All Of Me Highlights Episode 21-25

All Of Me Highlights Episode 21-25 Henry makes plans on how to ruin Manuel’s relationship with Lena after his boss’ return

Manuel learns that he has to choose between sacrificing either Lena or Ivan’s life as punishment. Manuel comes up with a choice that will assure the safety of both his wife and son. As he races against time, Manuel finds Lena’s letter in his hut and learns of the desire to know the truth about him and Edong. Meanwhile, Lena looks forward to uncovering more about Manuel’s disappearance as she starts a new life away from Henry.

Choosing duty over l*ve, Manuel decides to stay on the Island to address an emergency. Meanwhile, Lena begins to believe that Manuel and Edong are one and the same after investigating her late husband’s records. Soon, Manuel replies Lena’s letter as Edong.

Amid Henry’s dissent, Lena searches for Edong especially after learning that he has no records in Boystown. Soon, Lena crosses path with Carding whom she believes is the key to solving the mystery behind Manuel’s disappearance. Manuel returns to his and Lena’s home and roams around his house while waiting for Lena’s arrival.

Lena on the other hand reports to the police about her recent encounter with Carding, whom she suspects is involved in Manuel’s death. Lena arrives shortly at Manuel’s house, just after Manuel left. Upon finding her letter for Edong on the bed in Manuel’s house, Lena rushes off to look for the young man. Manuel, on the other hand scales the city to find Lena and learns that she has moved out of the home she used to share with Henry.

Elsewhere, Henry tails Princess and Nonoy to learn of Lena’s location. After seven years of absence, Manuel surprises the senior residents of Rosita’s Hospital with his unannounced return. The news soon reaches Henry through Lawrence, who volunteers to take Manuel to Lena’s house.

On the other hand, Lena and Princess brave the rough weather as they look for Edong in the forest. Manuel reunites with Lena’s family and finally gets to meet his son in person. Soon, the doctor rushes to the Island to see and be with his beloved Lena. Alone in the Island, Manuel and Lena get the chance to catch up on eachother, asking and confessing as much as they want from those seven years of being separated.

Later, Lena asks Manuel if he and Edong are the same person. Lena and Manuel make the most out of their reunion and spend time together alone on the Island. Henry, on the other hand, drinks his frustration away and forces himself on a woman. Meanwhile, Manuel’s home coming brings out different emotions from his family.

Lena and Manuel prepare to go back to the city after spending time together on the Island. Henry dreads Manuel’s return and the changes it will undoubtedly bring him. In the city, Bebeng leads Ringgo and Ivan in preparing for the couple’s return.

Manuel manages to become friends with the initially distant Ivan as they bond over sketching and sharing their friendship with Edong. As Manuel and Lena decide to hold off telling the truth of his paternity to Ivan, Princess worries about how Henry might take
advantage about his relationship with the child to spy on them. Manuel’s blissful reunion with his family ends when he chances upon Carding outside their house.

In panic, Manuel leaves for the city to visit Kristel in hopes of getting information regarding the hired k!ller’s whereabouts. Manuel convinces Kristel to help him reach out to Carding but Carding refuses to go anywhere near Manuel’s hospital despite Kristel’s request. As Manuel strengthens his house security against Carding, Princess expresses her hunch that it is Henry that they should watch out for.

In Manuel’s welcome party, Henry and Manuel get the chance to talk privately about Henry’s failed relationship with Lena. Meanwhile, Kristel comes face to face with Henry and learns more about him as she visits Rosita’s Hospital. Henry’s persistent to mend his relationship with Lena through Ivan creates a rift in the boy’s growing relationship with Manuel when he and Lena denies Henry’s request to bring Ivan with him to Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Manuel’s search for answers continues with the help of Kristel, who soon stands up to the father about the dangers of his job. Will Manuel’s quest will make him discover the brains behind his attack which almost cost his life?

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