All Of Me Episode 21

All Of Me Episode 21 Manuel returns to the Island while Lena finds more hidden truth about Edong

Manuel told Salvacion that he did what he did out of L*ve and since she also fell for Dr Vincente she would understand him. Salvacion had pity on him since Manuel incident reminded her of her experience with Dr Vincente.

She said Manuel’s life was far spent and charmed a new necklace which replaced the necklace that Dr Vincente gave to him. Manuel was then allowed to go to his world to protect his wife Lena.

At the Island, Manuel raced in the forest to discover a new charm necklace around his neck. Lena on the other hand prepared Ivan for school. She went with him since the school was holding a programme dubbed Parent’s Day. Princess told Bebeng how Lena was now confused since the body in the tomb did not match Manuel’s DNA making everyone wondering where Manuel could be if only he was dead.

Henry got home and met his servant cleaning up, he told her that he was leaving for parents Day programme in Ivan’s school, certain that Lena was there already. Ivan in the car while going to school was enthused by the cloud formation.

The event started in the Catholic school where the pupils were called, Henry got there as Ivan was happy to find his parents United, Lena was not happy with the presence of Henry and she continued to give him the cold shoulder.

The manner which Princess was having cravings for certain things made Bebeng believe she was pregnant but she told Bebeng that during her recent check up the doctor said she was not pregnant. Bebeng doubted but queried her on why Lena went to Boystown and she revealed that Lena went to Boystown to find Manuel’s records and there were many things which were strange with it.

Henry met with Bianca to sign a cheque for her as part of the bargain. Bianca found it sad that she and Henry’s relationship had to come to an end while they were once a couple who would be described to as sweet but too bad that they could not be with the one that they l*ved. At the Island, Manuel found the letter which Lena wrote for Edong to find answers to her questions about his identity whether he was the same as Manuel.

Elsewhere, Lena looked forward to uncovering more about Manuel’s disappearance as she started a new life away from Henry. Ringgo tried to live a life of a star and met Apple. The two left to the cafeteria. Soon, Manuel replied Lena’s letter as Edong and prepared himself to leave. Mr Roberto brought a sick person into the hut in hopes of finding Edong but met Dr Manuel instead. Manuel ushered them in and helped to treat the patient.

Manuel could not leave to find Lena due to the emergency. In the city, Lena was certain that Edong is the same as Manuel. Princess was dumbfounded, Lena made a call to Boystown to find out more about Edward Basa but there was no traces of such person in Boystown. As Lena was confirming the records about Edong, Henry was left devastated, drinking at the pool side of his house.

In the boat, Berto kept asking Doctor Manuel about Edong. Henry discovered that Lena was searching for records about Edward Basa. The man helping Lena went to inform her that there was no record of Edong in Boystown.

The patient and Roberto were grateful to Manuel for saving the patient’s life. As Lena saw the man off, Henry queried her on why she was making enquiries about Edong and asked whether it was linked to the DNA test she performed on the body buried as Manuel but Lena did not give him a definite answer. She believed Henry was keeping something instead.


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