Article 247 Episode 1-2

Article 247 Episode 1-2 Jane loses her father and gains her first job in an accountancy firm, Klaire is thrown out from her matrimonial home over cheating

While traveling to Manila to find out about her accountancy result and subsequently find herself a job, Jane had a bitter encounter with a lady, by name Klaire who almost knocked her down with her car. Jane fortunately found her name among those who passed the accountancy exams in a newspaper publication.

She was excited that slowly her dreams was coming to fruition. Before her good news could reach her father who she looked up to, she was hit by a sad news that her father had been rushed to the hospital. Jane rushed to the hospital to check on her father’s condition but the man was pronounced deàd.

Soon, Jane searched for a job at an accountancy firm but discovered the owner, Alfred was the one she mistakenly spilt coffee on him and she pleaded with him to employ her since she had lots of things to prove to him in making up for the earlier accident.

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Klaire came to the office to find Jane and she fired her for talking harshly to her during their previous encounter on the street. However, Alfred refused to fire Jane. He had complete trust in her and found her hardworking. They got stuck in an elevator and they used that opportunity to know themselves better.

Alfred learnt that Jane’s late father was third in his license exams as accountant. That reminded him of his parents who also occupied the fourth and fifth positions in their respective exams. In as much as the two were bonding, Jane strived hard to keep her distance due to Klaire’s allegations of her being interested in Alfred.

The two ladies once more had a bitter encounter, after Klaire found out her husband was in the company of Jane when they got stuck in the elevator. She threw baseless accusations at her husband and followed Jane to the washroom to !nsult and warned her against her husband.

Jane tried not to retaliate since she needed her job so badly to help her mother. When the issue among Klaire and Jane was becoming intense, Jane told Pinky and Tania that it would be better if she quits the job. She told her boss about it and Alfred dissuaded her from it since all his clients were enthused by Jane’s work.

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Elsewhere, Klaire had an intimate time with her boyfriend, Julian and failed to attend a dinner date scheduled with her in-laws. Alfred’s parents were upset by Klaire’s irresponsible behaviour, she kept skipping family date and the mother of Alfred said her daughter-in-law was doing that on purpose.

She wondered what Alfred saw in her to be that hasty to marry her. Alfred defended his cheating wife. He said Klaire has been through a lot, marrying at a younger age for her husband to d!e, he believed she was stuck in traffic or was busy with something equally important, that was why she was not there yet.

Thinking about all the problems she was encountering, Jane went to a bar to drink with Tania. Klaire who was also in the same bar with her lover, thinking she would not be found unfortunately was seen in a compromising situation with the man by Jane. Jane told Tania about it but Tania believed she was drunk.

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Realising Jane has seen her, Klaire decided to talk to her the next day in order for Jane not to blow her cover. As Jane was contemplating on telling Alfred, Klaire got there to talk to Jane to keep her mouth shut. Unknown to her, Alfred had already spotted them and overheard their conversation.

Elsewhere, Jane who was feeling something special for her boss asked her mother why she became a mistress. Her mother narrated that her life story: her husband had an issue with his wife and he met her, already they knew themselves during school times.

Unaware that the man was only separated from his wife, she also fell into his l0ve and gave birth with him. She told Jane that people talked ill of her, calling her all sorts of names. She said it was not easy to be a mistress, it was an experience that she did not want Jane to ever encounter in life.

In order to find evidence against his wife, Alfred swallowed everything silently but began questioning her about her credit card and how her money was being spent in a faster rate. She told Alfred lies not knowing her husband was a step ahead of her. One day, when Alfred came from work, Klaire began acting nice, as she set the table but Alfred warned her to cut off the act.

He showed her pictures of her k!ssing Julian on the street during a broad day light and threw her out of his house. Klaire claimed Julian was her cousin but Alfred was not ready to fall into her gimmicks again. He told her that he had already contacted his lawyer and was filing for divorce.

Klaire went to her boyfriend’s place but was not ready to let her husband run into the arms of Jane, since that would ruin all her hidden plans against Alfred. She stormed the accountancy firm to fight Jane for exposing her affair to her husband.

Both ladies fought, Alfred heard of the commotion and came to the place to stop his wife but she pushed him for him to get injured, claiming he was having an affair with Jane. Alfred said she ruined their marriage and went against their vows so he would divorce her.


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