All Of Me Episode 23

All Of Me Episode 23 Manuel reunited with his estranged family, Henry plans to separate Manuel and Lena by using Ivan

Lena arrived at the Island and received a call from Princess who told her that Madame Estrella said the person they were searching for was at the Island. The family ate during dinner and Nonoy called Princess who told him she was on her way to the Island and would soon reach to be with Lena.

However, after discovering Edong had k!$$ed his estranged wife, Henry went to see Madame Estrella who read her cards to reveal hidden truth to Henry. Manuel arrived at Henry’s house and the servant told him that Lena was no longer staying in the place.

Later, Henry arrived home and the servant told him about the strange visitor which got him shivering. He then left in his car, racing after Lena. On his way, he recalled what Madame Estrella said and how Lena confronted him of conniving with the police to give her a false DNA result about the corpse buried in the name of Manuel while Henry was also a doctor.

Manuel bumped into a woman whose son had sustained a wound on his forehead and was desperately seeking for help. He went to check on the boy and carried him to convey him to Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital. There, the practitioners who knew him were stunned to see him after seven years of absence and returned unannounced.

A nurse who was shocked, secretly shot video of Dr Manuel while he was attending to the young patient and she spread the gossip. Lawrence overheard the rumour and told them to desist from spreading false information as Manuel was already dead. The nurse insisted that he was still alive and was in the facility. Since Lawrence was doubting, they showed him the video and he rushed to a private place to call Henry to inform him about the return of Manuel.

Elsewhere, Princess arrived at the Island and left her phone in the car. Lena left with a torch as she was still waiting for Princess. While she left her phone in the hut, holding her torch, Princess who took a boat arrived and she told Lena that Madame Estrella said Edong was still in the forest at the Island. Lawrence called Lena but she had left her phone behind. She and Princess hit the forest in their search for Edong.

As Princess was scared with the bad weather and wanted Lena and her to seek for shelter since it might rain soon, Lena was bent on finding Edong no matter what and pulled Princess along. At Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital, Lawrence stumbled upon Manuel, he called his name twice and the doctor turned to mention his name.

They hugged and Lawrence asked where he had been for that past seven years. He said they all thought he was dead. They bonded for a while to make up for the lost time and Manuel said he had scaled the entire city in search for Lena but could not find her. Lawrence volunteered to send him to Lena’s new place. Elsewhere, Henry was indifferent with the situation. He recalled how Manuel returned his proposal ring to him, saying Lena was not interested in him. He shivered that the return of Manuel would compromise his relationship with Lena.

Ringgo joined Nonoy outside and told the latter about his plans of being a model with the help of Apple. Nonoy received a call from the taxi driver and he told Nonoy that Princess left her phone inside his car. Nonoy gave him the address of the house to present the phone. After hanging up, he called Lena but the line did not go through.

Lawrence drove Manuel to the place where Lena resided but on the way, Lawrence received a call from Henry and told him that Manuel was with him, they were on their way to see Lena. He made Henry speak with Manuel. Henry pretended to be glad that Manuel had returned but deep inside he was hurting.

He wondered why Manuel had to return a time that he was doing everything possible to be reunited with Lena. He was down and never wished his boss ever returned. As Manuel told him they would talk later, Henry parked the car and cursed Manuel beneath his breath. Lawrence knocked at Lena’s gate and Nonoy together with Ringgo stepped out.

They were surprised to learn that it was Lawrence. Lawrence told them that someone was there to see them. Manuel stepped out of the car and both Nonoy and Ringgo looked dumbfounded. They finally braced their strength to mention his name. At the Island, Princess managed to convince Lena for them to turn back into the hut as it was scary in the forest with the constant cries of animals and amphibians.

They got to the hut and Princess realised her phone has gone missing. Lena gave her phone to Princess and she went to search for the driver of the cab for her phone. Meanwhile, Dr Manuel was sent into the house and Bebeng having a mixed feeling about Manuel’s return and asked what happened to him. She hugged him and the family joined in the reunion embrace. Ivan appeared and Manuel mentioned his name. The family wondered how he got to know Ivan’s name, Lawrence interjected that he was the person who mentioned his name to him.

Bebeng talked to Ivan to meet Manuel but the boy pulled back. Manuel asked about Lena and was told she was at the Island. The doctor raced to be with the l*ve of his life. Lena woke up from her sleep after she heard the presence of someone. She thought it was Princess.

Elsewhere, Henry called Ivan who was in school and the kid told him about Manuel. Henry had a perfect plan to ensure Manuel and Lena do not become a happy couple. However, Manuel reached the hut and Lena rushed out to search if it was Princess. Behold, she found her beloved and she was astonished. Slowly, she got closer to touch his face. She shed tears, believing she was dreaming. She pulled away as Manuel wanted to hold her.

She was in denial as she kept saying it was not real and the man standing infront of her was not Manuel.

“Knock knock,” Manuel recited to prompt her that he was her husband.

“Who is there?” Lena cried, “It’s me?

“You who? Lena replied, “The l*ve of your life.”

That made Lena realised it was real that her estranged husband was alive and he was the one before her. She wept and they hugged and intimately k!$$ed from outside to inside. They bonded and made l*ve throughout till they could not $e× eachother anymore to make up for their lost time.

Bebeng called Lena and Princess received the call and said the phone was with her since her phone got missing but she was tired and slept. Bebeng told her that Dr Manuel has appeared and was at the Island. Princess asked if Henry was aware, Bebeng said she should be at the Island to check what was going on.

After the intimate encounter, Lena woke up to find Manuel not by her side. Manuel was outside thinking about the choice he made when he faced the verdict of Salvacion. He told the fairy that he did not want his wife or Ivan to die all that he wanted was a second chance to live again to be reunited with his estranged family.

He touched the necklace which Salvacion gave him. Lena came out and asked him not to do that as he always disappeared. Manuel laughed and she got upset and even slapped him in the process. She ran and Manuel ran after her.

Manuel said sorry to her and Lena asked him to tell her what happened that he disappeared. Manuel indicated that Carding shot him when he was making a sketch of her. He fell from a cliff and a lady by name Salvacion saved him. Lena wanted to meet the lady and he said a time would come for them to meet her.


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