All of Me Highlights Episode 11-15

All of Me Highlights Episode 11-15 Edong saves Lena from a death trap, Lena discovers Henry’s infidelity

A foreboding feeling surrounds Lena as she finally meets Madame Estrella. Lena’s anxiety grows as Madame Estrella gives her an envelope containing answers to Edong’s real identity. Meanwhile, Kristel finds comfort amid the plight she and her father are facing, while Ringgo remains resolute in pursuing Apple.

Ringgo grandiose efforts to catch Apple’s attention pays off as she finally accepts his friend request. Lena ponders on opening the envelope from Madame Estrella, while Henry discloses his painful past to Edong.

On a medical mission, Lena witnesses Edong in the act of helping a woman gives birth, further rousing her suspicion that he and Manuel are one and the same. Ringgo steps up his game by composing a song for Apple.

Fast forward, Lena gets caught in a life threatening situation until Edong immediately steps in to get her from harm’s way. However, Edong and Lena find themselves lost in the forest after their narrow escape from death. Meanwhile, Henry makes his way immediately to save his wife. After learning that Lena and Edong are missing.

While Edong nurses Lena in an abandoned hut, Henry and the rescuers struggle in searching for the two due to the heavy rain.
Later, the Nieves heaves a sigh of relief as Lena returns home safely because of Edong. While Lena makes the most of her time with her son, Henry expresses his gratitude to Edong for taking care of his wife.

Manuel, however, haunted by memories of Lena, while they were lost in the forest, finding himself wanting to confess his secret to Lena despite knowing its consequences. Manuel decides to detach himself from Lena and her family by returning to the Island where his and Lena’s love story started.

While the Nieveses are saddened by Edong’s departure, Bianca, unaware that Lena is Henry’s wife, confidently tells Lena that she is Henry’s l*ver. Lena tries to make herself more attractive for Henry as she becomes more apprehensive about her husband’s fidelity. Soon her intuition and Nonoy’s revelation proves her suspicion that Henry is having an affair with Bianca.

After discovering Henry’s unfaithfulness, Lena decides to leave the house, hoping to heal her broken heart. Soon, Lena crosses path with Edong on her way to visit Manuel’s grave on the Island. Bianca remains resolute in maintaining her ties with Henry.

Lena and Edong spend the day together as they work hand in hand in restoring Manuel’s house.


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