All Of Me Episode 7

All Of Me Episode 7 Dr Raul d!es over a fatal  shot from Manuel’s k!ller

Edong spotting Tonyo wore his hat and followed him. Ricardo asked Kristel why she did not go to work and checked her for a possible fever. He then left the house and Edong tailed Ricardo till they ended up at Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital where Ricardo wrote a name of a target doctor from the doctor’s lists on the wall.

After the family settled in the city, Henry had told the family that he was needed at the hospital for an emergency. His car approached and Ricardo began having troubles with him.

Edong who could not contain his emotions for his estranged friend, Henry to fall victim in the hands of Ricardo rushed to punch him. Henry separated the fight and blew the alarm for the security to run after Ricardo. Due to his heroic act, Henry offered him a job as a personal driver. Henry drove the car while Edong was in the front seat. On their way, he told Edong that Lena was impressed by his drawing and even said he drew like Dr Manuel.

That Surprised Edong that Lena was now finding similarities between him and Manuel. Meanwhile, in the house, Lena made Princess search online for an information she wanted. Ricardo arrived at the ghetto to plan their next operation with Tonyo. Henry sent Edong to a spot where he got drunk. Since he had already appointed Edong as a personal driver, Edong drove him home.

Lena was surprised to see Edong with her husband. Ringgo was very happy to meet Edong once again since he thought he would not set eyes on him again. The next day, Ivan bumped into Edong who was in the company of Ringgo to show him the drawing which uncle Nonoy helped to frame it.

In the bedroom, Lena drew the curtains, the light rays made Henry to wake up. She has made breakfast in bed but Henry did not touch it, he asked of Edong. He later went swimming, as Lena was wiping him Edong appeared at the other side of the pool watching the couple making l*ve which boiled his blood.

Edong left to vent his anger on a food prepared by Benbeng. The manner he was eating got the family wondering and he said the food was delicious. He served Ivan some to taste and see. Ivan admitted it was yummy. Elsewhere, Kristel went to the eatery, thinking she would see Edong but was disappointed for not seeing him.

She went home to find her dad sleeping. She asked if he was okay and found out that his mouth was swollen. She treated it while Ricardo was sleeping. Henry and Lena went out on a date, Edong had to bear the agony of seeing the two together k!$$!ng and care$$ing. Ricardo and Tonyo prepared to take down their target.

Ringgo spotted Apple running, he was interested in her. Nonoy asked what he was doing and realised what Ringgo was up to but he could not find the person he spied on. The next day, Lena witnessed Edong pruning the flowers and it reminded her of Manuel. Ricardo and Tonyo spied around, Meanwhile Dr Raul asked Henry to join him to attend a medical event and Henry accepted.

As he was making some strange calls which were not going through, Edong came to his office to present what Lena gave to him to deliver to Henry. Henry kept looking at his phone and ushered Dr Raul inside the car. He starred around suspiciously while Ricardo and Tonyo were outside Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital, waiting to strike.

As he saw the car with the target inside, they tailed the car and at the middle of the road, they crossed the car with their motorbike to $hoot Raul. Henry also was shot. Edong kept recalling the scene. They then fled on their motorbike. Elsewhere, Lena was providing services to a community at an event they titled “health awareness week.”

Edong rushed the two doctors to hospital and Raul could not survive the g*n $h0t and d!ed. Edong was sad about the development and shed tears. After hearing about what had happened to her husband, Lena rushed to the hospital to find Edong’s shirt stained with blood, thinking of the possible thing that had happened to Henry, Lena wept.


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