All of Me Episode 5

All of Me Episode 5 Manuel loses hope in fighting for Lena but an an accident of Ivan reunited him with his estranged family

At the hospital, Lena drawn herself to Edong for no explainable reasons. She was in the house still thinking about Edong and Benbeng approached. Elsewhere, Ivan and Henry were eating, Henry asked about the sketches Ivan drew.

Later, Henry told Ivan that they would visit his mother. The next day at the hospital, while looking at Manuel’s picture posted on the wall with Edong watching keenly, Lena promised that she would do anything to continue the legacy of Manuel. Princess rushed there to inform Lena that her husband and kid have arrived.

Edong got agitated, to satisfy his curiosity he went to watch through the window to figure out the person. He found out that Lena had a son called Ivan and was married to Henry. As Lena welcomed her family and gave Henry a k!$$, Edong got upset. When Lena went inside the clinic Edong was no where to be found. She wondered where he could be.

Edong cried inside his boat while he sailed to the Island. He saddled the boat and ran to the forest where he fell from before his supposed death to curse those behind his pain. He wept bitterly as he saw no need to pursue Lena anymore since she had a complete family. In the house, Lena wondered where Edong was. Henry was interested in knowing that Edong. Lena said Princess informed them that he was arrested for spying their house.

Manuel lost all hope after seeing that Lena has a happy family with Henry. He crashed the mirror in his hut when he saw his reflection as Manuel and hurt his hand. He contemplated on whether to present himself as a doctor or not. He felt shuttered but took another decision.

He was stuck between destroying a complete family or to keep on fighting for the woman he l*ved. Despite this sad fact, he still resolved to discover the truth behind the incidents that almost took his life. Elsewhere, Henry and Nonoy shared drinks together. Lena saw the drawings of her son an praised it.

Manuel stumbled on his tomb and he recalled the day he was sketching Lena when the k!ller held him on a gun point. He defended himself and they fought till he fled while his wallet fell. He was so sad that the incident took away the l*ve of his life. For the meantime he buried his marriage ring.

At Manuel’s health centre, some kids came to call Ivan to play football with him. Ivan asked permission from Lena but Lena was adamant. Henry stepped in before Lena allowed him to go and play with the boys. They told him to be careful. As they were playing the ball, Ivan tripped and fell inside the waters. At that instance, Edong was also sailing. He saw a boy drowning and he dived into the waters to rescue him only to discover that it was Ivan. Ivan embraced Manuel while he shared tears for the near death experience.

One of the boys ran to inform Henry that Ivan was drowning. Henry ran out to meet Ivan in the embrace of Edong. That fateful accident of Ivan drew Manuel closer to Edong. Lena was very grateful to Edong for saving her son. She embraced him and Henry came to meet it. Edong asked of his leave, however Henry followed Edong out to thank him and offered him money but Edong refused to take the money.

Henry offered him his friendship. Edong was invited to Lena’s house to dine with them. Ivan was very happy to have Edong with them. He quickly ran to embrace him again. Later, Edong saw some paintings which Ivan made and they realised they shared similar interests. That night, Henry wanted to get intimate with Lena but she did not reciprocate his k!$$es and touches.

Edong spotted Lena through the window and was happy to see her. He went inside and slept over. The next day, he woke up to the sounds of Ivan and Lena. Lena had some bizarre feelings when she saw Edong half nak£d. Edong quickly wore his top and Ivan gave him a drawing specially made for him.

He saw the “super Edong” drawing and he was happy. Soon, the family went to visit the tomb erected for Manuel at the Island and Edong went with them. Lena layed a wreath on the tomb. Edong made kite with Ivan and they played with it. Lena was happy seeing them together while Princess was still doubtful while talking to Nonoy.

As Edong was sketching Ivan while in the boat, Nonoy approached to discover the painting. Later, Ringgo asked Edong the exact person he was searching for and he revealed he was there to search for Doctor Manuel Figueras.


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