Article 247 Episode 11

Article 247 Episode 11 Carmen fails in her plot to k!ll Jane, Elijah to help Noah buy La View Resort

In the house of the Ortegas, Jane was determined to find the back tattoo to confirm whether Carmen was indeed Klaire or not. She said only then that she would know her stand on the confusion she was having. Rose was against it but Jane believed that her life would be ruined if she did not confirm it.

She was sure that if Carmen was Klaire, she would be up to no good and if she failed to find it out, Carmen would ruin her life and that of the Borromeos.

Noah invited Elijah and Carmen to the barbecue dinner at the resort which Jane has organised. Carmen and Elijah had a outing that week but Elijah postponed it to make it to the barbecue dinner. He also wanted to apologise for also acting so harsh towards Jane.

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At the resort, Jane told Tania how worried she was and asked about her opinion in finding the tattoo at the back of Carmen. Tania told her to find a way to do it because that was the only time she had to confirm her suspicion.

The Borromeos arrived except Sarah and Jane thought of means to find out about the tattoo so she removed her cover and was left with her swimming wear. She said it was hot and also told Carmen to remove hers too but Carmen refused.

Jane came up with “Truth or Dare” game to find it out. Elijah started and asked Noah his choice and his brother chose “Truth.” Elijah asked Noah what wrong thing he did in his life that he regretted and Noah said it was running him over when he got drunk and that he said was not even a secret. Elijah knew how he regretted that. Elijah told Noah to forget about it, it was in the past.

Carmen made Jane chose and Jane opted for. “Dare”, Carmen dared her to k!ss her husband. It reached Jane’s turn and Carmen also chose dare. Jane dared her to strip and she did that. Jane was surprised to see Carmen without a tattoo. The manner Jane watched her made Carmen asked why she was looking at her back like that.

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Jane said her skin was flawless and Carmen said that was because she owned a spa and had to look good. Jane asked her whether she has done a tattoo before and she denied ever doing a tattoo.

Carmen excused them to call Julian to inform him how her patience was running out with Jane. She said she could not continue being nice to her. She said Jane wanted to find out about her tattoo. Fortunately, she removed it through surgery. She said her surgeon did a great job to the extent that no one would ever find out that she used to have a tattoo.

Carmen believed if she did not do something fast Jane would go any to find out if she was Klaire. She asked Julian for ideas on a possible things that Jane could use to dig out the truth. Sarah finally arrived at the barbecue dinner and she and Noah continued their usual argument.

Jane told Tania how the dinner went. She said Carmen had no tattoo yet she was not convinced. However, it was fun but it became kind of awkward when Noah’s mom came there. When Jane went home, she told Rose too but she said she read that tattoo could be removed through surgery.

Rose reminded her of her promise that she would stop pursuing the issue once she confirms that Carmen had no tattoo. Jane said she was not convinced. She had an idea and she called Attorney Marcel to arrange a meeting with him.

Noah went to see Elijah to ask for his help to buy La View resort. During the dinner, Jane had informed them that her boss was selling La View since she was going to Sweden. Noah was interested in resort business and already has a Trust Fund from his dad.

He needed a little money to add to it to buy La View so that he could run it aside his job as an architect. Sarah overheard it and got upset with the sudden interest of Noah in resort business. She told Noah that the fact that he was an architect did not mean he could run a resort.

She got on Noah’s nerve so he left by telling Elijah to forget about what he asked him. Jane and Tania had a meeting with Attorney Marcel to ask about Klaire. The Attorney did not have any tangible information. Jane admitted that Klaire was an orphan but Carmen has parents.

In order for Jane to have a clear mind, the attorney told her to find out from the birth registration. Tania called a former classmate on phone to ask and was told Carmen has a birth certificate. Carmen visited Julian and the latter told Carmen that Jane was still investigating about her and he suggested she do something to silent Jane forever.

Carmen then had a plan. Fast forward, Noah, Jane, Elijah and Carmen went camping. Carmen said she wanted to pee and told Jane to escort her. She sent Jane far from where Noah showed her there was a washroom. She acted like she was slipping and shouted MJ’s name for help. When Jane helped Carmen up, Carmen pushed her and Jane slipped from the mud.

Jane who was falling off the cliff, shouted and cried out Carmen’s name for help but Carmen gave her that evil look without helping Jane. Jane screamed louder and terrified. Noah who noted that the girls had gone for more than 30minutes decided to call MJ but the call didn’t go through.

Noah left Elijah to search for the girls and couldn’t find them. Later, Noah heard the screams of Jane and called out her name. Once Carmen heard Noah’s voice, she quickly reached out to Jane and pulled her up to claim the hero. Jane was really terrified and hugged Noah.

When Elijah got home, he told his mother that they had a hero there. Carmen slipped out to talk with Julian and told him that her plans pushed through but couldn’t succeed. She wanted Jane to shut her mouth so Julian accepted to help her. Jane told her mother about the horrible experience she had during the camping.

Rose was glad that Carmen was there to save her. However, Jane said for a moment Carmen gave her that look of Klaire and failed to help her immediately but only helped her later. Rose believed her daughter was acting paranoid.

Elijah met with Noah to tell him to be the architect for his resort expansion. Noah refused but Elijah came up with a mouth watering offer. He would invest into the resort business that Noah wanted to do in return Noah would be the architect for his resort expansion.

Noah believed their mother would like it, Elijah did not care about what Sarah would think.
Tania was worried after reading a letter that the sale for the resort would be announced soon. She was sad and thought of how she could gain a job to continue paying her sister’s school fees. Jane told her not to worry , they were young and could get a new job.

Attorney Mercel appeared in the scene to declare that Klaire was deàd. Jane could remember the news article she read about Klaire’s accident. The Attorney proposed that Jane should get Klaire’s deàth certificate. Unknown to them, Carmen was at the resort and was eavesdropping.

Once the Attorney checked out to carry on with his business in Manila, Tania was glad that Klaire was dëad and told Jane to feel free with her life. Carmen in her hideout smiled and took a walk.


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