All Of Me Episode 20

All Of Me Episode 20 Manuel breaks Salvacion’s rule, who will he sacrifice: Lena or Ivan?

At the time scheduled for them to visit the Island to get Manuel’s remains exhumed, Princess began to throw up. Bebeng saw that as a sign of pregnancy and asked her to go to the health centre for a check up. Princess was rather interested in following Lena the next day to the Island.

Bebeng wondered where the two would go and Lena told her about her plans. The next day at the Island, Lena had her husband’s remains exhumed. She then went to the city to have the DNA test on the exhumed body, while she waited at the church of the health facility, Ringgo in disguise sneaked to be by Apple’s side in school.

Apple wondered why he was in disguise and he explained that he did that due to Sir Martin. In a car heading out, Bianca received a call from Henry who was willing to pay any amount to get his marriage with Bianca annulled. Bianca accepted to take huge sum of money but would meet Henry under her terms.

In school, Ringgo spotted Sir Martin and he fled. Sir Martin asked Apple of Ringo and she pretended not to have seen him. Bianca and Henry met with their respective lawyers to sign an agreement to nullify their marriage. Elsewhere, Princess showed her test result to Nonoy and he held her close to her.

The DNA test result made Lena discovered that the body buried in the grave was not Manuel and she cried for being deceived. Lawyer Mike told Henry that he received information on his petition for annulment and it would be soon processed. Later, Henry received his annulment petition and in happiness he rushed to see Lena with a bouquet and a ring.

Lena turned him down as nothing would make him accept him back. She confronted him about the dead body they claimed was that of Manuel. Henry denied knowing anything about it. Carding recalled how Kristel frowned upon his job and warned to make him stop that dirty work. Carding made it a point to search for Edong and told Tonyo about it.

As Lena and Princess left in a car to Boys Town, Henry was with Ivan explaining things to him and promised to take him out for them to bond. Lena got documents about her late husband. Kristel received a call from Carding and she assured she was fine. Carding’s bid of finding clues about Edong made him bumped into a man who looked to him like Manuel. He surprisingly starred. Carding ran after him but could not find where the person passed. Tonyo was however, wondering what was going on with his friend.

Henry’s persistent paid off as Bebeng permitted him to take Ivan out for father-and-son bonding. However, Henry kept long with Ivan getting the family worried. Henry made a call concerning a traveling plan. Lena compared the DNA of Edward Basa documents to that of Manuel.

She got home to find the family tensed so she called Henry to know why they had kept long and spoke with Ivan as well. Bebeng said sorry to Lena for not seeking her permission first before allowing Ivan to go out with his father. The next day, Ringgo while talking to Apple bumped into Sir Martin and he called him into his office.

Henry brought Ivan home and Lena was upset with him for his action, for staying out the previous day with her son and Henry said Ivan was also his son, Henry then said sorry and left. Ringgo discovered that his dancing performance has gone viral on social media. Apple showed it to him and they went to the school library to watch it on the computer.

In the house, Ivan discovered that her mother was making room reservation to pack out from Henry’s house. Ivan cried as Lena tried explaining things to him. Ringgo started to demonstrate what stars do while walking in public after realising one of his dancing performances has gone viral much to the dismay of Nonoy.

The family watched the viral video and Ivan requested for Ringgo’s autograph. Benbeng and Princess gathered their things while Lena also packed all her things. She watched the pictures of Manuel and thought about him. Meanwhile, Edong was racing in a forest at the Island. He woke up at the Island to find himself in his old body as Manuel. He wondered what was happening.

Behold one of the biggest trees metamorphosed into a fairy with butterflies flying all over. Manuel who was still on the ground wondering what was going on was shocked to see the fairy. Salvacion approached while Manuel stood up questioning her on why he was now in his old body. Salvacion stated that he violated the rules. Manuel wondered how possible it was since he had not revealed his identity to anyone.

He was reminded about the k!$$ he gave Lena which has made Lena realised that he was Manuel. He was now compelled to choose between the l*ved one they would sacrifice whether Ivan or Lena. In a revelation, he saw Lena and Ivan in the city, Lena went for Ivan from school and as they were standing at the pavement waiting for their car, someone called Lena and she left Ivan there.

However, a driver lost control of his wheel, Ivan toy fell on the street and he descended down the pavement, bent to pick up his toy. The car at the other side coming with a top speed while a goon has also held Lena at a gun point, leaving Manuel in despair with Salvacion’s eyes consumed with fury, waiting for who to crush and who to shoot.


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