Article 247 Episode 13

Article 247 Episode 13 Carmen attempts to k!ll Sarah and blame Jane for it, Sarah celebrates 60th birthday

Noah saw Jane on her way to Santa Rosa and wanted to offer her a ride but she refused. Jane left to the place and went to San Pablo street, block 5 it was a deàd end so she called Carmen to inform her.

Carmen claimed that was not the direction she gave, and the direction she said was Juan Pablo but Jane could remember clearly that she said San Pablo and she even wrote it down. After the call, Carmen smiled for her act and went to Julian’s place to release stress by having lõve fun with him.

Jane went to the chef’s place and met a worker who told her that Carmen had already arranged for them to send the food to El Cielo. Jane went to El Cielo to usher the Chef’s assistants to where they had set up tables for the food.

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Carmen arrived to thank MJ and when Jane left, Carmen secretly sprinkled nuts in the food. Sarah had a reaction when she ate the food. This enabled Carmen to blame MJ for not telling the chef that Sarah was allergic to nut but Jane said she did.

Sarah was losing her breath and a call to her assistant for her medicine proved futile. Her two sons were ready to send Sarah to hospital. Fortunately, Jane had some allergic medicines in her bag which she bought for Rose and gave it to Sarah.

Sarah was alright after taken the medicine. Sarah thanked Jane for saving her life and Carmen was upset. Jane made it a point to call the chef to know why Sarah’s food had nuts but Carmen told her not to, she would do it. She called Julian to inform him that she wanted Jane to be humiliated but she ended up as heroin.

Later, Elijah asked her whether she called the chef and she said she did. She told Elijah lies that after the call, the chef told her that Jane did not say anything and wondered why Jane could not admit the truth. She tried to turn Sarah against Jane but the woman said what mattered was Jane was able to save her.

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Carmen told Sarah that she would make her get her birthday dress from a number one designer, Oggy so that she would look extremely good during her birthday.

Carmen sent Jane again claiming she had an emergency at the salon so she sent her to talk to Oggy to design Sarah’s dress for her. Jane made the call and she spoke with the assistant who claimed they were busy with others dress. He snubbed Jane and hangup on her.

Unknown to Jane, Carmen was the one who told the assistant to do that in order for Jane not to get to Mr Orgy and she would be the one to speak to the designer to be the hero.
Jane had a feedback that Mr Oggy was having a photoshoot and she went there. Since she was not heard, she agreed to become a model for free to get Mr Oggy to design the dress for her mother-in-law.

Noah was grateful to her for the extent she went to get the designer for his mother and Noah wished they knew eachother long time. He believed if he had known her earlier, he would not have become a disappointment to his mother. At El Cielo, Carmen started to feed Sarah’s head with negativities about Jane.

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Knowing what she has done to block, Jane’s chances of speaking with Mr Oggy, she told Sarah that since she sent Jane, she had not returned. She believed Jane was not able to do it so she would do it.

To her dismay, Jane arrived and she has done it. Carmen wondered how she was able to do it. Noah during a family dinner narrated to his family the extent Jane went to get Orgy to design the attire for Sarah. He said Jane had to become a model for Orgy in an exchange for him to design Sarah’s dress and even shot pictures of Jane and showed it to Sarah.

Sarah was so happy and was grateful to Jane for her effort. She talked about how she would want her birthday set up. She wanted it in a manner which she could dance with her friends. Carmen was against that and Jane said it was Sarah’s birthday so they could make it how Sarah wants it while taking into consideration what Carmen also proposed.

Carmen wanted them to maintain her idea, claiming Sarah was old and not 16years. Jane said they could use flowers and balloons but Carmen claimed that was so cheap and Childish. Sarah opted for flowers and balloons and a theme for dancing. She did not like Carmen’s idea for the party and reminded Carmen that it was her birthday and had a say in it so she should shut up.

When Elijah and Carmen saw Jane and Noah off, Jane apologised to Carmen for what transpired during the dinner. Carmen said it was nothing, after all it was Sarah’s birthday and they all wanted something better for her.

She proceeded to talk to Julian and told him her grievances about how Jane had made Sarah yelled at her. If Sarah wanted balloons, she would give her balloons and everything would go boom so Jane should bask in happiness for now.

During the party, Sarah’s friend was happy that she was throwing a party and asked her the last time she celebrated her birthday. She recalled the last time that she celebrated her birthday. It was a day Robert, her husband never showed up at the party and was waiting endlessly for her husband before she would announce the commencement of the party.

Her friend advised her to celebrate already, reason being that Robert was with his mistress. After that awful memory, Carmen showed up and greeted Sarah’s friend. The friend complemented Carmen and Sarah said her friend has not met MJ yet, she was the girlfriend of Noah. She was so charming, hardworking and nice. She believed that was the reason Noah fell for her.

Though irritated but Carmen acted along to say MJ was a nice person.


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