All Of Me Episode 46 Finale

All Of Me Episode 46 Finale Henry’s life is exchanged for Manuel’s, Lena and Manuel live happily ever after through Dr Vicente’s covenant with Salvacion

Manuel was operated on. After the operation, Lena is told by the doctor that, Manuel’s life would be depended on a life’s support giving him. The family could not live the sight of Manuel and were told the visiting time was over. Princess came out to console Lena.

Lena recalled when Manuel confessed to her that his death was nigh and he had an agreement with Salvacion for him to live again. He explained that his time was approaching and asked Lena to take heart and take good care of their son. As the family left Manuel’s ward, Ivan went to sit somewhere looking at the darkest sky to cry.

He rushed back to where his grandma was to ask where his mother was. Finding his mother Ivan suggested that they took Manuel to the Island. Reflecting on what Ivan said, Lena recalled what Madame Estrella said concerning the covenant of Manuel and Salvacion as well as her dream of Salvacion informing her that the hourglass necklace was a reminder to Manuel for him to know his life’s span.

Marlon arrived at the hospital to find Lena with her lawyer talking to Manuel’s doctor that they wanted to convey Manuel’s body to the Island. The doctor was not in support of Lena’s decision, she warned that her husband’s life depended on the life support machine and taken him away might compromised Manuel’s situation.

The lawyer said Lens was the legal wife and her decision in her husband’s life was vital. They made ready to convey Manuel to the Island. Unknown to them, Henry was at the hospital to finish off Manuel but followed their boat to the Island.

After Marlon together with Nonoy helped to send the body of Manuel in his life support to the forest, Lena discovered that she has lost Manuel’s necklace so Nonoy went back to search for it. Henry took the necklace from the boat. While watching, a force pulled it from his hand and he began to chase to where Lena was.

However, Nonoy spotted Henry and ran after him. Ivan screamed out Salvacion’s name daring her to come and save his father but to no avail. Salvacion was close to the enchanted tree waiting to claim Manuel’s life. As the moon and the sun was parting ways from the skies, the life support magically removed from Manuel’s nostrils and a force pulled Manuel and carried him.

Lena, Marlon and Ivan followed till it reached the magic portal where Salvacion appeared and Lena pleaded with her to spare her husband’s life. She said Manuel had already told her about the covenant with her and she was the one who saved him from the loins of death and gave him a second chance.

Lena cried that just like Dr Vicente sacrificed she was also willing to sacrifice anything to ensure Manuel’s wish of seeing Ivan grow comes to pass. Salvacion said there was nothing she could do because earlier Manuel wanted to be with her and she gave him the second chance but Manuel disobeyed and violated their agreement by revealing his identity so that day was his judgement day and he had to pay the price.

Lena pleaded and said there might be a way. she screamed Manuel’s name as he was taken inside the pond. Henry appeared and went close to the mystical pond, telling Lena that if Manuel was given a second chance, he also deserved second chance and Lena should now be with him together with Ivan.

Henry Turns Into a Beast

Henry was pointing a gun at them and Marlon also pointed a gun at him, demanding Henry to surrender. Nonoy called out Henry’s name, as he turned towards the direction of the voice, Marlon shot him and Henry fell into the magical pond and found himself in the mystical Island where he saw his transformation. He went to check his face inside the pond and saw that he was transformed into a beast.

Henry shouted that he wanted to be transformed into his old self and the fairy appeared as in a whirl wind, standing aloof from him and in anguish she said everything he has lost could never be retrieved. She said his soul was reflecting who he was and she disappeared.

As Lena left with Marlon, Nonoy and Ivan in misery, the fairy appeared in the forest. She was holding onto the necklace she earlier took from Manuel’s neck when he landed on the mystical Island and turned into his younger self. She recalled Vicente telling her that the necklace with her name Salvacion was the symbol of his love to her as his first and last l0ve.

It would be with him and some day he would pass it on to someone he trusted and would train and teach him about true love so if some day she happens to meet the person with such necklace she should save and protect that person.

Having these memories, she watched the necklace again and said Lena was right, if one l0ved someone, the person would sacrifice everything. Salvacion believed if she and Vicente had been together they would have probably given birth to a child just like Manuel and Lena. A child who is good, l0ving and obedient.

Salvacion watched the moon as it was parting ways from the sun. She decided to relieve Manuel from their agreement in respect of the covenant with Vicente “to protect and save the person with such necklace”.

The sun blossomed in the skies with a reincarnated being journeying through the forest as a child, like Ivan, as he is getting closer, he looked like Edong and he stumbled on Lena who was standing while weeping and mourning. Lena turned and saw the glowing face of Edong but she realised the person was Manuel.

Lena concluded that she was right all along as Manuel and Edong were one. She hugged him. Later, Manuel came from the hut and his voice over summarised all his struggles, lessons, achievements and most of all his l0ve and sacrifices as his story of being Manuel Figueras.

“I used to ask myself why all those things happened to me?

The mystery that surrounded life and identity.

I didn’t expect to be able to break away from and get through each challenge that I encountered.

There were people who loved me, they gave their all to prepare me to face life’s challenges.

The lessons that I took to heart and lived by like what Dr Vicente said:

Something becomes valuable when you work hard for it.

It’s a living promise that will never be broken nor vanish….

Friend or Foe, Good or Evil, Rich or Poor,
they are all equal we should help and serve them.

And so I don’t regret anything that has happened because in the end, I was with the people I fought for and to whom I gave my all.”

Recalling the day he met Lena and how she bonded with him. The voice over then continued:

“I am Dr Manuel Figueras and this is the story of my Life.”

Lena then called Manuel into the hut to eat his meal.

The End

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