All Of Me Episode 27

All Of Me Episode 27 Ivan flees from home, Henry abandons his duty to fight the Figueras over Ivan

Manuel and Henry went to the pool side since the latter told him he has an important discussion with him and Lena. Henry told Manuel that he wanted to send Ivan to Hong Kong for a summit.

Manuel disapproved it, in the room, Lena was not happy with the manner Henry kept spoiling her son with toys. Lena learnt from Ivan that Henry was planning to send him to Hong Kong. In fury, Lena stormed the pool side to interject that Ivan would not go to Hong Kong with Henry. She warned Henry not to incite her son against her, adding that Henry had no right to make decisions for her son.

The family overheard the misunderstanding and wondered what was happening. Meanwhile, Ivan got upset that Lena and Manuel did not allow him to travel with Henry to Hong Kong. As Lena pulled Ivan away from Henry, the boy was bitter and walked out on them. Princess had always suspected that Henry would use the closeness he had with the little boy to create a rift among the couple.

Lena was so worried about Ivan, Manuel however, told her to give the boy sometime to handle the situation. The next day, Ivan began to distance himself from his biological parents. As Lena wanted to serve him on the breakfast table, Ivan preferred Ringgo to rather serve him. Manuel, later saw the boy drawing, he joined him but Ivan stood and walked out.

Manuel began to think that Henry intentionally did that to turn the boy against him. As part of his project, Ringgo sent Dr Manuel to school and he delivered speech on how he became a doctor with the mentorship of Dr Vincente. He was asked questions by the students and he answered them.

He went for Ivan from school. The boy kept his grudge with his parent. Lena blamed herself for Ivan’s behaviour and said sorry to Manuel for haven’t told the boy the truth about Manuel being Ivan’s biological father. Ivan overheard the conversation, that Manuel was his father, not Henry. This was hard for him to digest.

He could not contain his emotions that the man he has believed for the past seven years to be his father was not. He cried, later, Bebeng went to the boy’s room and could not find him. She searched everywhere in the room but Ivan was not there. Bebeng stumbled on Ivan’s phone and was shocked to see the boy leaving a video message behind that he was running away from home.

She ran to show it to the family. While Lena spoke with the police, showing them footage of Ivan running from home, Nonoy, Ringgo and Manuel were also searching for the boy within the neighborhood. Ivan reached a point and it started raining, he searched for shelter and took off his snacks from his bag and ate.

He opened his bag and left it on the floor. A thief who saw the money inside the bag fled with the bag and Ivan ran after him. Just then that the boy left the place, Manuel also reached there. Bebeng was impatient, Princess gave her a cup of water to drink. Henry called Ivan and Princess answered the call.

Princess revealed to him that Ivan has fled from home. Henry abandoned his Doctors’ meeting and rushed to Philippines inorder to find Ivan. However, Manuel and Lena were at the precinct as all efforts in finding the boy proved futile. Ivan came across a drunkard and he asked him if he had seen someone holding a school bag. The man wanted to kidnap him so Ivan kicked him and fled from his hand.

Some men who were packing goods into a truck were near. They packed all the things into the truck and the driver paid the people who helped him in the packing. Lena at the police station bumped into the robber who stole Ivan’s bag. Lena saw the bag and she said the bag belonged to her son. She queried the boy on how her son’s bag was in his possession.

The boy confessed, together with the police Manuel and Lena went to the last seen of Ivan and could not find him. She cried as she recalled her good moments with her son, Manuel comforted her. Princess was so impatient as she has not heard anything about the missing Ivan. Nonoy got home and Princess was quick to ask an update about the missing boy. Nonoy had no news on him.

As she was pacing back and forth, a bang came on the door. She rushed to open for Lena and Manuel to come in. Lena said their search was futile, however, they found Ivan’s bag with a robber but Ivan could not be found. Lena layed down with the picture frame of Ivan. Manuel joined her and took the picture, Lena suddenly woke up mentioning Ivan’s name. She sobbed and her husband wiped off her tears.

He was hopeful that the boy would be found soon and be reunited with them. Princess could not also sleep. She cried all night for her missing nephew while Nonoy calmed her and assured that Ivan shall return soon.

The next morning, the truck which Ivan stowed away in it to escape from the kidnapper reached its destination. Ivan came out of the box that he hid inside only to find himself at the country side. He walked around while feeling so hungry. Bebeng while serving breakfast to Nonoy and Ringgo discovered that Ivan had still not been found.

She broke down into tears and Nonoy and Ringgo comforted her. Henry who abandoned the doctors’ summit to be in the country was in a cab when Greg called him to return from the summit with magazines and other medical documents. Henry said sorry to him, saying he rushed home for an emergency. Greg asked of the problem and Henry revealed that his son, Ivan had gone missing and wanted to search for the boy.

Ivan chanced upon some children who were having dancing practice and he drew close to watch as they rehearsed. He clapped for their outstanding dancing moves and a girl asked him who he was. They made fun of Ivan, the boy was already feeling dizzy so he fainted.

As the kids were wondering whether Ivan was dead or alive, Maria, a kind hearted woman arrived at the scene and quickly went to Ivan’s aid. As Princess was crying, Lena was also weeping inside her room. Bebeng got to her daughter’s room, to provide a shoulder for her to cry on. She told Lena that while she and  Manuel were at the police station, Henry called and Princess told Henry about Ivan being missing.

Soon, Henry arrived in Figueras mansion to fight the security for not allowing him to enter. Manuel who did not know whether to brood over his missing son or his days on earth heard the commotion and rushed out. Henry blamed Manuel and scolded him for negligence. He believed Manuel had not provided the best security for the boy.

Princess told Ringgo to inform Nonoy about the scene Henry was causing while she rushed to inform Lena. Lena stormed the scene to push Henry away from Manuel saying the boy is their son and what had happened was rather Henry’s fault.


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