All Of Me Episode 37

All Of Me Episode 37 Manuel escapes the police who raided his hideout, Henry misleads Marlon in his investigation on Lawrence’s death

Henry complemented Greg for spewing lies concerning the financial status of the hospital to compel Manuel to come out from his hideout to get him arrested as soon as possible. Nonoy and the kids had an outside dinner together with Princess as they planned ahead of the Christmas celebration.

Meanwhile, Lena and Manuel were in the hut having a good time after Manuel informed her about what Greg told him concerning the various loans Henry took in different banks which has crippled the health facility in the discharge of its duties.

The Dimaculangans embarked on a health reach out project during the festive season for the San Antonio residents. Soon, Benbeng recovered and was reunited with her family. She was glad that Lena and Ivan were there by her side. They did a medical giveaways as well, the Figuerases now went to settle on the island and the Barangay officials together with some town folks were happy with their kind gesture.

Marlon after obtaining names of some properties owned by Manuel discharged his men to search for the fugitive while he carried out his investigation on the case. As Nonoy was setting up Christmas lights, Ringgo had a video chat with Apple. Kristel was still brooding over her father’s action of k?lling Lawrence and framing Manuel Figueras for it.

Carding and Dennis arrived in her house, he gave her a surprise for the Christmas to make up for his sins to win his daughter to him again. He introduced Dennis, his new recruit to her. Kristel opened the gift to find out her father has bought her a new phone. She forgave him and got along with him as well as Dennis. In San Isidro, Carlo and his sister were also making their Christmas preparation.

Marlon called Henry to meet him for an investigation on Lawrence’s death, unaware that Henry has asked his henchmen to get rid of him before he finds out the truth. Kristel and Dennis had a chitchat. At the Island, Manuel fixed his hut and Ivan went for stones. As Carding and Dennis were playing cards, Henry was also on his way to meet Marlon.

However, Nonoy, Lena and the Barangay officials discovered the presence of police at San Antonio’s shores waiting for a boat to join in order to go to the Island. The Barangay officials helped Nonoy and Lena to get a boat to trave at the other side of the sea in order to keep Manuel away from his haunters. Along the line, Lena and Nonoy’s boat ran out of fuel.

On the Island, Ivan danced to entertain Manuel he went inside to draw water to drink, however, a call came through and Ivan received it. It was from Princess and she demanded to speak with Manuel. Ivan passed the phone on to Manuel and she informed him that the police were on their way to the Island. Manuel spotted the police from afar and he ran into the bush with Ivan.

The Police went inside the hut, searching for Manuel. Nonoy arrived and said he was the one living in the hut and Manuel was not there. The police had no choice than to leave. Lena who also dodged at the back of the hut, availed herself. It was that close for them to be caught and they heave a sigh of relief. Manuel and Ivan ran from their hideout to hug Lena.

Henry and Marlon had their meeting to help the investigator in his investigation on the murder case. Henry misled Marlon’s investigation to his advantage, getting the young officer confused.


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