Amakye Dede finally reveals the brain behind the coronation of Kuami Eugene as the Future of Highlife

Amakye Dede finally reveals the brain behind the coronation of Kuami Eugene as the Future of Highlife

After asserting that some individuals compelled him to crown Kuami Eugene as the future of Highlife at the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), Legendary Highlife singer, Amakye Dede has revealed that artiste manager, Kiki Banson is the brain behind the coronation.

He mentioned Kiki Banson’s name as the person who gave him the crown to bestow the honour on the “crypto currency” hitmaker at the awards event.

Amakye Dede said that he initially gave the crown to someone else backstage before heading to the stage later to perform the ceremony.

“It wasn’t me…they forced me to do it,” he said adding that people who doubt can seek confirmation from Mr Banson.

On Wednesday, Amakye Dede revealed he succumbed to external pressure to crown Kuami Eugene as the king of future highlife in Ghana music.

Following his claims, Charterhouse, organisers of the VGMA, disassociated itself from the allegation, stating that it had no hand in the events leading to the coronation.

The Head of Public Events and Communication, Robert Klah, has since urged Amakye Dede to reveal the person who forced him to undertake the activity.

“We did not orchestrate any crowning session so I am a bit lost when it comes to the assertion that event organisers are responsible. We work with a team. So, you give them the opportunity, they create what they want to do,” Mr Klah said.

“The only thing is that you want to ensure that whatever they are going to present is not distasteful, so they get there and perform their act and you move on,” he added.

Meanwhile, Amakey Dede doubted Kiki Banson would deny his role in the crowning which received some backlash in 2019.


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