An Islamic group

An Islamic group threatens Pete Edochie for portraying a role of Islamic figure in a movie

An Islamic group threatens Pete Edochie for portraying a role of Islamic figure in a movie

Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), a Proscribed group has backlashed Pete Edochie after the veteran Nollywood actor raised alarm early this week alleging his life was being threatened by the group for a role he played in a movie.

Photos and video clips which circulated, displayed him playing a role that seemed like that of Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, leader of the IMN, who has been held in detention by the Nigerian Army since December 2015.

An Islamic group threatens Pete Edochie for portraying a role of Islamic figure in a movie

In the yet to be released movie produced by Anosike Kingsley Orji, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria was reportedly depicted as a terrorist organisation.

According to IMN, the movie titled “Fatal Arrogance” was sponsored by the “Nigerian Army to cover up the alleged December 2015 massacre of Shiites by soldiers where 348 people were allegedly killed.”

Early this week, following backlash of the movie by IMN members, Pete Edochie claimed his life was being threatened.

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Pete Edochie in media interview expressed shock about the manner members of the IMF were behaving.

“I don’t understand what the IMN is driving at. The film we shot is not even out, it has not been edited, the production is not complete.

If they have complained to the Inspector-General of Police, and the IGP  give me a copy of the film, what are we going to do because the film is not in existence yet, it is not in circulation,” he said.

Pete Edochie maintained that the group should have waited till they watch the movie before taking stance.

“I am supposed to have played a role that ridiculed their boss, chief, whoever is in charge of their group.

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“I am suggesting that you wait, keep your gunpowder dry, when the film is released, you can now make your grumbles known to the Inspector-General of Police.

“Whatever is being done now is premature, it is not proper. Fatal Arrogance, whatever it is, whatever it deals with, I think the best thing to do is to wait until the production comes out,” he added.

Pete Edochie noted that he was not the writer of the movie and the group could have channeled their grievances to Kingsley Orji Anosike, the producer of the movie.

He also commended those who alerted him on the deliberation campaign of the IMF, adding that “I was born and raised in Nigeria. I’m not going to run away because  few individuals think they want things done in their own way.”

In their response, the IMN regretted that Pete Edochie allowed himself ‘to be used’ and denied threatening the actor.

The group blasted the actor for his portrayal of shiites in the soon to be released movie.

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The IMN also claimed the movie was similar to a book written by Kuanum Terrence, a “military apologist.”

According to a statement issued by Ibrahim Musa, the spokesperson of IMN insisted that the ace actor attempted to black paint the group by attracting “cheap sympathy” from Nigerians with his narrative.

The statement described Pete Edochie’s explanations as “inexplicable” stressing that, “his reasons flawed and his excuses unimpressive, irrational, and at best absurd.”

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It explained that the petition written by the IMN to the Inspector General of Police and the Film’s Censors Board did not threaten anyone’s life.

“Issuing of threats has never been in our character,” the statement read.

The statement urged Pete Edochie to admit he allowed himself to be used to play a role that went against Sheikh Zakzaky.

“If Edochie has any character as he claims, he would not have accepted to act any role in a film that seems to change the narrative and distort history based on a book distorting facts! If he had any integrity, he would not have accepted to appear in a movie tarnishing the image of an oppressed personality like Sheikh Zakzaky and still think he did nothing wrong because the Sheikh was not mentioned by name,” it added.


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