All Of Me Episode 25

All Of Me Episode 25 Manuel broods over his small life’s span, Kristel discovers the dirty secret of Henry as she joins hand with Manuel

At the Island, Nonoy told Manuel that Lena became upset with Henry after she discovered that the corpse buried was not Manuel’s body. Lena, he said, concluded that Henry had a hand in the falsification of the DNA test result. He also said Henry threatened to k!ll the person who revealed to Lena about his affair with his first wife Bianca.

Dr Manuel promised to keep it as secret. In the city, Henry looked through the pictures on his phone and had a plan. He sent it to Ivan with a caption “Happy Family.” Ivan was so happy to see that. Henry wanted to manipulate Ivan to destroy the relationship of Lena and Manuel.

Bebeng was standing outside with Ringgo to check if Manuel and her daughter were coming. Since there was no clue, she decided to go in to set the table and make it ready for them. Ringgo had an opportune time to speak with Apple on phone. He asked her of the date for the exams. As they were speaking, he spotted Manuel’s car arriving.

He ran into the house to find out that Bebeng had already set the table. Nonoy, Princess, Lena and Manuel came out of the car to get inside only to receive a surprise from the family to welcome Manuel. Manuel tried to get close to Ivan but the poor kid was pulling back since he did not want anything to come in between him and his father, Henry. He was not happy that Dr Manuel had to live with them, he only wanted Henry, aside that he also believed Manuel was a ghost.

Princess said she was getting hungry and the family ate. Later, Ivan was drawing and Manuel joined him. The kid got startled by Manuel’s presence and was scared. Manuel introduced himself again and told him not to get scared, he was not a ghost. They shook hands and Manuel complemented his sketch. Ivan indicated that everyone including, Nonoy, Ringgo, Edong and Lena had said he drew nicely.

He showed Manuel the sketch Edong made of him. Manuel told him that Edong was a good friend of his who they met in Boystown. At his office, Henry was missing Ivan and he took the drawing Ivan made of him, saying he did that for a school homework which they made him draw his hero and Henry was his hero.

Bebeng asked Lena if she would tell Ivan the truth about his biological father. Lena said he and Manuel had agreed to keep it from the boy for the time being. Manuel was still brooding over his days left on earth. He was standing outside, looking at his necklace and watching the skies. His happiness and reunion with his family is short lived. He did not know what to do.

Ivan got there and asked if he was looking at the shooting star. Manuel quickly hid his necklace. He admitted looking at the shooting star. The boy told him to make a wish as Edong said whenever one see a shooting star the person had to make a wish. Ivan made his wish and Manuel also wished to forever be with them. Lena arrived to call order to go and sleep as it was late.

When Ivan left, Lena joined Manuel. Meanwhile, Henry while driving kept drinking his frustrations away with the presence of his former boss. He was still scheming on how to hurt his boss the most in order for him not to mess up his life with his return. Lena tried to put Ivan to bed but the boy kept asking about Henry and Lena tried to explain things to him, concerning Henry and her. She made it clear that she and Henry can’t be together at the moment.

Ringgo send Nonoy to see what he and Apple had been working on, concerning him becoming a model and watching it from the laptop. Manuel got there and Ringgo told him about what they were doing and his plans. Manuel supported him. Princess massaged Bebeng and she was scared that Henry would use his closeness with Ivan to spy on them and also make things bitter for them.

Henry arrived at the gate while Lena was putting Ivan to sleep. Manuel went to Henry’s room to express his sadness that he could not stay longer with them for him to see the best of kid but he was doing that for his family’s own safety. He also went to see Lena who was fast asleep to say sorry that his time was almost up as he was counting his days on earth but hoped someday his wife would understand that he tried all that he could to be reunited with her.

The next day, Manuel while going on jogging bumped into Carding. The rascal was so dumbfounded to see Manuel, he later fled. Manuel rushed inside to inform Lena about it. Ivan appeared and greeted them. Lena told him that they could report Carding to the police and also tighten their security.

Carding got to his ghetto, consumed with fear and guilt. He thought of the day he threatened Manuel at the police station and also how he shot him for him to fall off from a cliff. As he was driving cr@zy by his fear of being haunted by a ghost, his boss whose face was not revealed but was wearing a trousers like Henry’s own appeared to him.

Elsewhere, Manuel sneaked into the room to use Lena’s phone to send Kristel a message after he received a reply from Kristel. He deleted the message from the phone and quickly left before being seen.

Tonyo’s brother, arrived and Carding initiated the plot which his unknown boss came to give the orders, the criminals left to carry out their work. Princess was sweeping, when she heard a knock on the gate, she took a weapon as she opened the door she almost hit her husband with it. Nonoy asked her why she did that. She explained that Manuel saw Carding around so they were on high alert.

As everyone was asleep, Manuel sneaked out. He drove at the middle of the night in hopes of seeing Kristel to tell him about the hired k!ller’s whereabouts. At Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital, Greg saw Henry attending to the patients and enquired from him if he knew when Manuel would return. Henry believed pretty soon. He asked a favour from Greg, when the colleague left, Henry turned cold and bitter as he was having a vile plan.

Elsewhere, Kristel began a research on Henry Mendoza Nieves to find out that he was a doctor at Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital. She recalled Bianca asking her whether Henry was behind her death plot. Kristel heard from Henry during an interview which he mentioned Manuel’s name so Kristel also researched about Dr Manuel Figueras. Manuel knocked on the door of Kristel, Kristel closed her laptop, went to open the door and was shocked to see Dr Manuel.

She mentioned his name in astonishment and almost locked the door on Manuel. Manuel quickly held Kristel and he pleaded with her not to make any noise. He begged Kristel to tell him where her father was as his family’s lives were in danger. Kristel promised to help him. She saw him off when he received a call from Henry who was actually calling Lena.

Henry was upset to hear it was rather Manuel, upon hesitation, he pretended to be happy to hear his voice. He told Manuel that they were planning a surprise party for him at the hospital so he should return early. Just after Manuel left, Carding whose calls to Kristel were not attended to arrived with Tonyo’s brother in a taxi to confront Kristel.

Kristel made excuse that she left her phone inside while standing outside. Meanwhile, Lena who had woken up and Ivan followed her served Ivan with a food. After eating in the middle of the night, Lena cleared the table. Manuel got in and heard Lena was putting things inside the fridge. He quickly ran to his room before being seen.

The next day, he was looking at Carding’s criminal profile when Ringgo knocked on his door to get in. He told him about the installers who were around. Manuel tightened the security of his house. The installers installed CCTV. The family ate their breakfast and Manuel informed the family about the planned party the hospital would throw for him.

Later, Ivan wanted Lena to get close to Henry but Lena refused the boy got upset when Lena tried to make him understand things. Ivan could not sleep. Elsewhere, Carding was join the pieces together, seeing Manuel alive but his wife once attacked him, saying he had k!lled her husband.


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