All of Me Episode 19

All of Me Episode 19 Ringgo wins Mister Breezy Pageant, Lena ends her relationship with Henry after discovering Edong is Manuel

Henry is compelled to leave home but kept going to work. He operated on a patient and came out to inform the relative of the patient that the operation was successful. Bianca arrived home and was being spied on by Tonyo who called Carding to inform him that their target was already in. He barged in disguise as a delivery boy.

Bianca found herself in grave danger, when Carding intruded her house and attempted to k!ll her. She spotted Carding early and kicked the g*n out of his hand. She tried looking for a weapon to defend herself with but Carding pounced on her. She He strangled and pressed on Bianca’s neck. While Bianca gathered all her strength and courage to fight off her attacker, Lena started moving on from her painful memories about Henry by deciding to look for a new house.

Meanwhile, Princess, Nonoy and Bebeng showed their support for Ringgo during the Mister Breezy Pageant 2015. The participants displayed their talents as Ringgo danced, Apple took delight that she was the person who trained him for the talent he was displaying to the crowd. Bianca spotted Tonyo on her way out and hid. When she had the chance she ran off and told a driver that he should rush her to the police station.

As Ringgo was performing on stage, his performance was greeted with some technical challenges so his friends had to support him to give him morale to perform without professional sound. After the question and answer session Ringgo was emerged the winner of the 2015 Mister Breezy Pageant.

His family and friends celebrated with him, Apple and Obet were overly happy for Ringgo and went on stage to celebrate with him after he took his plaque. In the house, Lena was sad by event, she watched Ivan while she took off her marriage ring from her hand into a box. Meanwhile, Bebeng and Princess were bothered by what Lena was going through after her husband’s death and her issue with her current husband, Henry.

Back in the room, Lena tried sleeping but she dreamt about Manuel and Edong and their similar actions. She woke up and took the box to read the chit that Madame Estrella gave to her and realised Manuel was Edong. She cried all night as she has realised that Ivan’s father was alive.

The next day in school, Ringgo met Jenny who gave him her contact for him to get in touch for a commercial. Ringgo broke the good news to Apple and she was happy for him. As she prepared Ivan for school, Lena gave the chit to Princess and was surprised that Manuel has reincarnated. In School, Ringgo surprised Apple with cup cakes. They were having a quite time together when Sir Martin interfered and dragged Ringgo away, leaving Apple and Obet puzzled.

With the help of Kristel, Bianca found a new place to stay and hide from Carding, however Carding made calls to find out if Tonyo knew the whereabouts of their target. Henry on the other hand stormed Bianca’s apartment but met her absence. Lena and Princess went to see Madame Estrella to inform her that her suspicions about Edong was right, per the envelope Madame Estrella gave, she was able to confirm it. She was now seeking Madame Estrella’s ideas for her next step of action.

After they left, Princess began to experience sharp pains. They went home to find Henry, bringing lots of things for Ivan. Lena told everyone to excuse him and Henry. She had a talk with Henry concerning their situation and Henry begged her, showing her a new ring he was proposing with but Lena clearly said it was over between them. Henry forced himself on her which compelled Lena to slap him and he left in rage.


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