All Of Me Episode 44

All Of Me Episode 44 Carding fights for his life after his arrest, Henry kidnaps Ivan to facilitate his escape

Manuel, unaware that he was being followed got to the restaurant. Ivan saw Manuel’s car arrived and rushed out to meet his father. Lena followed, as Ivan was talking to Manuel, Carding aimed his gun at the doctor from the other side.

Kristel and Marlon arrived, Dennis was hiding inside the bush, spying to ensure they deliver a perfect job. He saw Kristel going to the direction of Carding’s guπ point. He screamed out Carding’s name which prompted Kristel and she covered Manuel to take the bullet on the doctor’s behalf.

Carding was shuttered for shooting his daughter mistakenly. Dennis quickly fled with the motorcycle while Carding sat and cried, giving Marlon the opportunity to arrest him. Meanwhile, Kristel was down with the bullet and in the arms of Dr Manuel. She told Manuel to forgive her father as she did her best to save him from her father’s wickedness.

She suddenly became motionless. Lena, Ivan and Manuel were speechless as Dr Manuel applied a first aid measure to ensure her safety. Kristel was rushed to Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital where an operation was performed on her to take out the bullet. At the precinct, Carding asked Marlon about his daughter. Marlon told him that she was being operated on at the hospital.

At the hospital reception, Ivan was crying for what had happened to Kristel and Lena assured that Kristel would be fine. After escaping, Dennis called Henry to inform him about the incident. Henry was furious that things didn’t go as planned, Manuel escaped death again. He decided to meet Dennis now that Carding was caught to plan with the criminal on his next move.

Lena in a phone conversation told Bebeng about what had happened at the restaurant when she and Ivan went to have lunch with Manuel. Bebeng was worried but Lena assured that Manuel was fine and the health practitioners were doing everything possible to save Kristel. The operation was successful and Manuel informed Lena about it. The family then were happy.

At the cell, Carding was worried, praying that nothing should happen to his daughter. Marlon came there and Carding asked about Kristel. Marlon said she survived and Carding thanked him. Carding said he was not the one he should thank but the doctor that he tried several times to assassinate. Henry picked up Dennis and they schemed together. At the hospital, Kristel was fully awoke as a doctor was checking on her.

Lena came and Kristel asked her for forgiveness for everything that Carding has done against her family. Lena was grateful to her for saving Manuel at all cost. As Ivan was walking with his father, Manuel had an episode and he fell, leading Ivan to cry asking him whether he was okay. After struggling to revive himself from the sudden pains, Ivan sent him to his office. The boy was scared and asked him if he should call Lena but he stopped Ivan from doing so.

Manuel was still groaning, Lena arrived at his office and Ivan told her that Manuel was not feeling well. Lena asked him what was wrong but Manuel said he was okay, stressing that Ivan was exaggerating. He hugged his family while trying to hide his pains. Carding in the cell recalled all his evil ways: how he shot Raul, Lawrence and his last mission which he lost his target to shoot his own daughter.

Manuel went to the precinct with Lena. As Manuel went to see Marlon, Lena went straight to the cell to see Carding. Carding was shocked to see Lena’s face. Lena gave him the letter which Kristel wrote. After reading the letter, he confessed that Henry was behind the attack on Manuel. He hired him to end the life of Manuel. Lena went to Marlon’s to inform the officer and Manuel that Carding has confessed and was ready to reveal his connection with Henry in court.

Manuel went to have a talk with Carding and he admitted k!lling Raul and Lawrence and he said he acted on Henry’s orders. He said sorry to Manuel for everything he did and also thanked him for saving Kristel. Henry plotted against Carding and worked hand in hand with Dennis.

Dr Manuel’s attorney informed him that she had filed all the necessary documents and Marlon has obtained warrant of arrest for Henry. She said she was working to ensure she gained a traveling restrictions against Henry so that he could not run out of the country. Lena told her family about Carding’s confession and her family were dumbfounded for everything Henry has done.

Henry drank to deal with his pains. He watched the picture of him, Lena and Ivan and recalled when Ivan drew him and told him he was his idol. He was consumed with rage that Manuel came from nowhere to reclaim everything he worked hard to get. To an extent of Manuel destroying his life to get his license revoked. Dennis brought him more drinks to consume as he got his gun ready.

In the cell, least did Carding know that Henry has hired someone to get rid of him to come in between his plans of testifying against him. The prisoner who had been monitoring Carding closely had an opportunity to attack carding and he tried so hard to stab him but Carding managed to turn tables. He beat the hired prisoner.

Soon, Manuel had an Intel that Henry was escaping so he left the hospital without giving Lena further details. Lena was so worried and she bumped into Nonoy and Princess at the hospital who asked her of her problem. She explained that Manuel was after Henry and was scared as he stopped her from going with him.

Marlon with Manuel together with his police officers went to ambush Henry but Dennis held one of Marlon’s men as hostage to help Henry to flee. Henry warned Manuel not to think he has defeated him. He inflated the tyres of the police car and left with Dennis and the hostage. He threw the officer somewhere along the road and left.

Marlon and Manuel went to the office, thinking of where they would be able to get Henry. Marlon was informed that the hostage was found. In their safe house, Dennis witnessed Henry making calls to get a fake passport and documents to escape the police. Dennis was left on his fate and he also had a second thought. Manuel informed his family the police’s inability to arrest Henry as he has gone at large.

Lena said goodnight to Ivan as he would attend school the next day. Dennis and Henry were still scheming on means Henry could evade arrest. The next day, Lena came to Manuel’s office to find him distressed. Kristel received a surprise visitor, it was Carding in the company of police officers including Marlon. Kristel was happy to see her father and was glad that he has now accepted to face his crimes.

Soon, Henry went for Ivan from school. He convinced the boy and sent him away. He used something on Ivan so the boy slept. Lena got to Ivan’s school and couldn’t find him.She called her son and Henry picked, he gave Lena orders to make her driver leave. Ivan woke up and found himself in a certain room. Henry served him with food and placed a gun on the table which scared the boy.

Lena followed Henry’s orders and did not inform anyone about it due to the safety of Ivan. When she reached the location, she saw Ivan’s bag on the street as she was desperately asking Henry about her son, Henry kept making fun of her. Meanwhile, Manuel and the rest of the family were worried inside the house since it was late and Lena and Ivan were not home.

Lena was desperate to see her son but Henry who was spying on Lena and seeing her desperation made him laugh and made fun with Lena’s emotions.


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