All Of Me Episode 22

All Of Me Episode 22 Lena discovers Edong is a person who died in an accident

Lena after her meeting with the man who was investigating and searching for records of Edward Basa in Boystown told her there was no one bearing that name in Boystown. She saw him off and bumped into Henry who had been eavesdropping when Lena was seeing the man off. Henry asked Lena about the relevance of that investigation she was doing on Edong.

Lena told Henry that she wanted to know the exact thing that happened to Manuel. Henry asked whether her investigation was in connection with the body which turned out not to be Manuel. Lena admitted and said she would find answers. Seeing Henry’s expression, Lena believed he was not happy whenever she made mention of investigation on Manuel’s death.

As Lena left him, Henry looked too frustrated and bumped into a nurse at a ward while going to check on a patient. Princess and Nonoy arrived home and Lena called her to give her update on Edong. Lena then searched online about Edward Basa only to discover that Edong was a person who had a motor accident. This shocked Lena to the core for her to believe they had lived with reincarnated person.

Lena believed Manuel was dwelling in the body of Edong. In school, Obert arrived with Apple to see Ringgo. He excused Ringgo for him to have a special learning time with Apple. Elsewhere, Lena managed to find the relative of Edong. The woman wept bitterly recounting how Edong encountered his untimely death through the motor accident. Lena looked so scared discovering all those facts about Edong.

The woman gave Lena a photo album of Edong. Lena went through the gallery and discovered that the Edong she knew was different from the Edong in the pictures. She then had the courage to calm the nerves of the woman. Carding was roaming within the area. He bought an ice cold drink, as he was sipping, Lena who was coming from Edong’s relative bumped into him and accused him of her husband’s disappearance.

Carding tried to act innocent but Lena kept on attacking him, unfortunately a motor knocked Lena down and Carding took the opportunity of the disruption created to flee. The motorcycle rider said sorry to Lena and helped her up. Carding ran to Tonyo’s ghetto to inform him about what Doctor Manuel Figueras wife did to him. Carding who had been in dilemma after coming across a person who looked like Dr Manuel had to still leave with the guilt.

Bebeng rushed to inform Princess that Lena was involved in an accident and was rushed to the hospital, making them panic. Meanwhile, Henry stormed the ward of Lena and they got into a huge confrontation since Lena doubted Henry. She was sure Henry was hiding something as Henry scolded her for trying to find the mystery behind the death of her husband and the role of Carding in it.

Henry then tried to make Lena believe she did the wrong thing to confront Carding. He said for Lena’s own safety she had to stay away from issues like that. Elsewhere, Dr Manuel who had been roaming searching for Lena in finally arrived at his own house. He wondered the questions that Lena would ask him after seven years of being away from her.

Upon hesitation, he gathered courage to open his gate to barge in calling out Lena’s name. At Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital, Henry stormed his office and made a call while Benbeng who arrived with Princess bumped into Lena. Lena was rushing to inform the police about meeting Carding so they followed her.

Ringgo on the other hand, kept staring at Apple and when Apple almost caught him he pretended to have an upset stomach. Manuel searched inside for Lena while recalling Ivan. At the precinct, Lena filed a complaint but the officer wanted evidence which she did not have. She later left the place with Bebeng and Princess. Manuel searched everywhere and could not find Lena. He even slept while waiting, he later left the house. Lena arrived shortly just after Manuel left.

She was surprised to see the gate opened so she looked around and did not see anyone. She went inside to find the letter she left in the hut for Edong on Manuel’s bed together with a flower. She now believed Edong was around. Henry and Ivan fed the fishes in the pond used as decoration in Lena’s new house.

Henry asked Princess where Lena was and she said she went out and would be back shortly. As Henry was speaking with Bebeng to get a private investigator for the case since it could be dangerous for Lena, Princess received a call from Lena and due to Henry, she claimed it was Nonoy calling. She excused them and went to stand a private place to receive the call.

Lena told her that she saw a letter she for Edong at the Island on Manuel’s bed with a flower and believed Edong could be around. She did not know whether to contact Madame Estrella. Princess was shocked, unknown to Princess Henry was eavesdropping, she hang up and Henry made up an excuse. Lena then decided to search for Edong.


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