Change in celebs’ lifestyle is due to mental breakdown— Amy Newman reveals

Change in celebs’ lifestyle is due to mental breakdown— Amy Newman reveals

Sensational Gospel artiste cum reverend, Amy Newman has attributed change in lifestyle, behaviour and dressing of many people in the creative art industry to anxiety and mental problems.

According to her, the constant appearance of famous people in the eyes of the public makes them develop anxiety and inturn they develop mental disorders that ruin their respective careers in the long run.

Speaking in an interview with SpotOnNews in Accra on Wednesday, Amy Newman bemoaned that celebrities passed through mental challenges but failed to open up their struggles.

She said they secretly battle mental health problems and they also lack the assurance of confidentiality, hence making it difficult to confide in people.

The “Adom” hitmaker underscored the need for famous people especially musicians to open up their mental struggles as it was a step in the healing process.

Recounting her story, she said she was a survivor of depression and two years ago she had a mental breakdown which made her lose interest in fashion, stressing that her fashion sense changed to the worse making her family sensed her emotional stress.

“It started somewhere in August 2019 when my husband and I marked our 40th wedding anniversary. All of a sudden, I felt empty and didn’t want to meet or talk to anyone. Those who know me can testify about how I loved to look good but during my mental breakdown, I just didn’t want to dress up or look good anymore.

Wearing makeup was even a turn off for me and that was when my family realised there was something wrong with me,” she noted.

For some strange reasons, Amy Newman said there was an overwhelming fear that always engulfed her.

“I just couldn’t understand what was causing the anxiety and nervousness. Sincerely, I was at a loss, I couldn’t help myself but I know I needed help,” she narrated.

The talented singer said she opened up to her family and she gained the support and help to defeat “this evil that wanted to take over my life” which paved a new way for her in her career path.

In this regard she stated that the sudden lifestyle changes in anyone especially celebrities was a major sign of mental breakdown.

“We see them doing things that we have not known them for and we ignore and assume it is all part of showbiz or something they are doing for trends,” she added.

Amy Newman noted that her mental health struggles inspired her for her new song christened: “I’m Redeemed.”

The song she said captured her story of how God saved her from mental health problems.

“I believe that I went through this to come out stronger. I want to use my new song, I’m Redeemed to encourage others to always seek God in the most desperate moments of their lives,” she added.

Amy Newman started her music career in 1994 and has since won admiration with many songs such as Tsie Me Moborsu, Onu Na Obeye, My Redeemer, My Jesus, Ateasefo and Metsi Biara.



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