All Of Me Recap Episode 1-5

All Of Me Recap Episode 1-5 Manuel dies but reincarnates as Edong to fight to be reunited with his estranged family

Manuel Figueras, a 50-year-old man who is shot by an hired k!ller, fall off a cliff into a pond and stumbles upon a magical portal which helps him to evade death but surprisingly transforms him back into his younger self when he finds himself on a mystical Island.

Soon, Salvacion, a fairy who fell in l*ve with Dr Vincente Villa, a man who mentored Manuel appears to him. Seeing her power, Manuel pleads with her to restore him back to his older self and life but the Fairy refused as she believes relieving him from the mystical Island will make Manuel reveal to the world what he has seen in the after life.

However, Manuel pleads wth her to believe him. In his attempt to make Salvacion trust in his words for her to grant him his freedom, he narrates his life story, leading us to a flashback of his earlier life which began in 1965.

Manuel’s father died at a tender age and is raised by a single mother, Rosita Figueras who is a cleaner or a maintenance at a hospital. Manuel found Dr Vincente J Villa as a model and learnt so many things pertaining to medicine and the profession from him.

Soon, Rosita’s contract with the clinic expired and was not renewed. She decides to travel to Bulacan, Manuel is forced to bid a tearful goodbye to Dr Vincente who was also retiring.

At a young age exactly seven years, Manuel already experienced tragedy when his mother, Rosita Figueras met her untimely death in an accident when she is running to congratulate Manuel after the boy is awarded a medal for winning a science quiz in school.

Manuel and a concerned neighbour rushed her to the hospital, but the nurse did not entertain them because they cannot give a down payment.

The distraught boy recited what his idol, Dr Vincente had told him before – that doctors should give selfless service to their countrymen without asking for anything in return.

A doctor heard Manuel and immediately admitted his mother. However, the assistance came too late and his mother died. Left alone in the world, Manuel stumbles on a letter and a money his mother has saved to secure his high school cost. Manuel works in a factory alongside schooling.

Later, a visitor who is the brother of Dr Vincente presents to Manuel a scholarship offer which Dr Vincente stored for him before his death. Fast forward, Manuel graduates and becomes a medical doctor.

In 1990, Manuel Figueras, who seemingly has the perfect life with a flourishing career as a doctor and head of his own hospital, also has a beautiful, l*ving wife, Dianna. However, he decides to leave everything that he has behind to live in isolation on an island when his wife died from terminal cancer. Leaving the hospital in the hands of his protégé Henry Nieves.

There, he meets Lena, a girl who was stranded on his island after a raging storm. The two initially have a cat-and-dog relationship, the young woman boldly challenges Manuel to embrace life again. Despite the age gap, Manuel falls in l*ve with Lena but finds it hard to reveal it to her until his protégé, Henry who has known Lena from a tender age reveals his interest in Lena during his birthday celebration at San Antonio.

Being pushed off to his limit, Manuel finally reveals to Lena his actual feelings, eventually marrying her in the island. This affects Henry but he decides to support his friend Manuel. Another incident at the hospital compels Manuel to relieve Henry of his position for Dr Raul and makes Manuel heads the Foundation clinic he has set for Dr Vincente. Henry finds the position beneath his level but has no other choice than to embrace it.

However, the l*ve story of Manuel and Lena is cut short when, on the night of their honeymoon, a hired k!ller, Ricardo “Carding” Sebastian tries to k!ll Manuel. The contract k!ller $hoots Manuel, causing the latter to fall down a cliff but he escapes death when he stumbles upon a magical portal that transforms him back to his younger self.

His story touches Salvacion, the fairy even though she doesn’t want to let him go back to the earth, as she is afraid that he might expose the existence of the secret portal. The fairy then gives a condition: she will allow Manuel to exit the portal, but he will look like his younger self and he cannot tell anyone else that he is Manuel otherwise his loved ones will d!e. The fairy prompts him that every single minute at the Island is a year so the seven minutes spent at the mystical Island means seven years.

Manuel agrees to the condition, and returns to earth only to find out that time has already advanced seven years later. He defies time just to have his last shot at l*ve after he transforms back to his younger self. On earth, he discovers that Lena is now living a new life as she is happily married to Henry and even has a son, Ivan.

Manuel finds himself in a dilemma, whether to ruin a complete family to be reunited with his wife or to allow his friend to also be with the woman he has been fighting for. Discovering a tomb erected for him, Manuel who has introduced himself to the world as Edong now is in a mission to find the actual events that led to his death.

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