All Of Me Episode 26

All Of Me Episode 26 A Welcome party is held for Dr Manuel, Henry succeeds in inciting Ivan against his biological parent

The next day, Dr Manuel was looking at Carding’s criminal profile when Ringgo knocked on his door to get in. He told him about the installers who were around. Manuel tightened the security of his house. The installers installed CCTV. The family ate their breakfast and Manuel informed the family about the planned party the hospital would throw for him.

Later, Ivan wanted Lena to get close to Henry but Lena refused. The boy got upset when Lena tried to make him understand things. Ivan could not sleep. Elsewhere, Carding joined the pieces together, seeing Manuel alive but his wife once attacked him, saying he had k!lled her husband.

Kristel came to inform him that the next day she would go to Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital for a check up. Princess said although there was CCTV camera all over but she expressed her hunch that it was Henry that they should watch out for, she believed Henry was up to no good.

Meanwhile, Henry was watching Lena’s picture. He recalled how Lena scolded him. He was not ready to concede defeat for Manuel to enjoy Lena. He was ready to go to any length to make Lena his. He called Ivan, the boy was even asleep but he stood to receive the call. He told him that he has missed him and wanted to check on him.

Manuel found it hard to even sleep due to his numbered days. He stood out at the middle of the night thinking. Lena’s presence took his thoughts away as his wife leaned on his shoulder.

As the hospital made a set up for the day’s Welcome party for Dr Manuel, the family also dressed up for the event. Nonoy queried Princess on the reason he and Ringgo had to wear the same shirt. He ordered Ringgo to go and change the shirt as that would confuse his wife. However, Princess said both looked good together.

Kristel called her father and later she made her entry at Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital, where she discovered the Welcome party of Dr Manuel Figueras. She also had the opportunity to see Henry after Dr Greg mentioned his name. Henry almost had a talk with Kristel but he was called.

The family arrived, and Dr Manuel Figueras was given a standing novation. Henry on the other hand hid himself somewhere at the event and watched the complete family with envy. Greg gave a welcome address to announce the presence of Dr Manuel after seven years of his hiatus leave from the profession. He introduced the Founder of the Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital, Dr Manuel to address the gathering.

After his speech, Henry availed himself to give the medical wear of Dr Manuel to officially introduce him as a doctor before his enemy’s speech.

Dr Manuel thanked everyone for making time out of their busy schedule to grace the occasion. He admitted the seven years had not been easy for him but he thanked the doctors and management of the hospital for taking care of it and working towards the mission of serving the people, especially the less privileged by providing their health care needs. He expressed his profound gratitude to everyone especially his family for keeping the faith alive.

After his speech, Henry hugged Ivan and his actions pissed Princess off. She called out a relative to check out what Henry was doing, claiming she was sensing something fishy. Dr Manuel went out and he met with Henry. They had a private talk as Manuel queried him on his marriage to Lena. Henry felt sorry that things did not go as planned.

To him, all that he wanted was to help Lena since she was carrying a child. He wanted to be the father for Manuel’s child due to the assistance Manuel gave him. Later, Lena got there and Henry excused the couple. Lena alerted Manuel not to trust Henry, claiming Henry connived with the police to bring a falsified result of the person buried as Manuel. In the party, Ivan bumped into Kristel and the kid introduced the lady to Bebeng as Edong’s friend.

Kristel asked for Edong, Ivan indicated that Edong has left. Just as Kristel left, Henry appeared to hug the boy. Kristel began to monitor Henry to check what he was up to. Soon, the party was over. Dr Manuel drove his family home. Later in the house, Manuel checked his hourglass necklace to know his days on earth.

Dr Manuel received a text message from Kristel and he went to meet the lady at her house. Gaining the information he needed, Manuel sped off before Carding could talk to him. Carding could not catch up with Dr Manuel, he slapped Kristel for leaking information to the doctor as her actions could send him to prison. Kristel mustered courage to face her father to desist from hurting others, due to the dangers involved in the job.

He soon met with an investigator to discuss the issue with him to find the culprit at all cost. Fast forward, the family organised games and a get together to make merry and eat. One night, Ivan received a call from Henry who told him to meet him outside. Ringgo spotted the boy and he joined him, asking what he was doing outside all alone and he said Henry gave him the order.

Ringgo was with the boy when Henry came. Henry brought lots of toys for Ivan and he sent Ringgo to inform Manuel about his presence. Manuel sent Henry to the pool side since the latter told him he has an important discussion with him. Henry told Manuel that he wanted to send Ivan to Hong Kong.

Manuel disapproved it, in the room, Lena was not happy with the manner Henry kept spoiling her son with toys. Lena learnt from Ivan that Henry was planning to send him to Hong Kong. In fury, Lena stormed the pool side to interject that Ivan would not go to Hong Kong with Henry. She warned Henry not to incite her son against her, adding that Henry had no right to make decisions for her son.

The family overheard the misunderstanding and wondered what was happening. Meanwhile, Ivan got upset that Lena and Manuel did not allow him to travel with Henry to Hong Kong. As Lena pulled Ivan away from Henry, the boy was bitter and walked out on them. Princess had always suspected that Henry would use the closeness he had with the little boy to create a rift among the couple.

Lena was so worried about Ivan, Manuel, however, told her to give the boy sometime. The next day, Ivan began to distance himself from his biological parents. As Lena wanted to serve him on the breakfast table, Ivan preferred Ringgo to rather serve him. Manuel, later saw the boy drawing, he joined him but Ivan stood and walked out.

Manuel began to think that Henry intentionally did that to turn the boy against him.


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