Article 247 Episode 12

Article 247 Episode 12 Noah buys La View Resort and rename it as Joy La View, Carmen gets an opportunity to execute her plans against the Borromeos

At the resort, Carmen showed up to give a gift to Jane. She left to her car so upset and called Julian to inform him to do something since Jane was hellbent on finding Klaire’s deàth certificate.

Jane and Tania went to the Birth and D!rth Office to find out about their suspicions and found out that the machines were not working. Least did they know that Julian was working with the higher rank to freeze the system to enter new detail about Klaire.

Once the machines began to work, Klaire’s deàth details were already on it. Julian paid the person for his job. Jane went home to tell her mom that Klaire was indeed dêad so she decided not to act all paranoid again and also plead with Carmen for them to start a new life together.

She said sorry to Carmen and the impostor thanked Julian for pulling the strings to get Jane from her back. Now that she has gotten her to believe her, Carmen said she would destroy Jane completely and totally.

The owner of La View met her employees and told them that she had to travel outside die to her family, hence she would not be able to forsee the development of the resort, that was the reason she put it up for a sale. She thanked her workers and told them not to worry because the buyer of the resort would keep them.

They were itching to know the buyer and the madam called him. They were surprised to know that Noah Borromeo bought it. He said he bought the resort since he was inspired by the warm reception they gave him and wanted to do same for those who needed healing.

He said he would not lay off the workers but for now he would do a renovation of the place. He unveiled the new name Joy La View, since he found joy there.

Elijah went to find his mother upset with a worker called Camille. Camille had embezzled the fund of El Cielo and Sarah fired her, telling the woman to be grateful that she did not sue her. She called Camille ungrateful since she picked her from no where to help her.

Jane asked Elijah why he did not tell her that he bought La View and Noah said that would not have been a surprise. Noah said that the renovation would take eight months to a year but he would make the workers work at El Cielo Hotel and Resort.

He also told her that he would do the expansion of El Cielo and Jane was happy that slowly his dreams were coming through. Sarah got upset and told Elijah and Carmen that Camille was stealing from the resort and she even went with all the workers. The issue was that she had lots of orders for the next day and did not know how they would do the cake to meet the clients.

Carmen told her that she was already in need of a new place for La Bellega Salon so she would rent a space at El Cielo. Sarah was happy and told her to rent the entire Wellness Centre. Elijah called his wife a life saver and thanked her for saving the day.

The next day, Carmen introduced Chichi as the the person to manage the wellness centre and Sarah was glad. She called her the best daughter in-law. Jane and Tania arrived and bumped into Elijah and Noah.

Noah introduced Tania to Elijah as the manager of La View and Elijah said El Cielo already has a manager so Tania would work at the marketing and Event department while Jane would work at the Accountancy department.

Carmen was updating Julian on the phone on how she had gotten all the Borromeos wrapped her finger. She said nothing would save the Borromeos from her hands and plans. Jane bumped into Carmen and the latter yelled at her. Jane said sorry and once Carmen realised it was Jane, she changed her Character to the lõving and the caring person.

She asked Jane what was she doing there. Jane was surprised that Elijah had not told her anything yet, she said she would be working in El Cielo temporary. Carmen found a new convenient place to stand to inform Julian that Jane would be working there.

Julian asked if she would be a problem but Carmen said, she rather needed her there so that she would make her look bad at the sight of Sarah for her to be the only Borromeo. Sarah ordered for her regular drink and found out that Jigs was a new person from La View.

Jane was also now the assistant accountant of Elijah and Sarah was surprised. She made Jane sit to explain things to her. Later, Sarah went to confront Elijah for employing La View workers.

Elijah said he was planning to tell her. Sarah said the workers were many and Elijah reminded her of the extra workers they employ so that was the position La View workers were the to occupy. She confronted Noah and Elijah said it was his own idea not Noah.

Sarah claimed that La View workers wouldn’t be able to run a 5-Star Hotel since they were working for a small resort. Noah told his mother not to insūlt La View workers because they were more qualified for the position. Sarah said she was ensuring that he was not using her resort for a charity work for Jane.

Jane was lamenting that Sarah did not like them and Tania saw Carmen approaching with Sarah. Tania saw the act of Carmen as a sucker and advised Sarah to act that way which Carmen was behaving with Sarah.

At Elijah’s office, he told Jane about the money that Camille stole so Jane propped that she would do some audit and also develop transparent financial dashboard so that they could track any suspicious activities. Carmen got there and Elijah asked of her opinion about Jane’s idea. Elijah found the idea brilliant and said he would tell Sarah and make her know it was MJ’s idea.

Later, Elijah called Noah for a family meeting and MJ was invited. Jane said she felt that Sarah did not like her and Noah told her that she was only a casualty, the problem was with him.

But Jane said Sarah was his mother so she was sure she l0ved him. They went to the family dinner and Elijah said Sarah’s 60years anniversary was approaching and they wanted to plan a birthday party for her. During the meeting, Carmen and Jane discovered that Sarah Wass allergic to Knut which was Noah’s favourite.

Carmen told the Borromeos to relax as she and Jane would plan the party for her. Jane at home massaged Rose and told her that Carmen and her would be organising a party for Sarah to celebrate her 60years.

The next day at El Cielo, Carmen made Jane abandoned her work to run an errands and told her not to worry about Elijah, she would tell him that she needed help so she sent Jane to Santa Rosa for some things they ordered for the 60th party. She also told her to be at Bella Souvenir for other things.

When Jane said next time she should tell her before hand, Carmen said she would tell Sarah to get an event organiser since they would not be able to do it, this made Jane went fast to the place.


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