All Of Me Highlights Episode 26-30

All Of Me Highlights Episode 26-30 Henry embezzled funds of Rosita Figueras Hospital, Carding and Marvin set Manuel’s house on fire upon Henry’s orders

Kristel promises to help Manuel reach out to Carding to unfold the truth behind the mastermind of his attempted murder. For the meantime, Manuel strengthens his house security against Carding. Princess who doubts her cousin’s ex-husband, expresses her hunch that it is Henry that they should watch out for.

In Manuel’s welcome party, Henry and Manuel get the chance to talk privately about Henry’s failed relationship with Lena. Meanwhile, Kristel comes face to face with Henry and learns more about him as she visits Rosita’s Hospital.

Henry’s persistent to mend his relationship with Lena through Ivan creates a rift in the boy’s growing relationship with Manuel when he and Lena denies Henry’s request to bring Ivan with him to Hong Kong.

Ivan distances himself from Manuel and Lena despite their several attempts to make up for not allowing the young boy to go with Henry to Hong Kong. However, Ivan overhears Lena and Manuel talk about the truth, driving the boy to run away from home.

Meanwhile, Manuel’s search for answers continues with the help of Kristel, who soon stands up to the father about the dangers of his job. As Manuel and the Damaculagans exhaust their energies in searching for Ivan, the young boy stows away in a truck and finds himself in a countryside.

Henry immediately returns to the country upon learning that Ivan is missing. As Henry confronts Manuel about their missing son, Manuel uses the opportunity to seek Henry’s help in looking for Ivan, amid Lena’s misgivings. Ivan finds himself under the care of a kind rural woman named Maria and her grandchildren.

Manuel joins Henry in looking for Ivan, despite Lena’s attempt to discourage Manuel from doing so. Lena makes an appeal over the radio to help find her missing son, which eventually reaches Ivan. Ivan, on the other hand, leaves the kitchen burning in his eagerness to listen to the radio.

Manuel and Henry seek Madame Estrella’s help amid their desperation to find Ivan. They soon learn from the fortune teller that the boy’s life is in danger and that his real father will eventually save him. Meanwhile, Isa and her siblings finally open up their heart to Ivan through their mutual l*ve for dancing.

Lena and Manuel’s search for their son finally comes to a close as Lena receives a call from Ivan. However, more trouble looms over the boy as Daniel plans to get his money from Aya by any means necessary. Manuel and Lena finally reunite with Ivan, while Henry reveals to the boy that his real father is Manuel.

Soon, Manuel is crippled with trouble since Henry who turns out to be Carding’s boss, plots his revenge against the renowned doctor once more. While Manuel starts to uncover the truth behind his supposed death, Lena doubts against Henry continue to grow amid the controversy regarding the missing funds for their medical mission and his strange behaviour around the hospital.

Meanwhile, the truth further unfolds behind Henry’s involvement in Carding’s attempt to take Manuel’s life. Manuel seeks Bianca’s help in uncovering Carding’s motive for trying to k!ll him. However, Bianca chooses to keep mum about what she knows. In a rare encounter with the fairy Salvacion, Lena finds out the devastating truth about Manuel’s hourglass necklace.

During their family’s outing, Manuel fails to contain his happiness as Ivan finally acknowledges him as his father. Henry orders Carding and Marvin to discover the identity of the woman Manuel has been meeting with, unaware that the woman is Bianca. While Manuel, Lena and Ivan rejoice as a complete family, Henry resolves to take back his family from Manuel.

Soon, Manuel confronts Henry regarding the issues surrounding the hospital. On the other hand, Lena resolves to uncover the truth behind her dream through Madame Estrella. While looking deeper into the case, Manuel starts seeing the truth behind Henry’s involvement in the controversies surrounding the hospital.

Henry approaches Bianca for help in his plot, thinking that she is Manuel’s mistress. At school, Ringgo starts avoiding Apple after failing to get Mr De Asis’ permission to court her. Henry sets in motion his plots to take back his family as he instructs Bianca to seduce Manuel in order to destroy his reputation toward Lena.

However, Bianca sides with Manuel and foils Henry’s plan to her newfound ally. Soon, Henry takes on more drastic measures as Carding and Marvin set Manuel’s house on fire.


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