All Of Me Episode 38

All Of Me Episode 38 Nonoy celebrates over Princess’ pregnancy, Henry wallows in misery amidst Christmas celebration

Receiving the news that his wife is pregnant, Nonoy was consumed with happiness. The news made his Christmas worth celebrating. The family camped on the Island and had a get-together.

As Dennis was in the room, he saw someone approaching, he lifted up his eyes to find out that Kristel was the one. She came in search of her father and Denis went inside to call him. Carding was surprised to see his daughter and he hugged her.

Kristel broke into tears and told her father that she wanted them to leave everything behind and since he was her father, she l0ved him more than anything. The two wept while Denis watched them while they were embracing.

Elsewhere, Henry wallowed in misery, even when Greg left him in the bar, he continued drinking for losing Lena and Ivan to his mortal rival, Manuel. He broke all the bottles and caused trouble in the bar. The waiter approached him for the money for his drinks and the bottles he broke. Henry shoved the waiter and the man fell. He later paid for his drinks and left the bar.

Outside the bar, he came across a certain boy and mistook the boy for Ivan. He hugged the boy and started calling him Ivan but the boy pulled away, telling him that he was not Ivan. Henry fell and the boy tried to help him up. Manuel and his family gathered around a table and Ivan led a prayer before they had dinner. Marlon and the other officers at the precinct also ate together while celebrating their Christmas Eve.

Kristel, Carding and Dennis also ate together. Dennis gave her a presence and she also gave him a bag of presence which contained seven shirts from Monday to Sunday. Carding cracked a joke with the type of shirt his daughter bought. She also gave a necklace presence to her father while Carding gave to her a dress.

Ivan slept and Manuel went to lay him on the bed. He told Lena that he wished to see the growth of their son, his graduation, his marriage and everything pertaining to Ivan’s life. Lena asked why he was talking as if he would soon die. She queried Manuel whether there was something that he was not telling her. Lena recalled her dream of Salvacion explaining the hourglass necklace to her, however, Manuel said there was nothing and brushed off the idea.

The next morning was Christmas, Bebeng set table with the help of Princess while Ivan woke Ringgo and Nonoy from their tent. The family exchanged gifts and wished eachother, merry Christmas. Ivan hugged his mother and father together. Henry woke up in the precinct and he thanked Marlon for his help. Marlon was still unaware that Henry was the one who sent Carding to gun him down.

Dennis went to escort Kristel since it was raining. When they reached home, Kristel who forgot to give the umbrella to Dennis for him to use returned to Dennis the umbrella although the criminal was saying he could manage without the umbrage. Dennis has fallen in l0ve with Kristel and did not know how to approach due to Carding.

Later, Henry went to see Carding in the ghetto to force him to start implementing their evil measures against Manuel. In the woods, Manuel vent his anger on Salvacion, talking alone to the air. He was not ready to leave Lena and Ivan and needed more time to enjoy with his family and see Ivan grow. He wondered how his young wife would cope during his absence.

Lena woke up to discover that her husband was not there. Ivan also woke up but Lena asked him to sleep while she goes out in search of Manuel. Greg got home and received a gift from Carding while he told him about the boss mission which they had to accomplish as soon as possible. At San Antonio Island, Lena went into the woods screaming out Manuel’s name.

She was startled while seeing Manuel standing right next to him. She was not happy with the attitude that Manuel was exhibiting and reminded him that she was still his wife and needed to know everything pertaining to his life. She tried to make Manuel talk about the hour glass necklace. Ivan came out to wake Bebeng up. Benbeng asked of Lena and he said Lena was searching for Manuel. Ivan went to sleep in the tent of his grandmother.

Manuel pulled his wife to him and ensured her that there was no secret and he hugged her. Dennis called the Taxi Corp to give the car number he took when Benbeng and Princess were travelling to find where they alighted. Henry also explored the chances he had to find Manuel’s hideout. He met with Greg and made him text Manuel concerning the hospital’s financial state.

Manuel called Greg to inform him that he would sort things out and asked him to calm down. Manuel exchanged the chip and called Marlon to inform him that he was the one on the line. Marlon pleaded with him to surrender and assured him of protection while they investigate to fish out the truth together but Manuel was not in support. He hanged up and took the chip from the phone.

Henry was optimistic that Manuel would reveal his face from the hideout. In the kitchen while cleaning Lena told her family about what she and Manuel were trying to do to ensure they gained their freedom and also to settle the hospital issues. Dennis told Carding that he had already spoken with the official at the Taxi Corp and would soon get in touch with the driver to gain all the information that he wanted.

Manuel told Lena what Greg called to say and Lena still stood on her grounds to invest her own Savings into the clinic to put it on its feet. Dennis called the taxi driver and he came over. He gave him money for information, as Ivan was sleeping a sparkling woke him up and he followed the direction of the spark but Lena who was sitting outside with the family talking about the hospital problem called Ivan and the boy joined them.

However, the spark landed on a big tree in the forest and there were many of it, which suggested that it was Salvacion who came to wake Ivan up to lure him to where she was. The next day, Henry went for Marlon and went to a restaurant with him to talk on Manuel’s case. Kristel saw them while they were going.


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