All Of Me Highlights Episode 6-10

All Of Me Highlights Episode 6-10 Edong finds out that Ivan is his son, Henry cheats on Lena

Trying to unravel the truth behind his death, Nonoy helps talk with Lena to reveal to Edong events that leads to Manuel Figueras death. Lena narrates that she realised the absence of Manuel at the Island so she searched for him.

She stumbles upon the drawing and wallet of Manuel in the forest. She later informs the authorities only to learn from Henry that Manuel has kicked the bucket. Soon, his supposed remains is retrieved but the face is disfigured and could not identify him.

However, an autopsy and DNA report confirms the disfigured body is that of Manuel, leading Lena to mourn for her late husband. The tears Lena sheds while narrating the incident, touches Edong’s heart. Lena still doubts the body is that of Manuel and wish to get close to him once more.

Edong is bent on knowing the exact thing that transpired for his death. His search for answers leads him to Kristel and he later finds Ricardo popularly called Carding and Tonyo, the hired k!llers in the city. Elsewhere, Henry is in a hurry to leave the doctors’ meeting to be with his wife.

Ivan begins longing for Edong as Lena continues to feel a strange attachment towards the reincarnated man. Ivan shows to Lena the drawing Edong has framed for him before leaving.

Edong tails Ricardo and eventually finds himself at the hospital. There, he defends Henry as he sees his friend arguing with Ricardo, the assassinator. To thank Edong for all the favours he has done for his family, Henry appoints Edong as his personal driver, while Ricardo and Tonyo prepare to take out their next target.

Working as Henry’s personal driver, Manuel is forced to bear the agony of seeing him and Lena together, while Kristel catches herself looking forward to meet Edong again. Lena notices more similarities between Edong and Manuel.

Soon, Henry and Raul find themselves in grave peril, after Ricardo and Tonyo shoot at them. After escaping the ambush attack that costs Raul’s life, Henry sets his eyes on finding Raul’s k!ller at all cost. Meanwhile, Edong keeps an eye on Kristel as the authorities search for Ricardo “Carding”, Kristel’s father.

Edong gets the chance to spend more time with Lena while Henry is recovering from his g*nshots. In light with surprising revelation that Ivan is his real son, Edong desire to be with the child grows stronger. Soon, Henry prepares an extravagant surprise for Lena on their wedding anniversary.

Henry and Lena’s wedding anniversary celebration takes a turn for the worse, when Lena ultimately turns down Henry’s amorous advances. However, Manuel’s heart shatters seeing Lena and Henry sharing an intimate moments, unaware of the two’s problems.

Henry’s frustrating ordeal with Lena leads him to commit unforgivable sin as he cheats on his wife with Bianca. Elsewhere, Edong gets a chance to act like a father to Ivan as he accompanies his son to Judo class. Despite princess’ reminders to prioritise his studies, Ringgo remains adamant in pursuing his classmate and crush, Apple.

Fast forward, Princess becomes even more suspicious that Edong is Manuel’s reincarnation after noticing that the young man possesses the same mannerisms and talents as Lena’s husband. Henry remains cold toward Lena despite her attempt to reach out to him.

Edong finds himself in a tough situation as Henry assigns him to be Lena and Ivan’s driver on the opening day of Boys Town, where Lena might discover Edong’s real identity.

Lena’s suspicion on Edong’s real identity continues to grow after seeing Manuel’s old pictures in Boys Town. Meanwhile, Princess sets a meeting with Madame Estrella, a fortune teller, to help solve the mystery behind Edong and Manuel’s connection.


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