Article 247 Episode 14

Article 247 Episode 14 Sarah’s 60th birthday turns bloōdy as Carmen releases an ace up from her sleeves, Julian sets to k!ll a supplier to cover Carmen’s tracks

The friends of Sarah were having a massage treatment at Carmen’s salon and she heard them talking about Sarah’s previous birthday in the province which she did not have the privilege to spend time with Robert, her husband since Robert was with Cheska, her husband’s mistress.

The other gossip said she heard Cheska was now into pastries and one said if she was Cheska, she would make one cake for Sarah for her to have the taste of what she missed from her husband. She added that Robert d!ed while he was with Cheska. Carmen had a plan.

Elijah came to the room to meet Noah looking at a family’s picture. Noah said they have not seen Sarah crying after their dad’s deàth but Elijah said they knew mom acts tough but she had a weakness. Sarah was standing aloof listening on to their conversation and she recalled going to Cheska’s house, demanding her husband, Robert to come out.

Instead, Cheska came out to stop Sarah for the humiliation. Sarah called her mistress and said she was shameful to be in a relationship with a married man. Cheska shut her door and left Sarah screaming outside for her husband. Noah and Elijah realised the presence of Sarah and she said she knew they were discussing about her.

They told her not to worry, her birthday would be great since their significant others were the ones organising it. Carmen bumped into Jane and told her that the one making the cake backed out at the eleventh hour. She gave Jane Cheska’s Pastries to order a new cake from there.

Jane ordered it, unknown to her, Carmen had gone to see the staff of Cheska to pay her not to deliver the cake for Cheska herself to come there with the cake. As Jane went to meet Cheska’s staff, Carmen called Sarah to be at the venue to check if everything was alright.

When Jane went, it was Cheska herself who came and even requested to take pictures of the event to upload them on her social media page. When Sarah set eyes on Cheska, she dressed the woman with the cake icing and threw her out. She informed her family that Cheska was the reason her husband abandoned her.

Jane tried to calm her but Sarah was roaring like a lion. She told everyone that the party was cancelled so they should leave. Carmen followed Cheska to the washroom to apologise to Cheska and tried to sympathise with her. Cheska equally said sorry, saying she should not have accepted the order when she realised that the cake was for Sarah.

However, her staff had already accepted the order and she cried. Carmen told her to leave to avert further humiliation and apologised once again. Carmen once left alone gave herself ten point and decided to go and see what Sarah was doing to Jane.

Sarah yelled at MJ, claiming she spoilt her party and asked her whether she did that on purpose. Noah interjected that Jane did not know anything, not even them. Sarah screamed that they now know that the man Noah was looking up to was not perfect, he hurt her.

Later on, Sarah was all dressed up and thanked Carmen for making the party a success. Carmen said it was MJ who set up the place, the private dancing and everything. She told the woman to go and blow the balloon and she set the fire works.

“Let the show begin!”

Once Sarah blew the candles it exploded and her dress caught fire. Noah went to hold her and he threw her into the swimming pool. They called an ambulance and set her to hospital. However, Carmen kept blaming Jane, shouting at her that she could have told her if she was incapable of setting up the place. It was her task and she could not deliver. Noah shut Carmen.

At the hospital, MJ got there and Sarah confronted her. She said she first ordered a cake from her husband’s mistress and now her balloons exploded. She asked whether she wanted to end her life. MJ apologised and said she had no idea. The woman threw her out and said she could not deliver her task assigned to her.

Noah sent MJ home, Jane apologised to him for everything that has happened. At home, Jane told her mother that what was happening to her was a series of bad luck. She first ordered a cake from Sarah’s rival, later proceeded with an explosion. The bad luck has been consistent and Rose said what was happening was more than a mere coincidence.

The next day, Jane was so worried while thinking about what her mother said. Tania opened Jane’s eyes to the truth that Carmen might be sabotaging her. Jane decided to find out the truth. Carmen swinged to Elijah’s office and lied to him that she has already called the supplier to find out why the balloon exploded since Elijah wanted someone to be liable for the explosion. Carmen still paraded herself as the good person.

She came out to find MJ and apologised to her for the harsh words she told her the previous night but Jane said she deserved it. Jane asked Carmen if what happened was not strange to her that their plans for the party was hit by consistent misfortune and it was possible that someone was sabotaging them.

Carmen asked whether she was thinking she was the culprit.

“Of course not!” Jane replied.

Carmen told Jane not to worry she would find everything out for them. She asked whether Jane ordered the supplier to fill the balloons with helium and she said she did that. Jane went to Aron, the one who supplied the balloons and the man vehemently denied that he used hydrogen.

Jane saw a staff of the balloon shop outside and pleaded with him to tell her the truth since she knew he was not a bad person. She said someone got hurt when the balloon exploded. The staff said sorry and was remorseful, he did not know that the balloon sent to El Cielo would hurt someone.

He said a lady offered to pay him 5000 to fill the balloons with hydrogen. Since the staff could not describe the person, Jane showed him a picture and the guy admitted it was that lady who did that.

She went to confront Carmen that she was the one who specifically instructed the supplier to fill the balloons with hydrogen instead of helium and even paid him 5000. Carmen denied the allegations and called it serious and said it was punishable by law. She told Jane to admit that she failed the simple task she gave her and asked her not to blame her for her fault.

Sarah came to El Cielo and Carmen acted like a victim. She told Sarah that Jane came to her office to insinuate that she was the master brain behind all the mishaps that happened at her birthday party. She told Sarah that she would not do anything to hurt her. Sarah admitted but wondered why Jane would think like that.

Carmen said Jane might be feeling insecure and believe she was up to no good for claiming she was after Sarah’s life. Sarah said she knew Carmen lòved her

“but if I do find out that someone there wanted to get rid of me…”

“I don’t know what I will do!”

“but I know it would not be nice!”

Jane told Tania what happened when she confronted Carmen and Tania was not surprised since a thief would never admit to stealing. Jane said she wanted to inform the Borromeos but they might not believe her. She would end up looking like the bad person. She now clinged to the belief that Carmen wanted her to mess up for her to look bad at the sight of her in-laws.

Carmen went to see her lõver, Julian to report everything to him and he promised to ensure that the staff of the balloon shop would not rat them out to ruin their hard work and plans, he would simply silent him.


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