel revealed that her life was in danger as someone wanted her k!lled.

Henry did not understand why Lena was still giving him the cold shoulder, he decided to leave but Lena called him and hugged him. This built Henry’s hopes high as they agreed on going back to the city. Bianca ushered Kristel in and after finding the information relevant, she thanked Kristel and she saw Kristel out only to bump into Carding’s ally, Tonyo who was ready to sh00t them.

Tonyo told Carding about Kristel being a traitor as she has sold them out to Bianca. Ringgo sang and Nonoy added a beat to his song making him feel that Nonoy was making fun of him so he slept. Elsewhere, Carding confronted his daughter for ratting him out but Kristel was upset that her father was still doing evil things for survival and walked out on him.

In her room, Lena kept watching the ring and her mother appeared. Ringgo who mistakenly involved Sir Martin in his joke with Apple told Nonoy about his issue in school and Nonoy knew it was due to Apple and advised him to concentrate on his studies. Elsewhere, Henry and Bianca met in a restaurant and Bianca confronted Henry on contracting Carding to eliminate her. Bianca threatened Henry and left the restaurant.

Benbeng approached Lena to discuss about Henry and the need for Lena to give her marriage another shot. As they were speaking, Lena received a text from Bianca which prompted her to meet her rival. Bebeng asked Lena of her problem as she wanted her to sort things out with Henry.

Believing that Henry wanted her dead, Bianca revealed to Lena that her marriage with Henry was void, showing her marriage certificate as a proof. Lena slapped her multiple times for telling her lies and being after Henry. Bianca told her she was the one Henry got married to and took the contract again to make Lena read it herself. She said that was the reason Henry wanted her dead. Due to Lena’s action, Bianca threw her out.

Lena sent the contract home and she confronted Henry. Their exchanged of words attracted the attention of Bebeng who confronted both for making Ivan get to know about their problems. Lena has already packed her things to leave the house. Henry descended down to find Ivan crying. He assured Ivan that everything would soon be fixed and left to get himself drunk.

Lena sat at the pool side to think about her life. Bebeng joined her to advise her, Lena believed Henry and Edong have told them lies while Henry was screaming out Lena’s name. He believed it was Manuel who was in the heart of Lena that was why she was being so cold to I’m and he kept drinking. The family prepared to support Ringgo in his pageant.

After he left the house due to his secret, Henry kept going to work. At the hospital, Henry operated on someone’s and came out to inform the relative of the patient that the operation was successful. Bianca arrived home and was being spied on by Tonyo who called Carding to inform him that their target was already in. He barged in disguise as a delivery boy.

Bianca found herself in grave danger, when Carding intruded her house and attempted to k!ll her. He strangled and pressed on Bianca’s neck. While Bianca gathered all her strength and courage to fight off her attacker, Lena started moving on from her painful memories about Henry by deciding to look for a new house.

Meanwhile, Princess, Nonoy and Bebeng showed their support for Ringgo during the Mister Breezy Pageant 2015. The participants displayed their talents as Ringgo danced, Apple took delight that she was the person who trained him for the talent he was displaying to the crowd. Bianca spotted Tonyo on her way out and hid. When she had the chance she ran off and told a driver that he should rush her to the police station.


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