All Of Me Episode 31

All Of Me Episode 31 Manuel gains evidence against Henry for embezzling the clinic’s funds, Henry lures Bianca in to his revenge against Manuel

Lena woked up and it was a dream. She could not understand such a dream and she made up her mind to search for answers. The next day, the family had a fun outing, however, they were followed by Marvin who Ringgo eventually bumped into him.

As Ivan finally accepted to be the son of Manuel and called him daddy, Manuel is overjoyed. Lena was also happy that her son has finally accepted his father into his life. The family shared a hug and Marvin secretly took pictures of them.

Ivan while leaving the resort with Manuel told him how Aya suffered to cater for the children. He was grateful to Manuel for all the support he received from him as a father as some children did not gain such privileged. He talked about Isa’s omen and shed tears. He said Aya made him realised the value of his father, hence the reason he has accepted him as a father.

The family returned home, Bebeng and Princess overheard Ivan calling Manuel daddy. They were extremely happy and asked Lena she told him to call Manuel that. Lena said she was surprised herself when she earlier heard Ivan calling Manuel daddy.

In the ghetto, Carding celebrated his birthday. Marvin wished him and Kristel arrived with a presence to surprise her father. They made merry. In the house, Manuel and Lena went to garden, feeling so happy as a united family. Ivan came to call Lena to see the surprise he had. When they left, Manuel took his hour glass necklace to watch his remaining life. He wept as his time was nigh.

Henry arrived in the house and Ringgo bumped into him. Ringo ushered him and he found Ivan giving a picture he drew of Manuel as his father. Lena was so happy, holding the picture, Henry said he also brought presence for Ivan. After the chitchat with Ivan, he thanked Lena and was glad to meet her again.

Lena put Ivan to sleep and her dreams reflected on her mind, concerning how Salvacion explained the hour glass and said Manuel has a limited time on earth and once the liquid in the glass dried up it meant that Manuel’s life was spent. Lena came to say good night to Manuel.

On top of the hospital building, Henry got himself drunk and cursed Manuel for taking his life and family. Henry threatened to take back his family and everything that Manuel has stolen from him. The next day, Marvin who had been keep tabs on Bianca, intentionally bumped into Bianca for her thins to fall. He stole Bianca’s passport holder while helping her to pick the things which fell from Bianca’s hand.

At the the ghetto, Kristel asked her father of her leave. Marvin arrived and gave the ID to Carding. Kristel overheard Marvin saying he found Manuel’s girl. In order for her father not to notice she was listening to their conversation, Kristel left. Carding saw the ID as Bianca and he said the lady was Henry’s girl. They now believed the two doctors were running same girl.

At the hospital, Nonoy came across Manuel and Lawrence when Lawrence was telling Manuel about his suspicion of Henry’s involvement in the missing funds. Nonoy passed by the hospital when he went to deliver things in a near by place. Someone came to inform them that Henry was lying on top of the building so they rushed there and Manuel made them carry on stretcher.

Lena on her way to the hospital with Princess kept thinking about her dream and was quite disturbed. In school, Sir Martin received the presence Ringgo gave him. He and Apple were coming from the office and saw Ringgo riding a bicycle. Sir Martin thanked Ringgo for the picture frame presence he gave him.

As Nonoy was passing, he overheard some two nurses gossiping about the missing funds. He bumped into his wife and Lena. They asked him what he was doing there, Lena decided to leave them to talk to Manuel.

In his office, Manuel confronted Henry on the missing funds and he denied having anything to do with it. Unknown to them, Lena was eavesdropping. Nonoy also told Princess about the gossip he hard from the two nurses. Henry said he was only a good soldier who only took Raul’s position as the the Director when the doctor d!ed and what he has always done was to help the hospital to keep improving.

Henry shed tears and even accused Lawrence as the brain behind it and was trying to ruin his reputation by getting him involved in the scandal. Manuel asked him to take a break for a while until they gained further evidence to prove his innocence. When Henry left, Lena confronted Manuel for trusting Henry blindly and she walked out. Greg saw Henry and asked him why he was in a rush and Henry said Manuel asked him to take a break and that was what he was doing.

Lena was standing on top of the clinic and her husband came. Manuel begged him to have patience since they needed to gather evidence before accusing Henry. Henry received a call from Carding who informed him that the lady Manuel has been seeing was no other than Bianca. Ringgo went to Mr De Asis’ office to seek his permission to date Apple but the teacher did not allow him.

He wanted Ringgo to concentrate on his lessons as he was too young to think of dating. In the ghetto, Carding told Marvin that Henry was on his way. Bianca was cleaning when she saw a picture frame of Henry and her. She recalled all the l0vely moment they spent together as l0vers till Lena ruined their l0ve story. Henry arrived at Bianca’s house with a bouquet of flowers.

Believing she is the mistress of Manuel, Henry lured her into believing him to ask her to seduce Manuel in helping him. At the hospital, Greg asked Lawrence why he was talking against Henry. Lawrence said Henry had to leave the hospital since he embezzled the funds of the clinic. Lawrence added that Dr Manuel was conducting his own investigation and at the end he would conclude that Henry was the one who stole the funds.

Meanwhile, Manuel looked the budgets and saw how Henry has signed his signatures beneath all the huge sums of money.


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