All Of Me Episode 32

All Of Me Episode 32 Henry’s henchmen set Manuel’s house on fire after seduction plot failed

Bianca and Henry made l0ve after which he seek a favour from her. Henry told Bianca to seduce Manuel for him to gain evidence in order to destroy his marriage with Lena and was willing to pay any amount for such favour.

In School, Apple spotted Ringgo in the school library when he was learning, suddenly Ringgo hid under the table in order for Apple not to find him but the girl found him. She sat by his side for them to learn together but he fled.

Manuel drove Lena to pick Ivan from school. Ringgo told Nonoy how he had been keeping his distance from Apple due to what Sir Martin told him concerning his little sister. Nonoy advice him to take easy he was only a student.

Bianca called Manuel the moment the doctor and his wife arrived home with their son from school. She told him to meet him at the presence of Henry for the latter to believe she has accepted his plan. Henry then went to the ghetto of his goons to give them a new mission.

Manuel unknowingly drove to Bianca’s house. unbeknownst to him, Carding and Marvin were right there within the vicinity waiting for a signal to carry out their plan. Manuel knocked on the door and Bianca opened. Seeing her in a night wear with a good ambiance for an affair, Manuel watched around and began to pull back, saying he was not there for that.

Bianca stopped him and confessed that it was a set up initiated by Henry and since she was scared she had to comply. Manuel asked how Henry got involved in the issue. Bianca then explained to him that Henry had a wrong impression that she was his mistress and has contracted her to seduce him and shoot video so that he would use it to destroy his marriage.

Bianca revealed that Henry’s goons were around and she schemed with Manuel. Carding and Marvin saw the lights were off. Carding then stayed behind and told Marvin to go and shoot the video. Marvin went and was marveled to see only Bianca on bed. He asked about the doctor, from behind Manuel hit his head and Marvin’s g*n fell.

As the goon dazed, Manuel fled with Bianca, unknown to him Carding was nearby, he saw Manuel driving off so he quickly sat on his motorcycle to follow Manuel. Manuel realising he was being followed stepped on it and Carding almost had an accident as a truck hit him which enabled Manuel to get away.

Marvin regained consciousness and called Henry who was in his car drinking and waiting for good news from his goons only to receive the surprising news that Bianca has foiled his plans and was now working hand in hand with Manuel. This got him upset and thought of means to deal with Manuel for getting away with that trap.

Dr Manuel heaved a sigh of relief when he escaped from the clutches of Carding. He sent Bianca to the house of Kristel. There, Bianca revealed all the truth to him that Henry had been scheming against him and all the evil actions were perpetuated by Henry due to Lena and his demotion. Bianca revealed that Henry wanted to patch things up with Lena and saw Manuel as obstacle for taking away the woman that he wanted.

Manuel was baffled and now believed Lena was right for thinking ail of Henry. Carding and Marvin arrived at the ghetto, thinking how Manuel had managed to escape them. Manuel confronted Henry the next day and Henry denied the accusations and lied that Bianca had always been obsessed with him and was just doing everything to get back to him after he divorced her.

Manuel after leaving Henry’s office, received a call from Marvin who threatened him. Soon, Manuel played with Ivan and put the boy to sleep. He went to his room to find a romantic ambiance which Lena had set up for them. He was so happy for the moment and they were making l0ve when a tragic incident made them stopped what they were about to do.

Carding and Marvin had arrived at their house and has shot the security multiple time and had thrown fire inside the building. Princess who was sleeping with Nonoy quickly woke up and and tried waking her husband but Nonoy was enjoying his sleep. Lena and Manuel saw smoke so they rushed to Ivan’s room to wake him up.

Princess woke Nonoy up, the family called themselves and ran off only to discover that the main gate was blazing so they passed through the back door to come out only to discover that the security had been shot and was left bleeding at the back of the gate. Manuel rushed the family to hospital due to the smoke they inhaled. Ivan and Bebeng were affected. Greg after attending to Ivan called Henry to informed him to come there.

Lawrence cautioned Greg against Henry and he warned him to next time talk to Manuel before making such decision. Greg said he only thought he was helping a friend since he knew how Henry l0ved Ivan so he only called him due to Ivan.

Meanwhile, the security who was admitted narrated the incident to the police concerning two guys who were on motorcycle dropped by the house and shot him then threw the fire inside the house. The police assured Manuel that they would get to the bottom of the issue and also watch the CCTV footage to find those people. Henry stormed his henchman’s ghetto to castigates them for their careless act.

Benbeng and the family went to pray at the clinic’s church. However, Manuel kept looking at his hourglass necklace and believed he was being protected since Daniel could not sh00t him when he went to the country side for Ivan as well as other dangers he survived, Lena came in. He did not notice that Lena has already seen his reaction when watching the necklace. Manuel hid it, Lena asked him if there was something that he has to tell her. Lena said she would not forgive herself should anything happened to him and was grateful to Salvacion for saving him.

Henry came for Ivan and sent him to his office. Ringgo who was with Ivan informed Princess and Bebeng that Henry went to his office with the boy. They decided to go for the boy before Lena learns about it but they bumped into Lena and Manuel. Since her son was not with them, Lena asked of Ivan and was told Henry took him to his office. Manuel and Lena decided to fetch Ivan themselves.

Henry opened his safe to show Ivan what he had there. He wore a glove while he took the g*n from his bag, when he was about to make Ivan touch Lena and Manuel appeared. Manuel made Lena to send the boy away while he confronted Henry for revealing a dangerous weapon to his kid. When Manuel left Henry said the weapon was with him as it was the same weapon who would send Manuel to his grave.

Ivan said sorry to Manuel for his eagerness to watch the g*n.

Henry promised to destroy everything that mattered to Manuel. He said he would start with the company and then to his family till he completely sees the doctor ruined beyond recognition.

As promised, Greg ushered Manuel to the available place he had and Manuel was grateful to him. He was so happy, later his family sat under one table to eat.

In school, Apple told her brother, Sir Martin how Ringgo has kept his distance from her. Mr De Asis seeing how Apple was bothered now assured her that he would talk to Ringgo. This made Apple happy.

At Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital, Manuel told Lawrence that what the auditors said concerning Henry was true since he had discovered it himself that Henry had embezzled the funds using Lena.

Lawrence broke another bad news to him that Henry had taken a huge loan, using the hospital as collateral. Manuel could not understand it that the person he trusted was rather bringing his business down. He ordered for Henry not to be allowed into his office. He told Lawrence to lock the office of Henry till they officially give him a letter of his resignation.


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