All Of Me Episode 24

All Of Me Episode 24 Doctors of Rosita Hospital plan a surprise party to officially announce Dr Manuel’s return, Lena fears Manuel will disappear again

Princess was carrying out Bebeng’s orders to be at the Island when she bumped into Nonoy. Nonoy returned to her the phone she left in the taxi and told her that the taxi driver returned it. At Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital, the nurses were gossiping about the return of Manuel when Henry disrupted them, asking of Dr Lawrence.

At the Island, Lena cooked and served Manuel, as they were about to eat, Manuel recalled the k!$$es Lena gave to Henry and asked her about what happened between her and Henry. Lena rushed out and Manuel followed her to demand answers. Lena said she has ended her relationship with Henry. She explained that she thought he was dead and was pregnant when Henry availed himself to be the father of Ivan.

Right now, Ivan also thought his father was Henry, both agreed not to reveal the paternity of the kid to him. They hugged. At the hospital, the doctors made arrangements to throw a welcome party for Dr Manuel to officially announce his come back to the hospital. As Dr Raul was late, the doctors were thinking of making Dr Manuel occupy that position again. Lawrence believed Manuel at the moment would l*ve to bond with the family.

Instead of going to the Island, Princess postponed it due to her husband’s visit. They made l*ve and after it, Princess prepared food and spoonfed Nonoy. At the hospital, they made some renovations and decorated the place, erecting a picture of Manuel Figueras. Henry had to play along while he was hurting within with the return of Manuel.

Lena and Manuel went to the tomb erected for Manuel to inform him how she mourned him for the past seven years only to discover that the body was not that of his. She did not know the reason the police gave her a false DNA result. They set a bonfire during the night and sat by it as they talked about everything to catch up.

Lena confessed that all those while she and Princess believed Edong was reincarnated. They believed Manuel’s spirit was in Edong’s body so she was seeking for answers and asked Manuel if he was Edong. She asked him his relations with Edong as she recalled the time that she nurse him at the hospital and his manners which made him think they were the same.

Manuel denied having relations with him and gave Lena the letter Edong wrote for her and excused her. Lena after reading the letter place it inside the fire for it to burn. Henry overheard Lawrence and Greg talking about Manuel and he decided to pass through their middle, making his colleagues shocked.

As they were eating, what Ringgo said made Ivan queried Bebeng whether his mother was together with Manuel. Bebeng tried to calm the nerves of the boy since she knew the boy was not ready for Henry and Lena go their separate ways. At the Island, Lena and her husband still enjoyed their moment together. They made the most out of their reunion while Henry drunk his frustrations away.

Soon, a bang came on his door and it was a service of a man’s escort. They made l*ve, along the Lena he viewed the lady as Lena and the Lady reminded him that she was not Lena. Henry hesitated, pulled back, thinking Henry had changed his mind, he surprisingly took off his shirt and violently hit on the lady.

At the Island, Manuel brought a cloth to cover Lena as they sat at the bonfire. Manuel and Lena had their time together, as Lena expressed how happy she was being by his side. He leaned on Manuel.

The lady tried resisting but Henry forced himself on her and satisfied his intimate desires. After which, he asked the lady why she was crying while she allowed herself for that, knowing he would pay her. He took his wallet threw money on the lady and left while the slut was crying.

Being identified as the suspect behind Manuel’s supposed death, Carding engaged a new k!ller for the job. The assassin appeared and Carding gave him orders on what to do. Ivan woke up to ask about the day his mother would return. Bebeng said Lena shall return soon. Ivan seemed not happy with things going on. Lena also woke up and did not see Manuel next to her.

She was so scared and quickly rushed out searching for him. She saw Manuel sitting outside and he helped her down, telling her he was waiting for her to wake up. He sent her to the surprise breakfast he has set for them and Lena began eating, being so happy by his side. They later, went to pluck fruits, they played in the forest with Manuel pranking his young wife, just to carry her in his arms.

Lena posed and Manuel sketched her. To Lena, Manuel was the one who made her feel happy in life and always prayed that he would be by her side as she and Princess had been trying to find all the hidden secret about him from Madame Estrella. Later, Manuel wet for Carding’s police records in his trunk and when he heard Lena approaching, he quickly hid it.

He told Lena about his eagerness to be reunited with his son Ivan. Lena has also missed the boy. However, Henry recalled when Manuel demoted him of his post and he was so much enraged about the doctor’s return and the possible changes it would bring to him. He was extremely moody.

As he was brooding over the messed life he would get, Lawrence came in and Henry asked him the time Manuel would return but Lawrence said he did not know. He also confirmed from him that Manuel was currently with Lena.

Henry said he knew now they all wanted him out of the hospital, however, Lawrence said that was not the case. He shook hands with Lawrence to thank him. Looking as if he was happy, but gave an evil eye once Lawrence left his office. Manuel went to his grave, feeling so sad he turned back to check on Lena and he took the necklace to check how his life was far spent on earth.

As Bebeng was preparing Ivan for school, Henry who cancelled all his day’s appointment came to see the young boy and asked Bebeng if Lena was with Manuel. Bebeng confirmed it and Henry drove her, Ivan and Ringgo to school. Henry told Bebeng the surprise party they were preparing to celebrate the return of Manuel. Princess and Nonoy arrived at the Island, Lena ran to welcome them. Manuel appeared and Princess was happy to meet him.

As the two sisters talked inside, Manuel and Nonoy were also strolling outside. Henry watched the family picture of him, Lena and Ivan and made a call. In the city, Bebeng led Ringgo and Ivan in preparing for the couple’s return as Manuel and Lena prepared to return to the city.


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